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Our Marketing Services in China

Market Survey

A complete market research to fully understand where you are heading & define a strategy

Chinese Website

We design a website in Chinese optimized for Chinese search engine

Baidu SEO

We get your website to rank 1st on your keyword to gain in visibility

Chinese Native Ads

Use the various paid ads platform to boost your visibility from the get go

Chinese Social Media

Chinese social media are great to work on your brand awareness in China

Kols Marketing

Collaborate with iChinese influencer to win the heart of your chinese audiance.

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More Information about Marketing in China

Website & Baidu SEO

Baidu SEO is the base of all marketing in China. When someones do research on the brand and there is no search results it looks extremely bad. A lack of results on Baidu is synonymous with a low conversion rate. In order for your brand/ company to rank on Baidu, you'll first need a website in Chinese optimized for Baidu and Following China's UX norms. Baidu SEO is also the most cost-efficient and long-lasting online Marketing Solution out there.

Chinese Social Media

The best way for brands to captivate target audiences is on social networks. China's versatile Social Media landscape means that there is a platform for every industry and every target audience making it one of the best markets for companies to evolve and build brand awareness. Trust our expertise with social media in China to design a customized communication strategy, build a large following as well as win the trust of your target audience.

paid ads kuaishou

China Native Ads (Paid Ads)

With so many apps and platforms, china offers many options when it comes to paid advertising. Just like for social media, any industry will find somewhere to efficiently advertise its products/services. The biggest Paid Ads service in China would be Baidu ads that appeal to pretty much every industry but are rather competitive (better hire specialist). We strongly recommend Weibo and Toutiao for Paid advertising. Weibo is a highly popular app (covering a large demographic) with a cost-efficient paid ads system while Toutiao appeals to a more educated/entrepreneur demographic making it a great place for B2B Ads.

Channel Chinese website

Web Design

The purpose of a brand hosting a website in China has to be defined in terms of brand name, logo, and content and marketing campaign choice. Most online shops in China are on Taobao small shops, stand alone and other variations of e-shops. These online shops operate with quality branding because their SEO keywords rankings are provided by Chinese search engines like Tmall and Taobao, Baidu, Google China, Sogou, Soso, and more. These brands have quality product promotions because the Chinese internet users do most of their browsing on these search engines when selecting products. Brands' business in China will be advantaged if the website is designed, constructed, and hosted to utilize these Chinese search engines for visibility.

Content Marketing

Chinese internet users search for quality and well-organized content to be attracted to brands. The frequency of their online daily browsing is about 8 hours on average, they browse for good content and a great user experience. Web sites hosted in China have the advantage of promoting products with good content from bloggers, quality Chinese language translators, and content copywriters. Most of the data used in website marketing in China is translated into their creative languages online with the marketing strategies that can aid image promotion.

Why hire us for your marketing effort in China?

GMA ecommerce agency china

GMA focuses on getting the basics rights and following a step-by-step strategy that can last in the long term but the agency also offer one-time services for brands that would like to try something new. Thanks to our versatile and flexible solutions, we can assist small brands just as well as big brands to grow their presence in the Chinese market.

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Why is online marketing important in China?

For diverse reasons Chinese consumers have trust issues with brands and companies and therefore are wary of who they buy from. With the development of the internet and an increased access to it, most researches are done online, it is convenient and allows one to look for several sources of opinion: Kols, Reviews, forums, social media, etc.

Why should you hire a marketing agency?

Unfortunately, your marketing know-how (Europe and the USA) will not be of much use in China. Not only are mobile applications and social networks different, but access by foreign companies to these apps is a real administrative headache. Moreover, the creation of official accounts is often impossible for a non-Chinese entity. Our agency can help you obtain a Chinese business license, create quality content in Mandarin, promote your brand and even manage your online store.

Social media in China?

Social media platforms are booming in China. Over recent years, social networks have become an important part of Chinese daily life for entertainment but also for communication. Therefore, it is essential for brands to develop a strong presence on those platforms to reach Chinese consumers. We are focused on the most popular Chinese social networks such as WeChat or the microblogging platform Sina Weibo.

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