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Our Douyin Services

Official Account

Creation and Management of a Verified Douyin Account.

Video Editing

Creation of appealing video content to reach out and engage with your Chinese audience.

Douyin Marketing

Contest games, content marketing, live streaming... use Douyin tools to increase your brand awareness.

Douyin Native Ads

Use Douyin powerful targeting algorithm to display your paid ads.

Douyin KOLs

Collaborate with Douyin top 2024 influencers with unique campaigns to build your reputation in China.

Douyin Store

Start selling your products on Douyin, it is possible so why not?

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Douyin Brand Account

Create your professional account on the famous Chinese platform Douyin (TikTok) and discover all its advantages. All brands can reach their target audience thanks to the multiple tools offered by the platform! Douyin is one of the best mobile applications for brands wishing to conquer the Chinese market, in particular thanks to its ultra-advanced "targetting" algorithm.

Douyin marketing & ecommerce Case study

Douyin Video Content

Create marketing campaigns that look like you and that will appeal to your target audience in China. Short or long videos, photos, campaigns using KOLs, online stores ... there are many different and varied tools that match your brand DNA. Content is King in 2024

Douyin live streaming KOL

Marketing campaigns on Douyin

Douyin app provides a special platform for brands and companies to promote their products and services on the app via short videos. These brands often collaborate with KOLs and take advantage of their reach. The live streaming video feature is gaining popularity among the KOLs especially for promoting brands. They combine their entertainment streak and subtlety to promote the brand while interacting with the followers. Hashtag Challenge: This type of hashtag challenge is a major feature of Douyin and also an effective way for brands to engage young target consumers.

Douyin (Tiktok) E-Commerce by GMA

Douyin Advertising

Native ads on Douyin in 2024 is "Super" effective and relatively inexpensive compared to other social networks of this size (see Wechat). This efficiency is in part due to Douyin's powerful algorithm which is able to learn the habits and tastes of each user quickly. Paid ads on Douyin are also very well integrated, making them less intrusive. Douyin Style Commercial: Douyin is also inspiring a new style of video commercials with its cooperation with brands. Customers Ads for Douyin: Douyin initiated a commercial competition for advertisers to create brand ads in Douyin’s format

Douyin KOL

Douyin Ecommerce

Launched as a short video platform Douyin is becoming a new e-commerce platform in 2021 for brands use as a channel to make brands visible in China, combined with ecommerce. Douyin has recently been offering social commerce app. Chinese users with a minimum of ten videos are allowed to start selling on the app, linking products from China’s most popular e-commerce websites such as, Tmall, and Taobao to their Douyin store. Watching a short video on the KOL profile Chinese users can go to the store directly if they like products used by KOL. We love Douyin Ecommerce at GMA

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We are ranked Top International Douyin partner. Our agency consists of experts established for years in China; we know the market, platforms, and trends that can help your brand succeed in China! Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the services we offer. From Chinese social networks like Douyin (TikTok) to advertising and KOLs, there are many tools that will allow you to grow your brand in China.

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Douyin - Frequently Asked Question

What is Douyin?

Douyin is the Chinese Tiktok. Both apps belong to the same group and are identical. The only difference is that Douyin is only accessible with a Chinese phone number. If you are not familiar, it’s a short video app for making and sharing videos with special effects and popular music clips, developed by Chinese tech firm Beijing Bytedance. As of 2024, it had reached 800 million daily active users, most of whom are young people aged 15 to 30 years old. In China, 85% of its users are under 24-year-old and over 60% are female.

Why is Douyin so popular with Chinese netizens?

Douyin offers extensive tools from background music, clips from TV shows to limitless filters to enable users to make a video at their fingertips. They use hashtag challenges to inspire users to create and upload content. Douyin is a free space with no bias and judgments and requires minimum effort, which perfectly fits the mindset of generation Z. The app allows users to create 15-second videos and provide a huge collection of background songs and dialogues. It has amazing filters and editing tools which help the users to create high-quality content. There are many other features that are attracting more users like Live videos.

Is Douyin good for KOLs Marketing in China?

As the app gained popularity, more KOLs started using the app which further attracted more users in the form of their followers. Douyin has special events for KOLs and also gives them monthly incentives in the form of gifts etc. The user volume and demographic composition are certainly alluring to digital marketers. Nowadays, Generation Z wants to have applications that provide entertainment but do not waste their time as well. So, they like multitasking and shorter videos. Thus apps like Douyin became their preferred app. Douyin’s user base has around 33% of Generation Z users.

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