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Learn abut your market in China & define goals before getting started

Brand Awareness

Put every chances on your site by building a strong Online reputation

Registration on CBEC platform

Select your most suitable crossborder platform for your goals & budget

CBEC Store Management

Store design, products listing, in-site promotion and so on.

Customer Service

Great customer service for happy customers is key for brand loyalty

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Report and analyze your results and sales performance

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More Information about China Cross-border eCommerce

Sell in China with Cross-border eCommerce

The best aspect of cross-border eCommerce in China is that it does not require your company to have a Chinese business license (aka you don't need to have a physical entity in China). However, register on those platforms is still a complex task and working with an agency will save you time and resources. Cross-border is an excellent entry door to the Chinese market and has become extremely popular with Chinese consumers which were once a little shy about it.

Build Brand Awareness

For a successful eCommerce journey in China (or anywhere else really), strong brand awareness is key. The best way to build brand awareness is through the various online channel available in China. From Baidu SEO to social media to Kols and Live streaming. It is critical for your brand to be highly visible on the Chinese internet and not just to reduce your acquisition cost but to ensure visitors to your store will convert. If you won't promote your brand off-site, we strongly discourage you to even launch an e-commerce store to start with.

Store Management & On Site Promotion

We design a visually stunning store that fits Chinese internet UX norms, as well as detailed products page to make sure all your customer's questions get answers before even asking. For questions that can't be answered on product pages, responsive customer services should be implemented. On top of store management, we set up great on-site campaigns that follow China's shopping festival and holidays calendar.

Why hire us to assist you with cross-border eCommerce in China?

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Our experience in the field allows us to offer our services at a competitive price.  With people from all over the world, our team is able to understand our customer’s goals and adapt them to the Chinese market. We are accessible and work with the big and the small, so don’t be shy and ask for a call with one of our experts, you might be surprised.

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China Cross-border eCommerce - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sell in China with out a Chinese business license?

If you’re looking to sell your products in China, you may probably know that some entry barriers are difficult to overcome. That is the reason why cross-border e-commerce websites are good opportunities for you as it’s the easiest way to enter the Chinese market without special licenses.

What is Cross-border ecommerce?

Cross-border websites are online retailing platforms that connect Chinese consumers to International retailers. This allows consumers to buy products online from merchants located abroad and the practice is growing non-stop.  Consumers don’t have to pay taxes and international brands can sell without licenses. Cross-border shopping is more and more popular in China, it reached RMB 3,100 billion in 2013 and it’s expected to increase to RMB 6,500 billion in 2016. The Chinese bought RMB 76.7 billion of foreign products online in 2013. This volume is set to reach RMB 1,000 billion in 2018. With their purchasing power increasing every year, the Chinese are increasingly looking to buy their products abroad.

Can I sell on JD from outside China?

JD Global provides Chinese consumers with a way to purchase products that were not available in China before cross-border platforms. They can buy products from Australia, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, among others. The website is famous for its technological products and accessories as well as apparel. This is a reassuring website for consumers because it promises to only sell authentic products, has quality customer services in Chinese, and a return address in Mainland China. Right now there are 1200 foreign brands selling their products on

Why sell on Tmall Global?

Tmall Global is the biggest cross-border platform right now in China. Companies must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible. Tmall Global has planned everything: the payments are received by the company in their own currencies which makes it much easier. Tmall Global is the Leader of the Cross borders and is open only to big Companies

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