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RED Official Account

We create and manage your professional account on Little Red Book.

RED Store

Open an online store and promote your products to reach your customers.

RED Marketing

Reach out to your audience with impactful marketing content tailored to your target audience.

RED Kols

Create unique campaigns and reach new consumers with influencer marketing.

Off-site Marketing

For a complete marketing strategy, increase your visibility on the chinese internet

Monthly Report

Improve your performance with monthly analysis reports.

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More about RED marketing & ecommerce

Open a RED account

Create your professional account on the famous Chinese platform Little Red Book and discover all its advantages. All brands can reach their target audience, from electronics to beauty! Little Red Book is one of the best platforms for brands in China.

Create an E-Shop on Little Red Book?

1- Registration on the company platform RED with a company email. 2- Complete the registration information, namely: • Company basic information (person in charge, trade model, HQ address) • Company qualification (business registration, or the certificate of incorporation) • Financial information (bank name and address, currency used for the billing, SWIFT code and IBAN) • Brand information (information mostly similar to brand account registration) Additional documents for companies selling products from different brands: authorization letter from the brand owner to sell on RED, with the official brand seal. 3- Once these steps are done, RED will analyze the registration application and process it. 4- Final step is signing the agreement online as well as the paper version. 5-The brand has access have access to its e-shop, as well as training programs on RED’s management platform.

RED KOLs & Influenceurs

Discover the benefits of creating content through influencer marketing! Many KOLs, or Key Opinion Leaders, operate on Little Red Book to give brands the visibility and success they deserve. Small or large audience, there is a KOL made for your brand.

Why Hire-us to run your RED (little red book) marketing?

We are a Little Red Book  Agency – RED store and Promotion E-Commerce in China. We are based in China and help Brands to open Store on RED and realize effective Promotion & Marketing Campaign

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Little Red Book - RED - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Little Red Book App?

Little Red Book definitely got its place in the very competitive Chinese social media environment. Chinese users like to search for information for any kind of purchase they are planning to do. In this context, Little Red Book has become the perfect app to do so and meet the need of Chinese users. Recently, Little Red Book has developed the sharing feature, allowing its users to share a post on other social media like WeChat, Weibo, or also mail and text message. At first, RED tend to overprotect its content, but now it’s getting more and more integrated into the Chinese digital ecosystem.

What is Social Ecommerce in China?

The cross-border e-commerce market in China is very competitive. The market leader is Kaola with nearly 25% market share, followed by Tmall Global with 20.3%, and 15.7%. Little Red Book is also a social commerce platform that combines social media and e-commerce and has a 6% share of the market. A market share equivalent to that of its direct competitor «Yangmatou» whose target is the same.

Is little Red Book good for ecommerce in China?

Little Red Book is not just a trendy platform, it is a new platform for foreign business in China. The brand is booming. Two years after its launching, Little Red Book went from 1 million yuan of total sales value to 100 million within 6 months! The platform promises to be the future leading platform of social media/e-commerce in China. In 2018, Little Red Book reached 1,4 billion yuan total sale value and declared that the app will reach 3 billion yuan of turnover by the end of 2019.

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