When opening a Wechat store, the choice of tools often comes down to two: Weidian and Youzan. Both of these tools offer different levels of functionality, customization, and pricing; but which one is right for your brand? This blog post will explore the differences between these two platforms so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to choose.

Why opening a Wechat eCommerce Store?

WeChat gives a built-in, intuitive way to interact with your customers through a Wechat Official account but also mini-program and stores. WeChat e-Commerce store integrates perfectly into the WeChat ecosystem and offers a seamless experience to users.

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On top of that, Wechat is the #1 social media in China with more than 1 billion user accounts. Indeed, as of 2021, WeChat had 1.24 billion users. In 2020, WeChat hosted a total of 3.2 million mini-programs, which recorded 1.6 trillion RMB in transactions.

The other major benefit of selling on Wechat is the access to Wechat pay which has become one of the most common ways of paying in China. Online payment in China made up 86% of all transactions in the country.

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Precisely what is a WeChat Retail store?

A WeChat store is a WeChat integrated mini site that connects to the menu with the WeChat Formal Account. WeChat buyers can access the WeChat store and also have “one-click-payment” by using WeChat Payment. This enables a user experience to be extremely transparent and a significant increase in your conversion rate.

Ways to develop a WeChat Store

The strong point of WeChat (with 1.24 billion users) is its ability to become the e-wallet of its users. Right now, you can establish a nicely made WeChat retail store within 5 minutes utilizing 3rd party. By asking customers to purchase through your store WeChat, connected to your public account WeChat, give them a built-in, intuitive way to talk to your customer service along with the greatest aspect that these solutions appear totally free.

But which platform do you have to choose to develop the best WeChat store? Let us explore the two popular ways to set up a virtual store on WeChat along with their features.

Open a Wechat Store with Weidian (or Youshop)

Weidian is a third-party CMS (content management system) and is a way to create e-commerce embedded within WeChat.

Weidian Features:

  • Price: It offers a free version (with limited features) or paid version (7 days free trial). The paid version is priced at RMB 4,200 a year.
  • Demands: legitimate telephone number, enterprise shop: legitimate business license, bank account information
  • Payment options: Credit rating card, financial debt card, Caifutong, liandong. Wechat Pay, Alipay and Union pay. Payments can be received by WeChat pay which is in beta on Stripe.
  • Is effective on laptops: Certainly
  • Professional:  User-friendly platform (with no expertise required), also supports other platforms, thus uncover business to an audience beyond WeChat users.  Weidian also offers a paid customized e-commerce solution for your business.
  • Drawbacks: The majority of stores are operated by small business owners and retailers rather than well-known brands, causing a trust deficit in users (about authenticity and quality of product). Limited pre-defined product categories.

YouShop is a well-identified and widely used WeChat store. It gives a clean interface for product listing, alternatives to set-up promotions, and lets consumers trace delivery. Opening up the WeChat store account and put in a deposit to guarantee its merchandise make YouShop distinct, thus acquiring trust which can be a video game modifying platform in the particular unregulated WeChat buying ecosystem. PayPal is not facilitated for overseas shoppers but gives a preferred approach of an English edition retail outlet. Each YouShop merchant has a specific style, design, and material framework (drawback: can’t customize design a lot thus making it very challenging to stand out in millions of WeChat users). While standard format really helps to prevent confusion

Use Youzan to develop your Wechat Store

Over 400 million stores on WeChat, Youzan is a third-party WeChat e-commerce platform (at end of 2018, 4.42 million business users) With revenue of 1.8 billion CNY.

Youzan Features:

  • Price:  4800 RMB.
  • Demands: legitimate cell phone number and business license and a bank account
  • Payment possibilities: Credit card, Credit card debt card, dollar on supply. Weibo and Alipay. Payments can be received by WeChat pay which is in beta on Stripe.
  • Is effective on laptops: Yes
  • Professional: Customized navigation menus and templates (receive promotion pop-ups or event alerts)  Features like clip a coupon, start a group purchase, or enter for a lottery draw all within the store.
  • Disadvantages: Higher service fee

Youzan is widely used among many big companies who want to relate to Chinese buyers. It has got an assortment of retailer templates that should meet up with quite a lot of each individual industry’s demands (also allows it to provide precise functions).

Retailers can access features like easy access to order management, address management, shipment tracking, and customer services. Also, operate, manage and promote their WeChat stores which gives them more freedom to customize their online presence on WeChat.

Shipping and delivery time is important for even just a flower shop or even a restaurant, and store-pickup will gain organizations with several actual physical places and preserve shipping and delivery price.

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