Douyin (Chinese Tiktok) is obeviously one of the most popular social networks in China. It was launched in September 2016 by the Chinese giant tech behemoth. It is positioned as a short music video UGC for Chinese young people. Since its launch, it gets viral in China as if he would never stop. As of March 2020, Douyin, TikTok’s China native app, saw its monthly active users increased to 518 million, at an increase of 14.7% YoY.

With Douyin’s powerful editing capabilities, users can add music and effects to their videos in order to make them more interesting. Viral videos on Douyin could get 30-200 million views within one day. The most popular videos are often between 10 to 30 seconds long.

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This music-video social platform is very attractive and addictive to users by proposing the same type of short videos through their AI algorithm. The immersive full-screen interface offers users a very comfortable user experience. Who can not be appealed?

Douyin: A great marketing tool in China

douyin tiktok ads for foreign brands

Since Douyin has a giant user base and now is the most popular short video platform, it is now also a great marketing tool for any business in China or business who want to enter the market.

There are more and more people who are addicted to using Douyin. Brands are also aware of this and increase their investment on Douyin. Even the cold Chanel ran 12 advertisements of vertical-screen on Douyin.

As a newly emerging traffic pool, Douyin has become a new battlefield sought after by many companies. There are two principal Douyin marketing strategies, either TVC model, making blockbuster videos, or looking for Internet celebrities (KOL) to do something that follows the trend.

Who are the top three of the most popular celebrities on Douyin?

Number of fans of the most popular celebrities on Douyin (TikTok) in China as of June 28, 2020
— Data from Statista

According to date from Statista, as of June 2020, the Chinese male actor Chen He was the most followed celebrity on Douyin, followed by Dilireba and Show Lo. The account of Chen He amassed almost 69 million fans in China. Dilraba Dilmurat is a model, actress, and singer, and Show Lo is a singer and actor.

Chen He: the “King” of Douyin

According to data, Chen He is the most popular one on Douyin. He became very popular through the variety show “Running Men” and the role of an actor. He has a very high EQ and is very funny. As of the moment of writing, he has 73 million followers on TikTok. This is not only from the accumulation of popularity of his celebrity role. but also from Chen He’s own operation in Douyin.

Chen He’s Douyin official account

His Douyin homepage covers all aspects of daily life, from himself in fashion style to photos of baby and food. Recently, Chen He has announced officially that he will open a channel for selling products on Douyin.

Douyin has already developed into a social e-commerce like many other Chinese social networks, for example, WeChat and Xiaohongshu.

Dilireba and Show Lo: leading celebrities on Douying for different reasons

Dilireba is a Chinese actress, singer, and model of Uighur ethnicity. Her appearance is very attractive to Chinese people. She has played a lot of Chinese costume dramas. The big quantity of her works has gained great popularity in China. Even she published only 27 short videos on Douyin, she is still number 2 in terms of Douyin followers numbers.

Dilireba is one of the most in-demand brand ambassadors in China, and she had numerous endorsements ranging from food and beverage, daily commodities, beauty products, to mobile applications and technological products. Several international brands like L’Oréal and Mikimoto have cooperated with her to have an increase in sales after engaging Dilraba as their spokesperson.

Dilireba and Show Lo’s Douyin accounts

Show Lo is a Taiwanese singer, actor, and host. He is commonly known by his nickname Xiao Zhu (Little Pig). He is recognized for his trademark dance music and comedic talent.

How Show Lo became popular on Douyin?

If you look at Show Luo’s Tik Tok homepage, the funny videos will make you laugh. In fact, in recent years, he doesn’t have a lot of film and television works, and not very popular in China. Moreover, he has been engaged in many scandals. But why he could manage to be the NO.3 on Douyin? This is a very good question. Let me explain why.

Whatever you say, he is indeed a star who has already a fan base. Besides, he posts a lot. Others post one in two or three weeks. However, sometimes he can even post two or three in just one single day. What’s more, he responds a lot, he can reply to seven or eight comments or even more under the video. He interacts a lot with his followers and almost whoever picks up him.

Last but very important and the basic one: the content he posted are interesting and funny. He knows his advantages in doing short videos and what Chinese people like to watch.

Douyin marketing can boost business sales with the right strategies

Compared with text or graphic content, short video content allows followers more intuitively to touch the daily life of a popular actor, and also build a connection with fans under the ecology of Douyin.

On this basis, the derived live-streaming e-commerce has a natural transition, and it is also what Douyin is doing – link social media to e-commerce. The user relationship built under the connection of fans constitutes the trust required for live-streaming selling. Even though the goal is not selling products by live-streaming, high exposure gained on Douyin can guide traffic to brands’ online shop and boost brand awareness, thus generate leads.

Three key factors for a successful Douyin video

As you have must seen in the case of Show Lo, strategies are very essential in a successful campaign. The frequency, keywords, content of posts are key factors to promote brand recognition.

There are three important places in copywriting: titles, comments, and subtitles. The title plays a key role in improving video playback and the interaction rate. The video titles that work very well on Douyin mainly are narrative and suspense types.

The narrative title helps users reduce the cost of understanding through a complete description, and the main point of the video can be learned by just looking at the title. Suspense-type headlines usually leave half the words and arouse users’ curiosity. This style of title can help improve the completion of video playback. If the video effect is consistent with the user’s expectations, it will also increase the user’s enthusiasm for interaction.

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