China’s current bird’s-nest market: the demand fr high quality branded is increasing.
The skin beauty effect has seen the Chinese bird’s-nest industry grow rapidly in recent years.

While many things have changed in the process of building bird’s nests there are still some fundamental changes to the trade dynamics. Countries like Indonesia continue to collect nests from birds and then export them back to China.

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China’s unsatiated demand for bird nests continues driving production and exports from many countries.

China’s top three importers of bird’s Nest

The top three largest importers according to the China Chamber of Commerce of Medicines and Health Products Importers and Exporters is:

  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand

Chinese consumers know Indonesia as the country that produces the highest quality bird nests. The Edible Bird’s Market Committee revealed that China imported 69.5 tons of bird nest in the first half 2019. 57% of these were from Indonesia. source marketingtochina

How can brands export edible bird’s nest in China

Countries need authorization to export bird’s nest products into China. These products can be exported into China only by Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. source

For example, Cambodia has four agricultural products that can be shipped to China: corn, cassava rice, yellow bananas, and rice. It continues to negotiate exports of other products, such as bird’s nests.

Nang Sothy (president of Cambodia’s Bird Nest Federation) stated that Cambodia won’t be able export edible bird’s nest products this year, as the conditions have been established. They are extremely rigid and complicated, according to the Chinese authorities.

Export to China

To export to China, bird nesting businesses must also get CNCA authorization. Ebn Kowalit, a Malaysian bird’s-nest cooperative, has obtained the CNCA in 2018. It is now exporting its bird’s eggs to China.

What opportunities are there for brands selling bird’s nest in China to make a profit?
After obtaining CNCA, suppliers can export to the largest market in the world. Chinese companies are especially interested in nests’ alleged health benefits, which can bring them immense wealth.

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Traceability is a key quality indicator in the edible bird’s market. Each bird nest is certified by the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine (the national public institute for food safety and quality).

The label of certified bird nests includes an anti-counterfeiting and QR code. This allows consumers to quickly access information about the origin and quality of the product.

Quality = Brand in China that s the secret of success

The practice of integrating “luxury” into “brand Product ” was started in China quite a few years ago.

Brands indirectly showcase their quality to being an art form through marketing well-known national products, and show their Performances,

Young consumers in China drive the demand for bird’s Nest.

Bird’s nest consumption has changed from a privilege for women to one that is accessible to all ages.

The young Chinese generation embraces bird’s nest with enthusiasm. The younger generation with high education is increasingly interested in bird’s nest consumption, especially those born between 1995 and 2000. In fact, more than 60% of all bird nest purchases made on JD in 2019 were made by individuals between 16-35 years old.

This popular treat is now in high demand among young people. It is thought to improve health and have particular benefits for the skin.

KOL in birdnest : to boost your sell

Xinba Xin Bai, a top-ranking Chinese ecommerce livestreamer, was exposed for hyping a bogus nutrition drink that he claimed contained bird’s-nest soup. This is a Chinese delicacy which supposedly has health benefits according the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

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The drink was first brought to public attention by consumers last month. They complained that Xinba had falsely advertised it as a nutritional supplement. Its main ingredient is edible bird’s nests. After watching Xinba sell the drink in a livestreaming session, they said that they were persuaded to buy it. After trying the drink, they realized that Xinba was making false claims about the product’s nutritional content.

Taobao is China’s largest ecommerce website. The drink is described as “flavored, precooked birds-nest soup.” It is sold in small, gold plastic bowls and is approximately 40 yuan ($6) each.

Distributor of birdnest in China

Wholesalers can sell a kilogramme unprocessed bird’s nest at RM3,000 while the processed product costs RM8,000 per kilogramme.

He stated that the retail price for bird’s nest is twice as high wholesale.

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Ng stated that the restriction on South Korean and Chinese tourists entering Sabah was a major problem for bird’s nest sellers.

“Some retailers might not be able sell 10 kilogrammes bird’s nest within six months.

“They are looking for ways to export their bird’s eggs.”

One license holder in Sabah could export bird’s eggs to China.

“Exporting bird’s eggs to China requires a strict process. You will need to provide details about the swiftlet house where the nest was taken from.”

Ng has more than 10 swiftlet homes, some of them joint ventures. They are said to produce between 30 and 50 kilogrammes of bird’s nest per month.

Chinese empire, bird’s nest soup

In China, you also initiated varies trade, birds’ nest among them. The 17th century saw the first record of an import from Asia of bird’s nest to China. This was a sign that it had become a regular trade. Bird’s nest was first collected by native peoples from various parts of Southeast Asia. Then, it was traded in ports by businessmen with different cultural backgrounds, such as Malays and Arabs, before being consumed by Chinese. Although collecting was still done by native peoples, trade in birds’ nest and its processing became a Chinese monopoly. This allowed immigrants to move inland to the region of production, providing the natives with Chinese industrial products at a very competitive price. Then, they could send bird’s nest home as a means of immigrant return.

As part of Indonesia’s efforts for increased exports of swiftlet’s nests, 9.9 billion (US$686,113.47), was shipped to China last week.

One of three present ministers, Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo, stated that the government will be focusing on swiftlet’s nest exports as China does not have an import limit.

China has imposed import quotas for many commodities such as corn, oil, wheat and rice. The trade minister and minister of state-owned enterprises were accompanying the agriculture minister.

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