Originally known as the gateway to China for Western brands due to its successful engagement of so many Chinese consumers, Tmall has over the years become one of the most effective incubators of domestic Chinese design talent.

Tmall is becoming a luxury fashion’s online gateway to China

For its participation in the FASHION WEEK  PARIS (FWP), Tmall has bought together a selection of Chinese designers at the world’s leading fashion centers, as part of Tmall China Cool initiative, which aims to help forward thinking designers create their brands both at home  and abroad. The china Cool trend appeals to ‘ increasingly experimental and individualistic consumers’ said Jessica Liu director of Tmall fashion and luxury at Alibaba Group.

The question is whether this event will garner local attention or simply get lost in the mix amid dozens of other events and high profile shows. Young Chinese designers regularly show at Fashion Week around the world, but the number who have become household names remains stubbornly low.

For its part, Tmall seems confident, and at any rate, the event like all events Tmall does outside of china is intended to attract western shoppers to Chinese brands.

“Tmall China Cool” makes its way to NYFW, courtesy of Alibaba-owned company

« china cool is our forwardlooking vision for global fashion » Liu said. «  We selected emerging and established brands who we think could have real international appeal. We have a unique role to play in this space and can be instrumental for china cool to be discovered and enjoyed worldwide »

« Our debut at Paris Fashion Week is a start for our brand to become more international » said Qian Xiaoyun, founder and president of Eifini, said the Tmall China Cool event marked the brand’s first appearance at a show outside of china, a milestone as the brand’s 20th anniversary will take place next year.

In the same sense as the China Cool the Swiss-based Richemont group’s e-commerce platform, Net-a-Porter, has announced the opening of a flagship store at the store at Tmall Luxury, Alibaba’s dedicated channel for luxury and lifestyle brands, premium brands. Offering more than 130 luxury and designer brands.

Tmall: An Incubator for China’s Emerging Designers

Speaking at Paris Fashion Week, Alibaba Group Marketing Director Chris Tung said the event was also aimed at fostering exchanges between the design and brand communities in France and China. Prestigious brands such as Eifini in the world’s fashion capitals are exposing them to new sources of inspiration, while European brands are discovering what is popular in China, helping them to innovate and advance their work.

The Shows builds upon its mission of expanding creative culture in China providing a platform for Chinese designers to showcase their collections.