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Guide to Sell Men Apparel in China

In China, men's apparel dominates the apparel market, one of the crucial and crystal reasons is the population of Chinese male overwhelmingly overweight the one of Chinese female. Marketing to China it's also an AgencyWe are the top and most visible Web &...

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How to Sell Seafood in China?

There is no doubt that Chinese people love seafood and consume in enormous quantities. Clearly marketing seafood to China is a lubricate way to numerous seafood business. According the statistics, average Chinese citizen is expected to eat 35.9kg worth of...

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Who are your future Chinese consumers ?

The recent “Post-00s Generation Research report” published by Tencent company has attracted the attention of many marketers and Chinese netizens. One of the interesting results brought in the report is that the demographic has triple the savings of the...

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Why do chinese people love imported wine ?

Why there are more and more Chinese wine lovers ? When Chinese people celebrate the Spring Festival, red wine is indispensable on the table. At the beginning, most of wines in the Chinese market were blended with water. As the Chinese people's consumption...

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