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Specialist of Search Engine Optimisation on Baidu & google, we help ecommerce website to get more traffic, audit websites, content, Inbound Marketing and updates management.

Community Management

"Do you want to sell to Chinese consumers ? target their community!" We manage social media to increase community and engage eshopers. Understand these plateforms is the key to get customers.

Digital Press Relations

We are able to manage Online media Communication and Opinion Leader to increase the reputation of ecommerce websites, because ecommerce is based on "trust"


We are specialized in search Engine Marketing on Chinese Search Engines, usefull for Ecommerce in China : Banners, Media Buying, Retarging or PPC campaign. We identify proper keywords and analyse your results.
Ecommerce China sales process

eCommerce China Agency - Digital Marketing services specialized on Tmall and operations

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What our clients say about us

"Thank you for your excellent results and your serious work. I will recommand your agency, and specially Olivier VEROT for his implication and his advices."   S. BRUYERE, CEO of

Cadeau Maestro
Sylvain Bruyere – Cadeau Maestro

Guys at Gentlemen ecommerce agency know the Internet world. They have a solid experience in Chinese social network management & viral strategy. Philip & Olivier know the drills of the web due to the many market surveys they realised.
We cooperated with them for our launch of our activties and get excellent results in terms of traffic.
They will get the job done.

Wine Ecommerce
Bertrand Moreau - CEO – Fancy Cellar

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Our Team

Founder of Gentlemen Marketing Agency, Olivier is an expert of digital Marketing in China. (more…)
  • Founder of Ecommerce Agency,
  • Philip is a specialist of online Marketing
  • Strong analysis Skills usefull fo ecommerce
  • SEM expert for Ecommerce
  • Buzz marketing specialist
  • Project strategist
  • 3 years of expertise in the e-commerce business
  • Community manager and content writer
  • Expert in the e-commerce industry (more…)
  • Account manager
  • Digital Planning
  • Photographer and making Video for our client.
  • E-commerce specialist and
  • Account manager
  • Content writer
  • Expert of digital marketing in China.
Hui hui
  • E-commerce specialist and content writer (more…)
  • Account Excecutive
  • Market Analyst in e-commerce sector
  • Digital Account Excecutive