The global shopping festival – Double 11 has just ended on the 11 November 2020. This festival has been considered as a momentum for the Chinese economic recovery. All Chinese retail platforms have gone all out to attract consumers, and among those platforms, there are two players who have handed out eye-catching results, which are Tmall and JD.

Compared with the past years, JD has reached a record high turnover during the global shopping festival this year thanks to Chinese consumers’ unabated enthusiasm for consumption and its right strategies or the DOuble 11.

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According to the data announced by the e-commerce behemoth, the final turnover from 0:00 on November 1 to 24:00 on November 11 was 271.5 billion yuan (USD 40.7).

Single day: sales spike on JD Super

This is the data details (compared with the same period of last year) on JD’s performance on the Single Day:

JD’s post about its Double 11 achievements on Weibo
  • First 10 min: Sales increased by 700%;
  • First 1 min: Sales surpassed RMB 100 million;
  • First 5 min: Sales of pet products increased by 15X;
  • First 5 min: Sales of personal care items increased by 10X.

What are the hot sales on JD during Double 11?

Healthy food supplements saw an increase on JD

As affluence and living standards rise in China, people pay more and more attention to their health. Besides doing sports, Chinese people have another way to keep their health or just lose weight: taking meal replacement or food supplements. This can be seen by the increasing sales in this category on JD.

For instance, in the first 10 minutes of November 1st, sales of protein bars increased 15 times compared to the same period of last year, and meal replacements like milkshakes increased by 20 times YOY.

Increasing sales in premium maternal and baby products

Due to several scandals in baby products, especially in milk powder, Chinese people are very wary about baby products. As their purchasing power has remarkably increased, they are ready and willing to pay for high-end maternal and baby products, and they are keen on imported ones as they are perceived as good and reliable.

Maternal and baby products on JD

JD is trying to provide Chinese consumers authentic imported premium products and JD has gained the market’s confidence. In the first 10 minutes of November 1st, JD’s sales of ultra-high-end infant milk powder increased five times YOY. Moreover, since the organic products are getting popularity in China, there was an increase by seven times YOY in sales of organic milk powder and an increase by 10 times YOY in sales of organic food supplement.

Imported wines are in demand in China

Imported wine is one of the most popular foreign products in China. The ever-increasing wine boom has also ignited Chinese people’s passion for imported wine. Chinese wine consumers think that one glass of red wine at night is good for the health for its antioxidation effect. With the rapid development of China’s economy, the national consummation power has increased significantly, which are indispensable reasons for the increasing sales of imported wine.

Along with Tmall, JD is an essential platform for imported wine sales. In the first 10 minutes of the Double 11 festival, sales of wine on JD increased by two times YOY. What’s more, sales of craft beers are also stimulated and experienced an increase by seven times YOY, and sales of fruit beer increased by 4.5 times YOY.

E-brochure of wine designed by GMA marketing agency

Niche personal care products of quality are appreciated by Chinese consumers

In recent years, cosmetics, beauty and personal care products have been skyrocketing and shopping trend continues to update. Chinese people prefer more and more personal care products of high quality. Green and organic products are highly in demand.

International beauty giants like L’Oréal, Lancôme have seen a soar in sales in the global shopping festival even during the COVID-19 since the Chinese market has recovered from this pandemic. In the first 10 minutes of the shopping festival, sales of high-end shower gel increased by 10 times YOY on JD and sales of imported shampoo increased by 10 times YOY. Hair essential oil has increased by over five times YOY. Sales of Marvis’s oral care products increased by three times YOY in the first hour.

JD: a reliable channel for masks and disinfectant products

Chinese people prefer to buy disinfectant products on JD. Why? Let us look back to the end of January. The sudden epidemic caught Chinese people who were busy with the Spring Festival holiday arrangements by surprise. In this passive situation, on January 22, Jingdong announced the guarantee of masks and other protective products supply by maintaining prices and coordination with core companies on JD to accelerate the production and ensure supply. In just a few days from January 19 to 22, provided consumers with more than 126 million masks, 310,000 bottles of disinfectant gel, and 1 million bottles of hand sanitizer.

Masks and disinfectant products sold on JD

Moreover, JD’s remarkable logistic ecosystem is another point that makes Chinese consumers trust JD. In this year’s shopping festival, JD’s breakthrough in delivery which is called “minute delivery” has for one more time impressed Chinese people. The first order on 11.11 only took 6 minutes to be delivered, and the fastest order in rural areas took only 15 minutes. Under the plan of “24-hour delivery in thousands of towns”, 93% of JD’s self-operated orders can be delivered within 24 hours. Across the country, 92% of districts and 83% of towns can enjoy the delivery within 24 hours.

From the perspective of sales during the Singe day festival, cleansing products increased by 10 times in the first five minutes on JD. Sales of disinfectants increased by 18 times YOY and that of disinfection wipes increased by 20 times YOY. Imported cleansing products have also profited this festival by increasing by 10 times YOY.

Pets products were sold in large amounts

The average annual growth rate of the market size of the pet industry in China is 20.42%, and the market size in 2019 was nearly 221.2 billion yuan. In 2019, the number of pet cats and dogs in China reached 99.15 million, and the number of pet owners reached 61.2 million.

The pet consumption market is mainly based on staple food consumption, accounting for 39.4% of the total consumption. In 2019, the majority of pet owners in China are post-90s and females, and their education is mainly undergraduate and junior college, of whom the income is concentrated below 9999 yuan.

Online e-commerce is the main channel for pets products. In the first 10 minutes of November 1st, sales of imported pet food increased by 22 times YOY on JD, among which the sales of high-end imported brand Petcurean Go! increased by 25 times and Orijen increased by 24 times YOY.

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