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Honey market shares in China

Honey, in Chinese (蜂蜜), has become so much a staple food that if you shop in a supermarket you will find it easier than sugar. Indeed, with a population of more than one billion 379 inhabitants consumption exceeds 300 000 tonnes per year, three times the volume...

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How to become successful in China ?

According to the national bureau of statistics in China in 2016 sales online reached 701 billion in 2016. China is the biggest e-commerce market in the world. Indeed, the online eco-system appears as the top one in the world. This phenomenon stems from the fact that...

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How to sell energy drinks in China?

The energy drink in China takes a positive direction. According to Beverage Daily, by 2021  the country can expect a share of 47, 2 of the drink’s market. This is a result of increasing demand. The development of the country pushes the expansion of the market. Indeed,...

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Dietary food supplement in China

According to the published report from Roland Berger consulting, by 2020 China’s health supplement market may reach 180 billion yuan. This means that the Chinese market will probably very soon surpass the US market even though for the moment Chinese spend 28 times...

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