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Social media in China

Mastering Social media in China is not too difficult but can be a puzzle for a brand that is not familiar with Chinese pop culture and trends; the secret is to generate “conversations”, which is something our dedicated team of Chinese community managers is pretty good at.

Our favorite way of creating the buzz around a brand is the multi-channel approach. We combine online Public Relations, design, viral marketing, and undercover communication across every Chinese platform :

Our Agency target: Master all Chinese social media channels to support our clients in this field, explain how it works in China, and show how well we know our industry.

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We have a global approach to Chinese social media. China has its own brand of social media, and if you know how to market through social in any Western brands then you can use different Channels to sell too.

Chinese want more authenticity on Social Networks!

Nowadays in China, social media occupy a huge place in people’s life, (with more than 40 hours per week spent on social media in big cities). China is the most connected country in the world and online platforms have become prevalent in their communication and consumption habits.  Chinese consumers spend a lot of time on the internet to find information on products/brands and services. From their personal circle to internet reviews, Kol/Koc, and live streaming, they will look for feedbacks. Smartphones are preferred to computers and online shopping is quickly replacing offline consumptions. Brands should be able to adapt quickly and probably drop their 3 years plan because if one thing is certain in China, is that everything changes too quickly to have a 3 years strategy planned.

Social Media and the IWOM

Word of mouth is key. Having consumers spreading the word about your brand organically is an efficient way to improve your reputation and conversion rate. 66% of Chinese consumers would like to help their family and friends with good experience and more than half of consumers are sharing their experience with a brand/services on Wechat or other social media (according to a survey by Epsilon. source)

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