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Our Baidu SEO & SEM Services 2024

Baidu SEO

Be among the most searched results and gain the advantage over your competitors through good Baidu SEO strategy.

Baidu PPC Paid Ads

Promote your brand and products through personalised advertising on Baidu.

Backlinks & PR

Keep your audience informed about your business with press releases that match your goals.

Undercover SEO

Build your reputation online and gain credibility via Baidu with your audience through participation on Chinese forums and Q&A platforms.

Chinese Website

In order to do SEO or SEM on Baidu, you first need a chinese website, hosted in China and adapted to the preferences of Chinese Internet users.

Monthly Reports

We send a report for you to see the evolution of your website ranking with ideas for improvements.

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More About our Baidu SEO and SEM services

Rank on Baidu

SEO on Baidu is necessary if you want to have a chance to be successful in China. Being visible on Baidu by appearing in the search results of your target audience will give you the credibility you need. The reason is quite simple, just like you search for a brand or products on Google, Chinese consumers do on Baidu. If the results are good enough, you will get sales. Baidu SEO will not only increase your visibility and decrease your acquisition cost but will also help you improve your conversion rate.

PR campaign in China

Backlinks & Press Relation

SEO, whether on Google or Baidu, is not easy. Getting backlinks, having good media relations to getting press, or even posting relevant content can be a headache. These reasons explain why many companies hire experts to take care of their SEO. When it comes to a foreign country in China, you also need to think about the location and we cannot recommend enough that you go through a professional agency. Do you want great results? You need to increase your popularity. And how does Baidu calculate this popularity? The search engine counts the number of backlinks that your website has and the power of these backlinks based on the site's ranking who has included your backlink. The more backlinks you have the popular and powerful your website is and it is logical that you will appear at the top of search results. Baidu's search algorithms and ranking factors differ significantly from those of Google

Zhihu , search engine in China , Q&A

Content Marketing

Remember what we said about credibility? Well, being talked about all over the internet is probably the best way to build your reputation and credibility online. What does undercover marketing mean? This means that you are creating content about your brand all over the internet, but not as a brand. This can be as a media, as a user on forums or Q&A, as a KOL, as a critic on social networks or applications ... Answer any questions that might be asked about your brand so that when an internet user searches for answers to these questions, you are mentioned in each answer.

Baidu SEO for Brands

Baidu Paid Ads

Baidu SEM or Baidu Ads is the Baidu version of Google Ads. It is a bit more complex to create an account for Baidu Ads, but we can help you. Baidu SEM is a good complement for your Baidu SEO effort. SEO takes time while SEM is immediate. This will bring the necessary traffic to your website and give it a boost in organic traffic. Baidu's strict regulations mean that certain topics or keywords may be heavily filtered or restricted, impacting strategies. In terms of SEM, Baidu's advertising platform operates

Baidu SEM , or PPC case studies

Chinese Website

We will help you to modify your website and improve the navigation on Baidu inside of your website. Optimizing your title your meta description is very important. With an inaccurate description, Baidu will position your website in the wrong category based on misleading keywords. We will check over 100 details on your site to improve your results on Chinese Search Engines, Haoso,, Sogou, and Baidu.

Why hire us for your baidu marketing?

We help brands & companies to promote themself on Baidu and the whole social network associated with it. Baidu SEO and Ads were our first-ever service and we have been developing it since our agency launch in 2012. We are great at it and thanks to our experience we can offer some of the best prices in the market.

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Baidu - Frequently Asked Question

How to get quality backlinks in China?

We will create and re-use your quality content and diffuse them on these websites creating a whole chain of links. Our team knows Baidu very well and will recycle your content to a domestic Chinese audience and re-post the top information that we get. With the right content, you will not only get better rankings for your website, but also a strong REPUTATION. Quality content is not only about you, it is about your industry and about your knowledge too. Baidu algorithms prioritize factors like backlinks and content update quality, Baidu places greater emphasis on factors such as keyword density, meta tags, and the quantity of content


What is Baidu Baike?

Creating a Baike page (Chinese wiki) is essential because people get used to searching on this website and it always appears first in the results. It is especially beneficial for brands that are not ranking well organically. A good Baike page is a good way to introduce your company to curious people and will increase your brand visibility in China. Gentlemen Marketing Agency can help you to create a Baike page, from content creation to moderation and promotion.

what is Baidu Zhidao?

Chinese Q&A forums such as this are important for your brand, the Chinese will want to know about your brand and will check what others say about you, they are strongly influenced by the views of other consumers, and generating positive sentiment is key. China has a lot of fake, counterfeit, and cheating companies and Chinese buyers may have already been cheated many times, they do not trust unknown companies so you need to develop your reputation on Baidu Zhidao.

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