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Brand zone & Product design

After studying the market and defining your goals in China, we will register your company on Tmall B2D. We will design store, and product pages, optimize Page for conversion. Our goal is to design a distributor-friendly store that will show off your online presence in China as well as the benefits of working with you. The store content will also be optimized to be visible on the platform to reduce acquisition costs outside of it.

Logistic & Management

You will receive the sales order from the Chinese distributors. We also manage the customer's services and make sure that the stock inventory is automatically updated. We will provide training to distributors. We also inspect the store and coordinate the after-sales services to solve issues.

Promotion and Advertising

A brand has to manage its e-reputation upstream, even before entering into the Chinese market, to be likely to interest a distributor AND to benefit in advance of its popularity once established in China. We will design advertising banners and engage in conversations with Chinese distributors. So we can guaranty to find you the right distributors within 3 months. Keep in mind: A distributor will not put forward a brand that has not been proven: he will choose an already profitable brand, which will allow him to generate profit for himself.

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We are an Official Tmall Partner e-commerce Agency.

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What is TMALL B2D?

Tmall B2D is an Alibaba platform created in order to connect Chinese distributors to foreign companies.

Why should I use TMALL B2D?

We all know how difficult is to find the right distributor when you need to establish your business in the Chinese market. Bad Chinese distributors can push your business down: poor deals and generation consigned to the foundation by the wholesaler to the advantage of another brand, loss of its working permit, fakes, break of agreement prickly … The decision of a decent merchant is very important to effective execution in China. In this, Tmall brings incredible news to remote business visionaries: trades among brands and wholesalers will be significantly simpler. Recently, Tmall was able to connect brands to their accomplice from more than 85,000 wholesalers the nation over! We inform you of everything concerning this new arrangement.

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