Fashion, cosmetics, technology, food and baby products are the main categories of sales online.

Over the last decade, an increasing number of Chinese prefer to buy western products, which they believe have better quality than local products.

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This appetite for foreign products is due to the development and to the increase in cross-border e-commerce.

Food, fashion and accessories, cosmetics … Are some of the Spanish goods sold over the Internet to the Chinese middle class, which begins to demand quality European products.


Chinese consumers search for Spanish products through Baidu. The searches in Baidu in relation to the keywords “Spanish food” have been increasing significantly over the last several years. Specifically, searches for “Spanish olive oil” and “Spanish ham” which are the most common.

It is crucial to know the profile and the necessities of the Chinese consumers in order to create effective marketing strategies. Search engine marketing is a good tool if the companies desire to make known its products and brands in China. With this aim, Baidu becomes essential because is the search engine most commonly used in China.


According to David Höhn, partner in charge of KPMG China Practice in Spain, fashion and accessories (bags, shoes, cosmetics) are the products which have more sales, representing 40 percent of all e-commerce transactions in China.

Spain is a world leader in fast fashion clothing and China is the country with more internet population. Due to the e-commerce, Spanish fashion brands have increasing their sales.
For example, Zara, Mango, Bershka, Pull and Bear and Massimo Duttii are some Spanish internationally recognized firms which offer the possibility to buy online in China.


There are also opportunities for products such as chocolate, baby food, meat and gourmet salts. The chances are greater for gourmet products that are known and consumed by local consumers.

But maybe, besides fashion, the most demanded products online are olive oil, wine, fish and seafood canned as sardines and mussels.

As example, the importance of olive oil has increased in China during the last years. The olive oil is considered like a healthy product and with a high quality. Its demand and therefore its sales are increasing due to its accessibility via e-commerce.


Alibaba and 21Food are e-commerce platforms where there is an important presence of Spanish food and beverage.

In order to sell spanish products thorgh internet, it is important to know that Taobao (which has over 70% market share), Tmall, JD and Yihaodian are the most important e-commerce platforms where products are positioned for sale.


Using social media platforms, other forms of electronic payment and mobile devices are very important ways in order to sell Spanish products in China. As for example, WeChat, a social application that allows users to make online purchases or payments through their mobile phone.


In some cases could be necessary to adapt products to the tastes of Chinese consumers. For example, Cola Cao, a high-energy chocolate drink which sells its products in China via internet, besides the traditional flavor has created for Chinese consumers other different flavors like strawberry, peach or orange. This new flavors are very successful in China.

Foreign products are associated with high quality products in order to attract the attention of an audience who is seeking exclusivity in a foreign brand and for this demanding consumer, e-commerce will be the door that connects you to the Spanish pantry.



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