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WeChat Official Accounts provide an invaluable platform for companies of all sizes to extend their reach and promote themselves on a global scale. Ever since its introduction in 2012, the number of WeChat accounts has skyrocketed – now standing at over 20 million.

In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at WeChat official accounts and explore exactly how they can benefit your business or organization. You will learn how to create a WeChat official account and attract new followers to your public account.

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WeChat is the most important app for your business in China

WeChat is a powerful example of the digital age. This popular Chinese app surpasses 1.26 billion users in 2022, proving how integral it has become to everyday life in both social and professional settings. It transcends simple messaging between friends – WeChat offers businesses an effective tool that can elevate their reach and success within China’s market landscape.

Wechat statistics 2022

WeChat is an essential part of business in China, with 70% of the population relying on it for communication and organization. For any company looking to enter this thriving market, mastering WeChat should be a priority – email does not make the cut! Companies can benefit greatly from using its features to connect directly with their potential customers and more successfully navigate Chinese markets.

WeChat has achieved unprecedented success in terms of popularity, emerging as the largest and most active social network platform. This presents a great opportunity for businesses looking to tap into China’s markets: 60% of WeChat users access it multiple times daily, particularly those from top-tier cities where 93% penetration is recorded – proof that it should not be overlooked!

What are WeChat official accounts?

WeChat official accounts (also known as WeChat Business Accounts or WeChat public accounts) are public brand pages that can be compared to Facebook pages but have way more functions. With WeChat business accounts companies have a powerful platform for sharing content, building followership, and promoting products or services.

WeChat Official Account example

Benefits of having a WeChat official account

A WeChat official account offers many advantages, from increased visibility and access to new customers to improved customer service. Here are just some of the benefits that companies can reap from having an official account on WeChat:

Increased Exposure

With 1.26 billion monthly active users worldwide, having a presence on WeChat gives organizations the opportunity to reach potential customers who may not be aware of their products or services otherwise.

“Newsletters” type of content

A WeChat official account gives businesses and organizations the ability to reach out to their customers, supporters, and existing followers with news, updates, and promotions in real time—all without having to maintain an expensive website or email list.

Starbucks wechat official account
Wide Reach

Because almost every adult in China has a WeChat account, it allows businesses to expand their audience far beyond their geographic region and into Chinese markets they wouldn’t have been able to reach previously.

Vitabiotics WeChat official account
Audience Insights

With customizable insights at your disposal, you can measure how effective your content is and understand what type of content resonates with different user segments, which can help inform future marketing campaigns or product development decisions based on user preferences and behavior. You can easily access all of these insights on the WeChat official accounts platform.

Multi-Platform Integration

From mobile storefronts directly integrated into your Wechat app pages or campaigns across various platforms such as QQ music and Douyin (China’s answer to TikTok), there are many ways for organizations to amplify their presence beyond just traditional channels like website/app stores or billboards alone.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency case study - Jacques Lemans
Improved Customer Service

Having an official account makes it easier for business owners to respond quickly when they receive messages from customers while also ensuring that all communication between them remains secure and private via one single platform instead of hopping between multiple apps making it more convenient for both parties involved in any conversations held within the app itself (i..e no need for extra logins).

This keeps customer retention high since users would be more likely to trust you if reaching out was easy without having to worry about security issues associated with other open communication methods outside the app itself.

WeChat official account options
Leveraged Automation

Lastly, thanks to automation tools such as intelligent bots that now come baked-in with using Wechat which provides companies enhanced capabilities robotic process automation (RPA) features such as automatic responses + AI-powered automated chatbot system for faster replies — When properly used this could potentially result in much higher efficiency rates compared traditional manual methods.

Different types of WeChat official accounts

There are two different types of WeChat official accounts that are good for brands and companies wanting to reach their audience; WeChat subscription accounts and WeChat service accounts.

WeChat service account

WeChat service account allows 4 posts per month, but they come in a way of our newsletters, with followers receiving push notifications every time a new article is released.

In addition, the WeChat service account offers other features, like CRM, custom menus, and mini-programs. A brand can also leverage one-to-one communication as an extension of its CRM program. Wechat service accounts also support WeChat Pay and WeChat advertising.

WeChat service accounts

WeChat subscription account

The weChat subscription account allows for more push content, but it doesn’t send push notifications to followers, putting the article in the subscription accounts subfolder instead. This impacts impressions and reach, as not all followers frequently check the subscription folder.

WeChat subscription accounts are better for companies that want to focus on content, as it offers more publications than the service account. Subscription accounts are also available only for companies with a Chinese business license.

