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A network of 2000+ journalists and Key Opinion Leaders in all industries in China.

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PR campaigns aimed at increasing your credibility in China.

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Work on your e-reputation with effective influencer campaigns in China.


Ride the live-streaming e-commerce wave to sell more to B2C consumers.

E-reputation and branding

The concept of this strategy is to build a "trust" with your customers.

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More about PR, KOL & Social media in China in 2024

PR campaign in China

The importance of public relations in China

PR through Chinese news agencies is the most effective in terms of results and price. When hiring an agency like ours, you not only get a team of public relations experts working on your project, but you also have access to an extensive network of Chinese media, KOLs, and newspapers on various platforms. Public relations should be included in your communication strategy in China.

Micro-influenceurs & KOCs

Chinese influencers and KOCs are “public” personalities who have gained influence with brands in recent years. Micro-influencers and KOCs (Key Opinion Consumers) are, as their name suggests, influencers with a smaller audience than celebrities or KOLs, but don't be fooled by their number of followers . Indeed, there's a reason we're mentioning them here: Micro-influencers are cheaper than Stars and Big Kols in 2024. They have fewer referrals, which makes them more authentic in the eyes of consumers. This means that even on a small budget, you can hire an influencer.

Little Red Book agency content & KOL

KOLs: Key Opinion Leaders

Public relations are handled by thought leaders on social media, billboards and paid ads. KOLs are available on any platform that exists, they are creative people who can tailor their content to make it appealing to their subscribers, no matter what industry they specialize in. While this type of collaboration is an amazing tool in reaching your target audience, working with a Kols is no easy feat. In addition, many "fake" influencers are joining the dance, making the task of choosing a Kol even more complicated for foreign brands. An agency like ours has a network of KOLs in various sectors as well as a team that is still working to develop this network.

Fan bingbing on Social media

Work with Chinese Celebrities?

While it is tempting to look to collaborate with stars, be aware that unless you are a well-known brand or have a big budget, this might not be the best option for you. However, when this type of collaboration works, the results are fruitful. You wont sell thousands of units in a minutes in 2024. BUT these stars are seen as experts and can have a huge impact on a brand's reputation in China.

Why choose us for your Kols & PR marketing in China?

Gentlemen Marketing Agency lets you see which voices are more relevant to share your story so you get the right influencers for your brand. We are based in China (Shanghai) and help brands to choose the right Chinese influencers and realize effective promotion & marketing campaigns, tailored to the Chinese audience.

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China Kols - Frequently Asked Questions

What does KOL means?

Chinese Influencers, known as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), can be bloggers, online personalities, or celebrities whose primary communication channel is social media. To understand why influencer marketing is an indispensable part of marketing strategy for so many brands in China, it’s important to understand Chinese consumers.

How to choose the right Chinese influencers?

Chinese followers usually believe that influencers’ recommendations are trustworthy because they know that KOL has put his or her reputation in line with that product. Influencer marketing requires a significant budget, so before selecting the right Influencer for your brand, you should dive deeper into analyzing the pros and cons of each persona type. The optimum KOL in China is not the one who has the most followers, but one who has a high rate of interaction with their audience, while of course maintaining a fairly sizeable following.

Why are KOLs & eCommerce collaborations successful in China?

International brands in the Chinese market have understood the important business value of influencers and offered further collaboration, which in turn increases influencers’ media exposure and adds up to KOLs’ social awareness as well as their authority. Motivated by the desire of being unique, young Chinese would buy products of big-name, especially those co-brandings or personalized products. The power of “word of mouth” is another reason for KOL’s success from the cultural perspective. Chinese customers have very deep trust in KOLs because they make them feel like friends, thanks to the details of their daily lives shared through Weibo, WeChat, and live streaming apps.

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