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International Brands can now use GMA to run influencer (KOL) marketing campaigns on Bilibili. Use GMA to find +5000 Bilibili influencers (KOLs) across fashion, beauty, travel, health & fitness, child & parent, home & design, automotive, and other categories. We are based in China(Shanghai) and help Brands to choose the right Chinese Influencers and realize effective Promotion & Marketing Campaign.


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Bilibili is one of the most popular websites among young Chinese, it is a video sharing website themed around animation, comic, and game (ACG) based in China, where users can submit, view, and add commentary subtitles on videos. The platform’s audience reach over 93 million monthly active users and 2.5 million paying members.

Recently, the e-commerce giant bought an 8 percent stake in Bilibili, a long-form video hosting platform known mainly for its anime shows, games, and user-generated content. The partnership comes after an announcement that links Taobao’s e-commerce platform with Bilibili’s content creators.


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Recently, Bilibili announced a partnership with Alibaba’s online marketplace Taobao, seeking to monopolize on content-driven e-commerce. The deal  seeks to attract Bilibili’s young users, more than 80 percent of whom were born after the 1990s.

The e-commerce platform will connect content creators and users in a virtual bazaar, with Bilibili creatives registering for Taobao accounts while promoting merchandise through interactive content. The focus will be on products and services related to lifestyle, fashion, as well as anime, comics, and games (ACG) movies and novels. 

Motivated by the desire of being unique, young Chinese would buy products of big name, especially those co-branding or personalized products.

BILIBILI Operations

China is creating an ecosystem of apps that innovate to win fans and large audiences. Bilibili is China’s largest video website for the ACG subculture, ACG is short for anime, comic, and games, all of which are very popular in Asia broadly speaking. GenZ preferences are showing signs that they are leading global in-app consumption trends.

BILI primarily generates revenue from three sources: mobile gaming (microtransactions), live broadcasting (subscriptions/microtransactions), and online advertising.

Bilibili offers a bewildering array of material , 70 per cent of it user-generated including role-playing, quirky personal videos. For Taobao, working with Bilibili to include more content that anime fans love can potentially drive stickiness and sales for the online shopping community. (JingDong) JD Agency - Open store and Promotion E-Commerce in China


Short-form video has easily captured the marketing world for its appeal among China’s youth, the reality is Chinese long-form video content creators never died, they just changed and they will continue to change.

As video grew as a marketing medium in China, Bilibili became an attractive option for influencers and brands alike. For Chinese long-form video content creators, this newer platform also had an added monetization bonus, allowing digital “red envelopes” or monetary gifts from viewers.

With the growing influence of Bilibili in China, Chinese millennial consumers who have a particular penchant for making purchases through social media are still willing to spend money on this platform. GMA recently added Bilibili to its own service in response to increasing demand from brands and marketers.

Custom KOL Solutions

Bilibili is one of the most exciting places around on the internet for animation, gaming and GenZ mobile experiences. For every brand we develop a custom campaign to make sure that we have a solution that hits all of your client’s KPI’s & goals and matches resources. GMA process might be:

  1. We will set up a call with the client to learn all details about the campaign
  2. We pick the best platform to launch content on, as well as best geographical locations, and develop campaign message.
  3. We pick the right KOLs for each campaign ensuring that they fit the brand image
  4. We present the formal proposal with detailed campaign strategy
  5. We manage the communication with the KOLs regarding campaign brief and content requirements.
  6. We manage post scheduling with all involved influencers and we measure any specific KPIs that the client requires for the campaign.

How to Reach Chinese Gen Z / Millennial Audience?

Bilibili’s main differentiation point is the loyal and active community. In the early days, the platform focused in a niche market of Asian ACG (animation, cartoon, and gaming), which fostered a very sticky community.

  • Bullet Screen Comments: Bilibili is famous for incorporating bullet screen in the videos and live-streams.
  • Live-Streaming: Bilibili also offers live-streaming features, similar to Twitch.
  • Original Animate Content: Most of the animations are available to users for free
  • Mobile Gaming: It’s relatively easy for a brand to launch a business campaign for a game and receive a high number of views.
  • Autotune Remix: It’s an especially popular type of content on Bilibili, and goes viral more often than other videos.

Marketers can make great inroads in hitting a focused target audience through specialized KOL on the Bilibili app. GMA can work with you to create a KOL marketing campaign using Bilibili to access Chinese Millennial audience.


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