WeChat subscription accounts

Other types of Wechat business accounts

Apart from the two main account types, there is also a Wechat Work, previously known as Enterprise Account, but this type is for the inner operations of Chinese companies.

Apart from that, there are also WeChat mini-programs, that are not WeChat official accounts but can be treated as such, thanks to many functions they provide, like own stores, brochures, communications, ads, and more.

wechat brochure for lead generation marketing
GMA Case Study: WeChat H5 Brochure in mini-program

Which WeChat official account type will be better for your brand?

The most important factor to consider is the availability of WeChat accounts. If you’re an overseas company without a presence in China, you are eligible only for WeChat service account.

If you are a company with a Chinese entity, the choice depends on your needs; WeChat subscription accounts focus on content creation and notifications, while the service account gives you access to a bigger amount of functions that will come in handy to strengthen your marketing funnel and reach out to your target audience more efficiently.

WeChat service account vs WeChat subscription account

How do consumers find WeChat Official Accounts?

There are many ways WeChat customers can find and comply with WeChat business accounts. Let’s take a look at some of those options:

Locating an account on WeChat Moments

By far the most common technique for getting new WeChat official account followers on WeChat is through WeChat Moments (the WeChat equivalent of your Fb timeline). On clicking on your posting, followers can obtain your account web page by clicking the identity of one’s account with the lead from the article.

Scanning a QR code

Not like in Western nations, QR codes can be a really preferred method to obtain material. WeChat customers can scan QR codes that happen to be involved in web pages or content articles inside WeChat (by long-pressing the QR code) or offline by utilizing WeChat’s embedded QR code scanner.

QR is great for any offline use: they could be included inside of your retailers, in your goods, for the duration of your gatherings. They are also ideal for online conversion, for illustration within the base of the write-up written about your model by a Key Opinion Leaders (KOL).

Gentlemen Marketing Agency WeChat Official Account
WeChat Search

WeChat consists of a search bar, where you can search for articles, official accounts, mini-programs, people, news, and many more. If consumers hear about your brand somewhere else and get interested, they will most likely use this option to find your account.

WeChat advertising

WeChat advertising is one of the best ways to gain followers. You can use different forms of advertising depending on your objectives, such as; banner ads on other official accounts, redirecting consumers to your page; moments ads, visible on the WeChat feed; KOLs ads, with the help of influencers from your industry, and mini-program ads.

How to register a WeChat official account?

Registration for a WeChat official account is not hard and if you follow the steps, you will be able to use your official account in no time. The registration process relies on the type of your enterprise because it is different for domestic and overseas companies.

How to register a wechat official account

WeChat Official Account overseas

In order to register a WeChat official account without a Chinese business license, you have to;

  1. Go to the registration website
  2. Start the registration by selecting the service account option
  3. Put in your email and verify it
  4. Fill in the business details, and the person designated to this account
  5. Create a WeChat official account profile, by choosing the name, etc.
  6. Verify the account (there is a verification fee of 99$ per year)

WeChat Official Account with a Chinese business license

Having a business license helps you register a Wechat official account with more available functions. In general, you will need the following documents:

  • A Chinese business license – Obtained from a local company or WFOE
  • Chinese Bank account – Provide bank account information and bank name – The verification fee has to be paid by the company, or a small amount is sent to the company as a “verification code”
  • Original and scanned copy of A Chinese ID with a WeChat payment account

 A foreigner can register a company (WFOE – Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) in China. This is not the recommended approach as it is an expensive and lengthy process, at least 6 months. After setting up the company, you will have a business license to create an account. But it is a big investment, and it is really worth it if you plan to hire people in China.

WeChat official account - Meizai

Another solution is to work with a third-party business license, where you can “borrow” a business license from another Chinese entity. You will create an account for a management fee of approximately $500 a year. However, the account will remain linked to the Chinese legal entity: you can choose the name, logo, and description of your account, but the company’s legal name will still appear.

The plus is it is the most convenient and fastest way to set up your WeChat business account. You do not spend too much energy on paperwork and get started quickly. However, you do not own really the account, it is owned by the party that set it up.

Do you need help with setting up your own Wechat Official Account?

Setting up a WeChat Official Account for your foreign business is simple and easy to do with the help of professionals. With a WeChat Official Account, you can easily reach out to Chinese customers and promote your products or services. If you want to set up a Wechat Official Account for your foreign business, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help!

We are a China digital agency with more than 10 years of experience. We have a team of Chinese and foreign experts with the experience and know-how needed in the Chinese market.

We helped more than 600 brands from different industries, with their WeChat activities. Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or contact us to discuss your options on this Chinese most popular social media platform.

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