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If you’re looking to break into the Chinese market, then your first step should be JD worldwide. JD.com is one of the largest eCommerce platforms for the Chinese market, and its global sector is booming. With partners such as Google and Tencent, the Chinese online marketplace’s expansive reach caters to over 400 million users in 2020.

With this amount of influence and prestige, it’s no wonder that many international sellers are flocking JD and JG Worldwide. JD Global’s 900 warehouses across China give it the ability to deliver products quickly and efficiently. By selling on their platform, brands gain a sense of trust from Chinese consumers, who frequently use JD’s domestic marketplace.

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What is Jing Dong?

Jing Dong is one of China’s premier eCommerce marketplaces. Though it originally primarily catered to home appliances and electronics, it now covers anything you can dream of. A member of NASDAQ and part of the Fortune Global 500 Companies list, JD.com is a Chinese eCommerce leader to be considered. The site holds a commanding 10–20% market share of all Chinese eCommerce sales. Some of the company’s most successful product categories are:

  • Home electronics and appliances
  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Infant and maternity items
  • Health supplements

While the company has a commanding domestic product presence, it also offers JD Global, a marketplace for foreign sellers that have yet to settle in china to provide their products to Chinese consumers. Through this platform, established brands from across the world can easily gain a foothold in the Chinese marketplace. It is JD’s equivalent to Tmall global.

Requirements for Opening a JD Worldwide Storefront

Before you dive straight into the JD marketplace, however, there are a few things you should know. First and foremost, the market has strict limitations on who can sell on their platform. To open a JD global storefront, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Companies must be based outside of China. JD Global is only open to foreign sellers.
  • Companies must have a bank account that uses the United States Dollar. All foreign transactions on JD Global are done in USD.
  • Companies must have an established record. New companies or startups will not be accepted by the marketplace. Only brands with an established presence in the global marketplace are allowed onto JD Global.
  • Companies must be able to provide customer service within China. This means that a brand should be ready to establish a customer service location within mainland China. Product instructions should be printed in Mandarin.
  • Companies must have a Chinese warehouse for returns. Per JD Global’s policy, products must be dispatched within 72 hours after an order is placed. Moreover, a return center will need to be available in mainland China.

There are also a few things to consider. While these points are not requirements, nor are they necessarily drawbacks, they are worth taking the time to understand and evaluate.

  • Famous brands are given priority. If your brand already has a great deal of international presence and prestige, you’re more likely to be approved quickly.
  • Brands without an established Chinese presence are preferred. While it’s not impossible to be listed through JD Global if you’ve already started selling in China, it makes the process a bit more complicated.

JD Business Models

Before delving any deeper into the process, it’s worth noting that there are a few different “types” of stores on JD Global. They are broken into three categories, each of which has its own fee structure.

  • Direct Sales stores are for B2BC (direct sales) operations. Primarily utilized by home appliance and consumer electronics companies, these storefronts are only open to the most prestigious brands. A direct sales storefront offers high visibility and distinction. Depending on the brand, Jing Dong may even help you with your customer service and logistics.
  • JD Marketplace is for third-party sellers. Though this is slightly less prestigious than direct sales, JD Marketplace stores still have a fair presence on the platform. Approved sellers in this sector can take advantage of Jing Dong’s expansive logistics infrastructure, which covers areas such as customer service, delivery, and returns.
  • JD Worldwide is the company’s premier foreign goods category. JD Worldwide functions as a virtual mall for foreign goods, much like Tmall.

JD worldwide: store types

Start Selling on JD Global: Step-by-Step

If you meet all of the requirements and are ready to break into the Chinese marketplace, then you can opt to go through the approval process alone. While we’ll show you how to go about getting your products listed on the site, it’s worth knowing that having an “in” on the marketplace can give you an edge on the marketplace.

If you want to avoid the hassle, we can help! Gentleman Marketing Agency can help your brand get onto JD Global and support your brand through marketing and promotion. We can even assist you with customer support and localization.

If you’re still set upon doing this yourself (or you’re curious as to how we, at Gentleman Marketing Agency, get companies onto the Jing Dong Global platform), then you should know that everything begins with an email.

1. Contact the Appropriate Person

Thanks to its size, Jing Dong Global is broken into product categories. The first step to breaking into the marketplace is to contact the appropriate JD Worldwide Business Development Manager. Locate the appropriate individual for your product’s type and send them a message. This message should include:

  • Your name, company, and product
  • An earnest and polite expression of your desire to sell on the platform
  • Which product category your product fits into

2. Provide Correct Documentation

While this may be done after you send the initial email, it’s worth gathering this information beforehand. You may even opt to send it alongside your initial email, as this may speed up the application process. The primary documents you’ll need to provide are:

  • Business administration and shareholder information
  • Product information
  • Trademarks, patents, and copyrights
  • Company registration and proof of ownership

Find the full list of required documentation to set up a JD com and JD worldwide store.

3. Complete Registration Form

If your message catches the attention of the JD representative, you’ll be sent a registration form link. Click on this and provide the requested information, regardless of whether you’ve sent it before. Be sure to double-check your information before final submission!

