The latest study unveiled by the research and firm advisory Reputation Institute “China RepTrak 100” showed some worrying results about major brands’ reputation across China. Overall, brand reputation has dropped by 1.4 points when compared to last year and it is even more for Chinese brands, dropping by 2.7 points.

This article will provide you some information about the most reputable local and global companies in China. You want to increase your brand reputation on the Chinese market ? we can help you. 

Overview of the five most popular brand in China

The report collected nearly 30,000 Chinese customer’s ratings for more than 280 Chinese and international companies. It measures 7 attributes of reputation to determine a global brand’s score: performance, products/services, innovation, workplace, governance, citizenship and leadership. Here is the final result.

Through the five most popular brand in China, you can collect some features that help a brand’s reputation in China :

1.     Intel英特尔

Intel is the most reputable company in China and has also a good position in the world. It was founded in 1968 and has a history of nearly 50 years of product innovation and market leadership. One of the most important attribute to increase a brand popularity among Chinese consumers is in fact “leadership”.

2.     Huawei 华为

In recent years, the improved ability of R&D, strengthened branding and increasing localization have boosted the popularity of Chinese manufacturing in the global market. Huawei is an important proof of China’s transformation, moving from a world factory and upgraded to a high-quality goods supplier. Huawei has the support of Chinese consumers, proud of this Made in China brand which has started to shine at top-scale overseas exhibitions.

3.     Rolex劳力士

This swiss brand is one of the most famous brand watches in the market and has a very strong reputation among Chinese people. Rolex is a dedicated and faithful brand to its industry. Chinese people appreciate its quality, exquisite in craftsmanship, elegance and unique temperament. Rolex watches are considered in China as a successful people’s must-have and won the favor of collectors over the world.

4.     Google 谷歌

It is well known that Google services are restricted in mainland China (since March 23, 2010). However, its popularity and presence is increasing at a fast pace in China over the last couple of years. Whether it was the establishment of Google China Developers’ conference and Google AI China center in December 2017, or the recently announced Google Shanghai office, it made people feel that this tech giant has a closer relationship with china. According to Chinese netizens’ answers about “Why Chinese people like Google?” on Baidu: google has a better flow of information and a better look. Chinese people are seeking for more quality and useful tools.

5.     Haier 海尔

Haier Group was founded in 1984 in Qingdao, China. Since the establishment of the company, Haier has persisted in the innovation system that focuses on user needs to drive the sustainable and healthy development of the company. It has grown with hard conditions, to become nowadays the world’s largest brand of home appliances. The performance of Haier’s products gained a lot of Chinese consumers’ positive reviews and a good word of mouth in China.

Local brands VS foreign brands

The report showed also that products/services and leadership, saw an improvement in reputation. The multinational companies still have a lead : 6/10 of the most popular brand in China are international brand. However Chinese brand strength versus international companies, lagged by 2 points.

We can notice that Chinese brands align better with their customers emotionally. As it is the case for Huawei or Haier, they have a important presence in China. What the report calls ‘emotional equity Is double that of multinationals.

All the attributes measured are important. However, brands could focus on some points and make them their strong.

How to increase your brand reputation in China ?

The reputation is essential in China. Chinese people rely a lot on it to make their choice. Due to a lot of scandals happened in the past in the country, they don’t easily trust any new brand nowadays. This is the first point.

The second point you have to accept is the necessity of e-reputation or online reputation. China is a very digitalized society where people are always connected and accustomed to do their research online before going to a physical store or ordering something. Companies have to develop their O2O strategy to remain competitive on this market.

China is a promising and huge market with its own culture and way to function. There are some solutions provided by our team of marketers :

Collaboration with Kol (Key Opinion Leaders)

The influencers and key opinion leaders can be used for e-reputation management in China. They often have a lot of followers and got the trust of them. The most important point is to choose the right person, according to your brand, according to your objectives. To collaborate with KOL can boost your activity. We can help you to find them.

Social media

Chinese users are on search engine, on forums, chatrooms to search for information. However, Social media have also a great influence on them. It takes most of their time online, provides the latest trends and buzz which affect a lot consumer’s tastes and decision.

Wechat is one of the major social networks in China with close to 500 million monthly active users. Thanks to this strong policy, brands with an official account obtain a big amount of trust from Chinese customers since they have been “vouched for” by the WeChat staff. As such, using this type of account in a digital marketing strategy is a very efficient solution to gain trust from your customers in China. Take a look on this articles to learn more about.

PR (Press relation)

Online portals in the Chinese media like Sina Weibo and WeChat are powerful tools for online e-reputation management in China. With digital tools awareness like Banner display, campaign management, Billboard screen and mobile display advertisements, online reputation can be managed in China.

We are an online company in China

GMA is specialized on the Chinese market, more precisely on digital marketing in China. We have developed a lot of successful cases, using the latest digital tools and knowing your Chinese consumers well.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment below or to contact us for more information.

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