You are numerous to think that Wechat is only a social media app. And worst, you are numerous to think that Wechat is only for the small and medium brand. Sorry to disappoint you but, that’s wrong. More and more premium and luxury brands use Wechat for their e-reputation. It’s an easy and effective tool to communicate and create a relationship with your followers.

Wechat became the new digital trend for Luxury brands in China and I will show you that.


Wechat is an amazing social media platform own by Tencent. The app count more than 700 million daily users. In average, Chinese consumers, who are the most connected people in the world spend 3h surfing on their smartphone. They open Wechat around 10 times a day, send 70 messages and call during 100 minutes.

But Wechat didn’t stay there, the app tried the impossible, adapt its functions to the users’ demands. It’s a successful bet for Wechat. The app has developed a lot of different functions as payment, sharing of content, pictures, music, videos, booking of cab, services, delivering of food, games and more others.

Since 2 years, brands can create their own online shop on the app. The purchase experience is pleasant because users can follow the Wechat Official Account of a luxury brand. The brand announced the launching of a new product, followers love it, click on the picture to go to the online Wechat store of the Brand, add the new product to their shopping cart. Thanks to the integrated Wechat payment, in one click consumers, have to buy your product.

You better understand that, compared to the other social media platforms as Weibo,  WeChat never limited itself to simple content broadcasting. Wechat became an established service-oriented platform.

Fully aware of this evolution and the opportunity it provided, luxury fashion brands started to develop Wechat specific features through their official accounts, that took advantage of the added-value services offered by the platform.


Today, most of the luxury fashion brands active in China have their Wechat Official Account. Most of them opted for a service account which provides to brands more functions than a subscription account (privileged by media).

A lot of luxury fashion brands which first decided to create subscription accounts transitioned into service accounts.

Here you can find some features that Wechat allow you when you have a service account. You can see that a service account allow you to create a lot of creative moments for your brand.

It’s, in fact, a 020 system. Luxury fashion brands favor both online and offline. It’s an effective way to stimulate the act of purchase, by driving traffic to both online or offline point of sales. It’s an important criterion to offer the possibility to see a model and try it when we talk about luxury fashion products.


I will give you now some advice to seduce your Chinese target because Chinese consumers have different desires and expectations.

Consumer services available for your consumers

Chinese consumers more than the others want to have information about the product they want to buy. You need to create a FAQ and personalize answers to the questions of your consumers. Luxury fashion consumers want to be as unique as the goods they consume.

The automated answers or worse, the questions simply left unanswered are not appreciated and accepted by your consumers.

Make your consumer unique

Wechat allows you to create a loyalty program or to register your client’s profiles. If you provide some special offer reserved to your clients or most loyal clients, you will create a VIP circle where all your other customers will want to take part.

If your clients can follow you abroad?

Yes, why only in their country where it’s easy to find information? Follow your consumers abroad. Create a close relationship with them by following them everywhere. Abroad if they want to see your offline shop it can be difficult. But if you provide an abroad location system via Wechat, it makes it easier.


Most of the luxury fashion brands have understood how to use Wechat functions, they understand Chinese consumers behavior and how to respond to their expectations.

But there are still some lacks of understanding all the Wechat functions. You need to review your digital strategy to make it perfect. Working with experts of marketing in China can be a solution to use all the functions that Wechat provides to you.

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