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5 Helpful Features for Export to China

Export to China means bringing your products to the fast-growing market in the world, for exports companies has only one goal: growth in profits. Therefore focus on getting your export products into the Chinese market, reach unprecedented Chinese modern...

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Guide to market Cosmetics Brands in China

Chinese is widely known for their “Mianzi” culture which refers to “Face” in English. A long-lasting and deeply rooted culture of people show elegant and high-end belongings embodying one’s self-respect or dignity. “Mianzi” as a pun, play a vital part in...

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How to Market Luggage in China

Generally, luggage and bags business is associated with tourism. With the booming of tourism in China, the demand for luggage for tours or trips continues to drive to a high peak. According to data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's...

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The Epic Guide to Sell in China

How to sell in China? Chinese consumers are willing to creating new relationships with worldwide brands. It’s a tremendous opportunity for a small or big business to develop with Chinese consumer’s brand affinity and build strong relationships. Marketing...

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Gadget & Technology is a Huge Market in China

China has a huge market of gadgets. Whether you are a geek or just looking for cool gifts, you will find a broad array of electronic gadgets and cool gizmo gadgets here. For China, the growing gadgets demands will drive global marketers to seek...

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