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Gentlemen Marketing Agency lets you see which voices are more relevant to share your story so you get the right Influencers for your brand. We are based in China(Shanghai) and help Brands to choose the right Chinese Influencers and realize effective Promotion & Marketing Campaign.


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Chinese Influencers, known as key opinion leaders (KOLs), can be bloggers, online personalities or celebrities whose primary communication channel is social media. To understand why influencer marketing is an indispensable part of marketing strategy for so many brands in China, it’s important to understand Chinese consumers.

China has their own media ecosystem, which might be more mature than that of the western ones. To better understand how companies engage with Chinese consumers via, it’s important to understand the uniqueness of the Chinese social market. Moreover, influencers content allows brands to strategically place their products in online conversations without being too promotional. This is the most typical case to demonstrate the win-win cooperation between Chinese kols and international brands.


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JD agency

International Brands in the Chinese market have understood the important business value of influencers and offered further collaboration, which in turn increase influencer’s media exposure and add up to KOLs’ social awareness as well as their authority.

Motivated by the desire of being unique, young Chinese would buy products of big name, especially those co-branding or personalized products. The power of “word of mouth” is another reason for kol success from the cultural perspective. Chinese customers have very deep trust in KOLs, because they make them feel like friends, thanks to the details of their daily lives shared through Weibo, WeChat and live streaming apps.

GMA Operations

First, our team evaluate the band itself. To do this, we ask you questions like:

  • Who are your audiences?
  • What are your brand reputation, personality, and image?
  • Who or what qualities do you want to associate your brand with?

Answering these questions gives us a set of core objectives, which are the starting point of any influencer marketing campaign. There are many different factors that affect how influencer marketing campaigns function, but a goal-oriented influencer marketing strategy will have a much greater chance of success. (JingDong) JD Agency - Open store and Promotion E-Commerce in China


A Cosmetics brand was looking to launch an influencer marketing campaign in China. Since the influencer marketing landscape in China is huge, involving a variety of platforms and cultural complexity, they were not sure where to begin their search for the right influencers that will bring them the highest ROI.

Our insights team in Shanghai took over the project, considering the brand image, campaign objectives, and needs, and made a shortlist of potential influencers for the brand. The brand was then able to make a decision backed by social data.  Here’s how we did it.

This is how GMA promotes brands:

If your goal is to drive sales, relying only on traffic or product reviews won’t work. Instead, you need to focus on strategies that can give you conversion. Your goals might be:

  1. Increase website traffic
  2. Drive brand awareness
  3. Increase followers
  4. Boost sales
  5. Create more engagement

In the case of the cosmetics brand, we started by evaluating different types of influencers personas.

How to Choose the right Chinese influencers ?

Chinese followers usually believe that influencers’ recommendations are trustworthy because they know that KOL has put his or her reputation in line with that product. Influencer marketing requires a significant budget, so before selecting the right Influencer for your brand, you should dive deeper into analyzing the pros and cons of each persona type:

  • Quantitative analysis of their average reach,
  • Engagement per post
  • Qualitative analysis of what they focus on when they talk about perfume

Influencer marketing will continue to grow and be a key component of Digital marketing strategies in China. Meanwhile, western and local brands and marketers should pay attention to the changing influencer market and novel approaches when developing their influencer marketing strategy in China.

The optimum KOL in China is not the one who has the most followers, but one who has a high rate of interaction with their audience, while of course maintaining a fairly sizeable following.



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