Ecommerce Web Agency in China (Shanghai)

Our agency Gentlemen Marketing Agency was born from our passion for the web, eCommerce, and China.

Founded by Philip (Chinese) and Olivier (French), we discovered that many companies need help to develop their E-commerce in China, need Online Branding, better visibility, and increase their lead conversion and sales rates.

Our positioning: Efficient Solutions at competitive rates

Most eCommerce players want to increase their sales in China and are searching for the most competitive agencies which utilize their budget most efficiently, have professional staff, are dedicated to helping their partners and growing with them.

Our E-commerce Customers

Our E-commerce Team

Our team is composed of marketing “geeks”, community managers, SEO specialists, traffic managers, and project managers. …

Our team members are not only experts, they are eCommerce educators for most of our customers. We feel passionate about sharing our expertise about the Chinese Market and our points of view on an individual level. Most of our eCommerce specialists consistently contribute to leading industry publications to help western Marketers better understand China.

Room 2001, Building 1, Evergreen Central Plaza, NO.1377 Jiangchang Rd.


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