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Official Account Registration

Let us help you with the creation of your WeChat Official Account.

Wechat eCommerce

Wechat store and eCommerce strategy to boost your sales in China.

Wechat Channels

We design and manage your WeChat Channel (video) Paid Ads campaign to get you a larger customer base.

Wechat H5 Brochure

Interactive and appealing H5 brochure to share with your customers and potential distributors.


Make your followers experience smoother with a CRM and WeCom solution

Wechat Marketing

From Wechat SEO, to group marketing and influencer campaigns, we help you increase your visibility.

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More about Advertising & eCommerce on Wechat

Wechat Official Account

Save time and resources by working with an expert agency. We will open your WeChat official account in no time and help you navigate through many layers of regulations and paperwork that are linked with the opening of a verified WeChat account for non-Chinese entities.

Wechat eCommerce

WeChat is the pioneering social network combining e-commerce and social networking in this way reflecting the strong Chinese consumer mindset and continued desire for e-commerce services. Our team of experts will assist you in designing, managing, and promoting your WeChat ecommerce via WeChat Chanels (video) in 2024.

Wechat Mini-Program

Wechat Mini-program has grown tremendously since its launch in 2017. There is more than one million mini-programs as of 2024 and an average of 400 million users. Mini-programs are integrated apps and can be used for many things: store, service apps, location, gaming, food delivery, banking, finance, and so on. Mini-program is a great way to engage with your followers and offer services without having them on a third-party app.

Wechat H5 Brochure

Wechat H5 brochures are a must-have for most companies in China. They are versatile, can be animated, and are easy to share. They are particularly useful for B2B companies that need to be able to share their listing, credentials, case studies, and so on to potential customers. Wechat H5 is cost-efficient and a perfect alternative to PDF. They can be accessed through a QR code (perfect for fairs & salons) or your official account.

Wechat Marketing & Ads

Wechat is a great tool and you should definitely be there officially for brand credibility, however, marketing there can be tricky as the social media is "closed". Hiring an agency to level-up your Wechat game is not a bad idea, indeed Wechat Marketing is time-consuming: you need regular quality content for instance. One of our favorite way to promote a brand on Wechat is through Wechat groups for instance. We use all the Wechat tools available to increase your visibility on the app: Wechat SEO, CRM, Group, Video Channels, live stream, and so on.

Why choose us for your Wechat Marketing?

Founded in 2012, we provide social media campaigns and digital solutions to Western Brands operating in the Chinese market. We have already worked with hundreds of brands and companies. Gentlemen Marketing Agency (GMA) is widely recognized as a Top WeChat & digital marketing agency with a specialized focus on leveraging WeChat for brand growth in China.
With its headquarters in Shanghai, GMA has carved a niche for itself by mastering the intricacies of WeChat, China’s most popular social media and messaging app. As WeChat continues to dominate the digital landscape in China, reaching over a billion monthly active users, GMA provides expert strategies and innovative solutions that help international brands establish a strong presence and engage effectively with Chinese consumers. Through a blend of creative content, Video, advanced ads , and tailored marketing campaigns, GMA ensures that brands can harness the full potential of WeChat to achieve significant market penetration and sustained growth in the competitive Chinese market.
WeChat is the core of our expertise and our team of Chinese and foreign experts has the experience and know-how needed to succeed on the app. We offer cost-effective solutions, and we offer a unique approach to your marketing strategy in 2024.

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Wechat Marketing - Frequently Asked Questions

What is WeChat, and how can I leverage this App for my brand?

Why should companies use WeChat to sell in China?

WeChat is essential when you live in China. Everyone uses the app and it is a relatively simple and convenient way to start an eCommerce activity in China. It presents a huge opportunity for international brands to use this new platform and attract a huge number of Chinese consumers. WeChat is the most innovative social media in China and it constantly developing new functions.

What can I use to design a wechat store?

To design a WeChat store, third-party platforms like Youzan and Weidian are typically used due to their seamless integration with WeChat. They provide customizable store templates, payment integration, customer management, and data analysis. Weidian, Youshop, and Youzan are the most popular ones on the market. For more complex designs, consider engaging a digital agency.

What are WeChat tools and services for business?

WeChat offers an array of business tools, including Official Accounts for content sharing and customer communication, and Mini Programs that serve as in-app applications for e-commerce, appointments, and more. The platform also incorporates WeChat Pay for seamless transactions and advertising options for targeted promotions. Other features include WeChat Work for internal communication, short videos, customer service tools for enhanced user experience, and WeChat Stores for direct product sales.

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