You may certainly have heard about WeChat, the most used communication app in China (WeChat get recently 1.01 billion of followers). Both Chinese and foreigner love that. WeChat was at the beginning used only for communication but over the years, WeChat has developed several features and services which let it become an avoidable app for almost all Chinese people and also for a lot of business. We are going to introduce you some very useful way to use WeChat.

Hello, can I add your WeChat?

Today in China, asking someone for his/her phone number is out-of-date, we commonly say “can I add your WeChat ?”. It is much quicker as we only have to scan a QR code then click on “add”. In this way, we avoid the embarrassing moment when waiting the person in front of you to spell out his/her information. Because, when you two get linked, you can see each other’s “moment”. This is like user’s Facebook newsfeed. You can have a look on your contact’s photos, sharing, and activities.

WeChat is easy-to-use

It had never be as easy to get in touch with someone. From the elementary school students to grandparents, almost everyone is able or is learning to use WeChat. It allows to send text messages, voice messages, phone calls and video chats. (like What’s App)

We can say that, this app has brought a tremendous help in connecting people. With the accumulation of users, a lot of people find their old friends or classmates through groups discussions (it reminds a little bit to LinkedIn) . Also, besides to add friends or family, you can also add your boss, your employees, your colleagues (this is the biggest difference between WeChat and Facebook I think…). In fact, it is possible to make different group among your contact, and to choose whom are allowed to see your activities and sharing.

If you haven’t a WeChat account now, I hardly recommend you to create one, before WeChat dominates the world.

The booking through WeChat app

It is possible to book taxis or ride shares via the Didi platform (like Uber) under “Order Taxi”, directly in WeChat’s platform. There are also cinema tickets, train and even flights bookable in the Wallet section. You got the same things and discounts even if you are booking through WeChat instead of the original App.

For food, it can be ordered through Meituan which is embedded in WeChat Wallet section too. The way to purchase in China is very convenient and quick. It is possible to order and be delivered only for a beverage. Personnally, I removed food ordering apps from my phone to not be tempted, but i can’t delete WeChat…

It is right that these features exist only in Chinese, but for foreign company, WeChat reserved more helpful features :

WeChat ecosystem helps to overcome language barrier

Overseas hotels started to use WeChat in order to attract Chinese clientele. How ? Through setting their official accounts or mini-programs on WeChat, Chinese tourists traveling abroad can go through the entire booking process in a way that is most comfortable to them. In the language they know best, they can do room selction, reservation and payment. This allow to overcome barriers of language and habit, which could possibly slow the boom in Chinese tourism abroad.

WeChat is the best friend of Hotels

By using WeChat, hotels can streamline the chek-in process and payment process with their Chinese guests. No more hassle of paperwork, even the release notices and electronic receipts can be done through WeChat. Hum… no, you still have to make one paper, the one with the QR code in order to be scanned by the clientele 🙂

Turn off the lights without moving ? “Yes, we can” says Wechat

For hotels who are most forward-thinking in serving their growing Chinese consumers, they are finding that leveraging the WeChat ecosystem provides them more ways to serve their guests. To go far beyond booking, Caesar’s Entertainment’s Linq Hotel in Las Vegas partnered with WeChat to create America’s first “connected hotel suite”. Tourists can control almost every aspect of the room like the temperature setting, the lighting, the coffee maker through WeChat.

Why you should use WeChat for your business

With over 1 billion active monthly users worldwide and a growing global audience, Tencent’s WeChat app is the king of Chinese social media.

For promotion

Chinese people in particularly are very active on WeChat, they use it daily to be in touch with their contact but also to see news. Brands and companies can set a WeChat official account to share information with their audience. In China where consumers are very connected, to build an online presence and trust are very important things to success on the market and have a long-term development.

For efficiency

WeChat includes many features which allow companies to offer in a way much easier their services to their consumers. The most important thing to catch Chinese consumers is to bring them the more useful and simple functioning. As the country is developing quickly, the market’s competition is also very important. It is well-known that “in China, it is not the biggest fish which will profit at the end, but the fastest one”

For consumers’ experience

WeChat, as we just see, can bring a lot of solution for abroad enterprise. Through WeChat, they attract Chinese consumers but above all, they make the difference from other competitors and get a unique advantage by leveraging WeChat in their strategy. Chinese customers have their own habits which have to be take in account.

Want to start a business in China ?  To get informed in your sector in China and understand Chinese consumer’s habit and functioning is the most important things. GMA can provide you recommendations, WeChat services, or digital marketing solution. Do not hesitate to contact us or come to see us directly in our office at Shanghai :).

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