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Shop Setup and Registration

We take care of the paperwork and deal with the platforms directly in order to simplify the process of getting setup on platforms

Promotion & Advertising

To sell in China you need to have the right tools and the right strategy focused on Chinese customers

Store Design

We design stores not only according to your brand identity, but based on our expertise of what Chinese consumers respond to positively

Analysis & Optimization

As with any online advertising platform, e-commerce requires testing in order to find the best Return On Investment for your ad spend

Chinese eCommerce Marketplaces

There are many ways to sell online in China.
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E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Agency in China

Gentlemen Marketing Agency is a full-service marketing & E-Commerce Agency in China. Our solutions are designed to help you achieve your business goals in China. We have 6 years’ experience in providing invaluable online strategy to companies looking to penetrate or develop their activity in the Chinese market. We seek to form long term partnerships with serious projects.

Besides our ecommerce services we also have experience in Chinese social network marketing (such as WeChat and Weibo) but also in Search Marketing (Pay-per-click advertising and SEO on Baidu) as well as e-reputation and visibility.

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Our eCommerce & Digital Marketing Services

Starting in the Chinese eCommerce world can be a risky and costly process when you don’t know the market. We help you every step of the way.

Our Lastest eCommerce & Digital Marketing Work in China

The guys at Gentlemen ecommerce agency know the Internet in China. They have an immense amount of experience in Chinese social network management & viral strategy. Philip & Olivier know the nature of the web due to the many market surveys they conducted.
We cooperated with them for the launch of our activties and continue to see excellent results in terms of traffic.
They will get the job done.
Bertrand Moreau

CEO, Fancy Cellar

Thank you for your excellent results and your serious work. I will recommend your agency, especially Olivier VEROT for his hard work and his excellent advice on managing our strategy to achieve results within a short & demanding time period.

CEO, Cadeau Maestro

Chinese eCommerce, a gateway to the largest online market in the world, China

1) E-commerce is growing fast in China!

Today, China is the world’s biggest e-commerce market. With a $589 billion online retail sales volume in 2016, China is well ahead of the United States which totaled $341.7 billion the same year. One relevant example of the tremendous scale of Chinese e-commerce is the sales figures from the largest Chinese e-commerce platform ‘Alibaba’ on China’s Single Day (11/11) which reached $14.3 billion in just 24 hours, an even better performance than the US Black Friday.

2) Western products: Still Chinese Online Shoppers’ First Choice!

More and more Chinese consumers are looking for quality products. What they are seeking is real authenticity, high quality and a strong safety record when it comes to their purchases. For these reasons, Chinese consumers trust Western products a lot more than they do local products. This trend is reflected in their consumption, with a considerable increase of cross-borders e-commerce platforms: in 2016, nearly 15% of the Chinese population made purchases from abroad, worth $57.13 billion, an increase of 90% compared to 2015.

3) Want to market online in China? It’s much easier nowadays!

Chinese e-commerce market has seen few changes during recent years and fortunately for foreign companies, Chinese business licenses or the holding of local stock aren’t required anymore in order to enter the market. With the legislation relaxed, selling online in China is getting much easier. Since 2014, some Chinese cross-borders platforms, such as Tmall Global from Alibaba or JingDong, are open for foreign companies to set up e-shops via their e-commerce portals. .

China eCommerce & Digital News

How a foreign company sell on Wechat?

WeChat is THE platform used by Chinese customers to follow and interact with their favourite brands. In fact Wechat as its own independent websites which can be accessed only through an integrated Wechat browser. Wechat stores are an option for all those brands that...

How to make Chinese customers trust your business?

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How to Promote Online Courses in China

In the last 5 years the e-learning sector has grown exponentially. University students, housewives, retirees, employees of small and large companies, freelancers: millions of people nowadays turn to online courses to increase or refine their skills. On the other side...

Healthy Food : 3 steps to hit Chinese market

China's appetite for healthy and natural food is becoming an insatiable hunger. It seems in fact that the Chinese want more and more healthy food products. A market that is developing fast so much so that we are talking about peaks of 70 billion for 2020. Influenced...

Baidu PPC Ads for Beginners(Get Good Results)

Baidu PPC means Baidu's pay-per-click, an advertising system in which advertisers bid on a list of keywords in order to display their clickable ads in Baidu's search results. Advertisers need to pay for the clicks, which is how Baidu makes money from search. Baidu PPC...

Chinese Food Ordering Apps : What you should Know?

According to the Beijing Food and Drug Administration, in Beijing’s city, there are more than 1,8 million delivery orders per day. To order for food has become a habit for numerous Chinese people. With no doubts, this is a burgeoning market. However...

The 5 Hottest Applications in China

Chinese apps, especially the main popular are often linked with business activities. The digitalization has took off Chinese society and consumers are nowadays more present online. In order to reach your Chinese consumers, you need to manage an O2O (online to offline)...

The New Era of Retail in China

Chinese tech companies are developing completely new business models that are totally different from those born in the Western world. It is also true that it is more difficult to have information on the digital market in China, closed behind the firewalls that isolate...

How to sell on JD.com

In China, almost no one buys on single individual sites, as happens in the rest of the world. Here consumers search for products in marketplaces. Although Taobao.com remains the most important for now, Jd.com is giving its competitor a hard time with its 301.8 million...


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