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Our ecommerce agency is certified by Tmall to help you succeed in China

Consulting Management

Exhaustive auditing process and strategy to set you up for success

Tmall Global Store

We solve the registration headache for you and get you selling quickly

Tmall promotion and events

We promote your store within Tmall with merchants tools & compelling campaign

Operation Management

From content management to customers services and listing.

Off-site Marketing

To succeed on Tmall Global, you got to work on your brand awareness

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How do we help your brand on Tmall Global?

Register on Tmall Global

There are a few non-negotiable requirements to register on Tmall Global: The company must be registered overseas/ Merchants should own a trading license/ Merchant must be the brand owner or have the brand re-selling authorization/ Merchants need authentic products. Now, all documents must be in mandarin for the request to be reviewed. We help you go through the whole process and figure out the cost which will depend on the type of store your open as well as the products you sell which usually takes between 1 to 2 months.

Tmall Global promotion and events

Tmall Global hosts a number of events and offers marketing tools to merchants. We optimize your traffic acquisition process on-site by setting-up compelling campaigns. It could be native advertising (paid ad integrated into the app) or by launching a special edition for an event, get ready for shopping festivals (discount/gamification/ store design, etc).

Tmall Global Store Management

Outside of promotion, having a store on Tmall global requires as much work as an e-commerce store anywhere in the world, except that it has to be in Chinese mandarin. We design appealing stores taking into consideration the habits of Chinese netizens online for a smoother navigation experience. We manage your listing, your content and take care of the customer's services.

Brand official account on Little red Book Xiaohongshu

Off-site marketing

Unfortunately, opening an eCommerce store in China is not enough to 1: Get Traffic 1: Get conversion. And While you could still get some traffic with on-site marketing using Tmall merchant tools, chances are your conversion rate would be too low for a positive ROI. The solution is to implement an omnichannel strategy. Chinese consumers use various apps and social media daily and are used to be exposed to brand communication. Data are also showing consumers spend more and more time researching a brand online before committing to it. If your brand is nowhere to be found on the Chinese internet, we have some bad news for you.

Why hire us to open a Tmall Global Store?

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Trust our 8+ years of experience to help you reach your goals in China. Let’s schedule a chat and see how we can assist you with your e-commerce project.

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Tmall Global - Frequently Asked Question

Why do brands need Tmall Global?

  • Tmall provides a streamlined channel for overseas retailers to sell directly to Chinese consumers.
  • Tmall Global offers logistics solutions that simplify the international shipment of orders as well as options for marketing in China.
  • Increase brand exposure via Tmall. and connect the brand with Chinese online payment systems.

Thanks to Tmal Global, international brands have the chance to sell their products in the Chinese market without a physical presence in China. In addition, Tmall drastically slashes the amount of time it takes to enter the Chinese market with its already established infrastructure.

What is Tmall Global?

Tmall Global, a B2C platform part of Alibaba Group, is a popular online marketplace in China where many international brands are selling their products. It has become the easiest way to enter the Chinese market. Indeed, submitting your brand to the platform is not nearly as complicated as registering on the local version of Tmall.

What type of store can you Open on Tmall Global?

There are several types of stores you can register on Tmall Global:

Flagship Store: Only brands with a trademark such as ® or TM can have a flagship store. The brand will have to be represented by the owner of the store, or a representative of the brand. The owner of the store must possess all documents from the brand, authorizing the setting up of such a store on Tmall’s platform.

Speciality Store: Merchants holding a brand’s distribution rights to sell without any geographical restrictions in china are able to open this store format. Specialty store types may sell products of up to two categories

Monopolized store: Merchants who own brand licensing goods are allowed to open a monopolized store in Tmall. Retailers can sell 2 or more goods in several categories.

What is the difference between Tmall China and Tmall Global?

You need a Chinese business license on Tmall China (meaning a physical entity in china for your brand) and you’ll be subjected to local taxes.

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