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We are an Online Marketing Agency in China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen) and help companies to digitalize their Brands in China. We are a pur digital Agency


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Chinese social media (wechat & Weibo etc)

The Chinese internet market is of more interest today than in any other digital period of online marketing. New brands entering Chinese markets need market strategy and intelligent product promotion to overcome initial challenges. The first strategy for a brand is to create its page on social media platforms like Sena Weibo, QQ, Qzone and WeChat for Chinese internet users to view your products online.

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We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

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International brands coming to the China should have a strategy that defines their products and communicates the information to their target audience. Brands must also study this market to understand the expectations of the Chinese regarding new products. The purchasing taste of this population is built around WeChat and Weibo, a social media has become a way of life. With social media development, brands can only reach Chinese consumers through marketing strategies on these social media platforms. Brands have a way of reaching out to them only through online channels via smartphones. Brands have to develop products online, by hosting websites using the Chinese search engines. Because the Chinese access products online through their smartphones, there is a greater mobile traffic advantage for brands. The Great firewall restricting western digital companies actually makes a brand more effective on domestic platforms offering an infrastructure for reaching Chinese consumers in China vastly quicker than from the outside. Brands should consider the Chinese audience, learn how to attract them, test the wishes of a new audience and choose the best language and dialect to reach them.


Brands hosting websites need ICP Licenses and a registered entity in China, however, it can still be done in Hong Kong with transfer hosting to mainland China. The most important thing is that a brand will use dot ”cn” instead of “com” which is an attractive feature for Chinese search engines. SEO Baidu favors websites inside China rather than external content from outside. Marketing can be by pay-per-click [SEM PPC], click-per-mile [CPM], cost-per-click [CPC] and any other process adopted by the search engines. A brand can choose mobile App, SMS and mobile marketing, content marketing, email marketing or any data management marketing for the Chinese internet industry. Social media in China offers great marketing opportunities using accounts to do business with WeChat, JD and A brand can buy an e-shop from JD or Tmall and start online marketing either as a stand alone or in a merchant partnership. Online marketing in China can be in the advertisement sector by blogging or banner display using key opinion leaders to promote brands. There are so many marketing opportunities in China depending on the type and skillset of the brand.


The best way for brands to captivate target audiences is on social networks.  An agency can share and promote the brand by creating platforms within China or partner with the existing social media platforms like Sena Weibo. Alternatively, Brands can advertise by paying for pages on Baidu so that when followers click on these advertisements, they are on your website. The choice of the right keywords will highlight strategic points and highlight the brand’s skills. Brands can manage the website’s content, value and structure of SEO keywords to attract Chinese consumers.  The website must be interactive, regularly updated with new pages and advertisements to make it engaging as users scroll through. Pages should carry several key touch points to attract users’ attention. With patience and constant visits, you can then expand to other platforms as users know where to find your branded products.


Our Services for Brands include:

  • Placing brands on paid search engine advertising pages like Baidu
  • Developing online marketing strategies
  • We design, construct and host websites in China or Hongkong
  • Using Chinese social platforms (WeChat and Weibo) to market brands
  • We promote and manage digital marketing
  • Improving brands visibility in China for over four years.



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