4. Wait for Approval

If everything in the form is correct, then you should hear back from JD Global within 2–4 weeks. The final verdict on your company’s inclusion in the marketplace will be sent through email, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox.

5. Pay Required Fees

Upon approval, JD Global will ask for you to pay registration fees. The initial fee for inclusion on the platform is USD $15,000. On top of this, there is an annual fee of $1,000 and a 2–8% commission fee on every order.

6. Establish your JD Worldwide Account

After the formalities have been addressed, it’s time for the arduous task of establishing your brand’s store. This is where having an experienced team, such as Gentleman Marketing Agency, can really help. Establishing a storefront is hard work, and it involves more than just a basic page in Mandarin. On JD Global, brand storefronts must include:

  • Professional product images
  • Instructions, information, and product descriptions in Mandarin
  • Inventory

Other aspects that should be considered when establishing an account include a brand’s social media presence and overall image. How you present your brand to the Chinese market will heavily influence how it is seen, who purchases your products, and, ultimately, its success.

Increase Sales & ROI on JD Worldwide

You’re not done after you’ve set up your JD Global storefront, though! You still need to promote your brand and get people to buy it. To do this, you need to be aware of your product’s place on the market, its niches, and its target audience.

On-Site Marketing & Best Practices

The best place to start when you’re beginning your Chinese marketing strategy is your JD storefront. You need to ensure that everything is professionally translated and presented. Photos should be appealing, yet simple.

In addition to providing an eye-catching UX, you’ll want to entice customers with the proper product descriptions and information. Optimized JD pages will include:

  • Descriptive titles and product information
  • Catchy visual promotion
  • Videos and demonstrations of a product
  • Long-tail keyword titles

Banners & PPC Advertisement

An effective way to generate business and interest on the JD website is to invest in banner ads. Often structured under a pay-per-click payment model, these eye-catching advertisements draw attention to your product’s features and functionality. A knowledgeable Chinese group, such as GMA, can help you with your advertising, and prevent you from burning money on ineffective material.

Discounts & Festivals

Offering discounts and partaking in China’s wealth of web-based shopping festivals can help boost your sales. It doesn’t matter if your product is new or established; everyone loves a discount. Some of the big eCommerce festivals to know include:

  • Nian Huo Festival (January–February)
  • Valentine’s Day (February 14)
  • Girls & Women’s Day (March 7–8)
  • Men’s Festival (April 24–26)
  • Mother’s Day (Second Sunday in May)
  • Children’s Day (June 1)
  • Red Friday (Roughly equal to Black Friday, runs from late November–early December)
  • Christmas (December 14–25)

Customer Service Automation & eReputation

Automation of your customer service is crucial to ensuring your company starts with and stays ahead of their essential eReputation in China. Chinese consumers value companies with good, reliable products and superb customer service. Start by establishing a virtual FAQ, a way for customers to easily navigate your product’s functionality and troubleshoot common problems.

Loyalty Programs

China isn’t very different from any other country. Consumers love having their loyalty to a brand rewarded. Loyalty programs in mainland China are exactly like you’d expect anywhere else: returning customers are offered discounts, perks, and/or points for their continued loyalty to a brand.

Off-Site Marketing & Best Practices

Even the best on-site marketing with Jing Dong can’t prop up an entire company. In order to achieve true success, you’ll need to supplement your native JD.com advertising with additional material.

Off-site marketing has a variety of benefits, no matter where or what you’re selling. In addition to bringing in additional traffic, this type of marketing increases ROI and awareness while reducing acquisition costs in the long run.

Website Presence & SEO

In addition to your brand’s JD Global storefront, you should establish and maintain a website. These sites primarily act as a way for consumers to easily refer the product to their friends. However, with clever implementation and strategizing, you can also utilize a website as a catch-all for frequently asked questions, product information, and sales. On both this site and your JD listings, you will also need to stay up-to-date on developments and changes in SEO.

China Social Media Marketing

Social media is huge in China. From Key Opinion Leader marketing to influencer promotions, the social media market of mainland China is as complex as it is lucrative. A good social media campaign can be the difference between exceeding expectations and failing.

Livestreaming is key to marketing & eCommerce in china

Often rolled into social media marketing, live streams are a huge part of China’s digital ecosystem. In a Livestream, skilled promoters can easily answer questions, demonstrate features, and showcase your product in real-time. From highlighting beautiful design elements to showcasing functionality, these interactive videos give customers a sense of connection with your brand and product.

Partner with the Best

One of the best and most cost-effective ways to increase your profits and ensure success in the chaotic Chinese marketplace is to partner with a proven local company. Gentleman Marketing Agency has the know-how, experience, and skill to bring your company’s vision to life. We can help you establish your brand on JD and maintain a social media presence, and foster a stellar eReputation.

Regardless of the size of your company, the product you sell, or the market you’re aiming for, GMA has the ability to make it more than successful. Our pricing model can easily accommodate any budget, and our friendly staff is constantly available to help you along your Chinese marketing journey. Don’t wait for success; make it happen and contact us today!

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