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How to sell smart appliances on

The smart home appliance accessories market in China has increased by 9.8% since 2017, recording about 270 billion dollars. A fast and steady growth, which has not been recorded in other sectors. This is due to the increase in income and import of high-performance...

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Time for Healthy Food Brands in China

The passion for Healthy Foods Wu Shangye, Deputy Executive General Manager of Guangzhou Qingyechang Trading Co had worked in the local semiconductor industry. The pressure of work had caused his health troubles. Through taking Taiwan Hirami lemon products for a while,...

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China Online Distributor for International Brands

We are a leading online distributor of imported food and beverage, healthcare, beauty and Fashion Brands in China. Ecommerchinaagency imports and distributes international products to online Store (tmall, Taobao, Sunning, yihaodian,JD, etc), supermarket chains, online...

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