WeChat is very popular in China, more than 400millions user according to the last press release from Tencent. In China, ecommerce giants (like Alibaba or Baidu) have been fighting back by aggressively pushing their own messaging app, Laiwang from Alibaba, and by integrating O2O functionalities.

Wechat and E-commerce


It is becoming Chinese most popular messaging application , has unveiled an update to its Android app.

Tencent’group is creating even greater function on WeChat’s mobile : payment function.

How Weixin (WeChat) would monetize its traffic ? With the new version 5.1 of the mobile App, Chinese users can pay to do a lot of things.(This version 5.1 update to the Android app is being rolled out exclusively through MyApp store, which marks another key strategic decision).


We chat improvement

The application has increased the number of participants accommodated in group chat, from 40 members to 100.

Chinese people can also top-up their own personal mobile phone accounts, and .. they can do so as well for anyone in their contacts list.

User Information is the Key to success

Users will also input a “delivery address” into their data information, which will ease the sending, delivering, and gifting of physical goods purchased on Tencent ecommerce platform. So you can simply pay 5yuans.

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