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Our eCommerce Services in China

Market Survey

Identify opportunities, challenges, competitors and so on.

Tmall Partner

Certified Taobao & Tmall Partner to accompany you in your Chinese ecommerce journey

eCommerce Website

Set up and design your e-commerce site, content & traffic aquisition

Plateform Registration

Help you join the most appropriate eCommerce platform for your project

eCommerce Management

Design, customers services, listing & stock management, we keep your store healthy

Off-Site Marketing

Digital marketing strategies (SEO and SEM, Digital PR, Community management)

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Understand eCommerce in China

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Market Survey & eCommerce Consulting

Because starting an eCommerce project in China for foreign entities is demanding in terms of resources, it is primordial to get a good idea of where you are putting your feet in before you even get started. Your step number 1 in China should be a market survey that includes: an analyze the market and of your competitor, an identification of the growth opportunities and challenges of the market, a study of the shopping behavior of your target audience. Step number 2, we use the information gathered during the market survey to establish your e-commerce strategy starting with the choice of platforms according to your industry, budget, and goals.

Store Registration & Management

Thanks to our experience we will take care of the registration of your store on the e-commerce app of your choice. Registering on an e-commerce platform (or any platform really) can be a major headache for foreign companies, especially if you are not already in China. Our e-commerce team will then design your store and list your products according to china's UX rules. If you are in need of customer services in mandarin, we can assist you with recruiting and training a team (we strongly suggest a skilled customer services team, customers can be very demanding, the best experience you offer, the best return they will give you).

Website & Offsite Marketing

Now, if you have successfully opened an eCommerce store, congratulation, but unfortunately it won't be enough for a good ROI. In e-commerce, one of the most important metrics is your Conversion Rate (rate of conversation per visitor). The most efficient way to improve your conversion rate is through digital marketing: SEO, PR, and Social Media. SEO is critical to your success and will require a website in Chinese. In those ages, social media can't be ignored. A WeChat account is the basis for credibility. Weibo, Douyin, RED, Kuaishou are best for visibility.

Why hire us to take care of your eCommerce Strategy in China?

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We have the tools and the expertise to build your e-commerce site in China, run your e-commerce operations, and increase your online sales in the lucrative Chinese market. We will help you to attract more customers to the Chinese market by building an efficient e-commerce site and also by promoting your brand and e-commerce store through Chinese search engines and social media platforms.

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China eCommerce - Frequently Asked Question

Why should I try eCommerce in China?

In 2014, China’s e-commerce transactions accounted for US$2.1 trillion, this is a growth of 25 percent year on year. E-commerce in China is growing faster than in any other country and it is estimated to now increase by 30% year on year. Over recent years, China has experienced this huge growth in e-commerce due to growing internet and mobile penetration. Chinese consumers are more willing to purchase online because of the convenience and the greater range of available items on e-commerce platforms. Nowadays, Chinese consumers have a huge appetite for foreign products and e-commerce platforms have become the channels of choices for Chinese shoppers looking to purchase such items.

What is China biggest eCommerce platform?

Tmall is the biggest eCommerce platform in terms of market shares. Followed by JD.com & Pinduoduo which both fight for second place.

What is the difference between Tmall and Taobao?

They both belong to the Alibaba group (in the west Aliexpress is the most known Alibaba app). The two are linked and you can access any Tmall store and product directly from Taobao but not the contrary. The main difference lies in the merchant’s selections. While Taobao has low entry conditions, it is another story on Tmall which is extremely selective with high fees to insure customers can order with closed eyes.

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