PPC, or pay-per-click and native ads advertising are one of the most effective ways to reach new customers on the internet. Baidu, China’s biggest search engine, offers a comprehensive and powerful PPC platform that can help you get your business in front of millions of potential customers. In this post, we’ll provide a basic guide to setting up and running successful Baidu PPC campaigns. By following our tips, you can start seeing good results quickly!

Get Started with Baidu PPC

  • Steps 1: Register a Baidu Ads Account
  • Steps 2: Pay Deposit
  • Steps 3: Download Baidu’s Editor Tool
  • Step 3: Keyword Reseach
  • Step 5: Design and launcg ads
  • Step 6: Monitor & Tackle Click Fraud

Baidu PPC

Baidu PPC means Baidu’s pay-per-click, an advertising system in which advertisers bid on a list of keywords in order to display their clickable ads in Baidu’s search results. Advertisers need to pay for the clicks, which is how Baidu makes money from searches.

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Baidu PPC could be the equivalent of Google in fact, on many things the American search engine has been taken as an example. Anyway, it is necessary to remember that in China, the internet is regulated by the government and it is very controlled. So if you sign up with Google Adwords through Gmail and a credit card, with Baidu PPC a somewhat more complicated procedure is required, especially if it is of a foreign company where more documentation will be requested.

Baidu seo education

Only legally registered companies, domestic or foreign, can advertise with Baidu. Despite Baidu operating more or less like Google in the Chinese language, it is better to rely on someone who is professionally practical on this platform and knows the language, in order to make the most of this advertising investment. In the Baidu interface, there are two sections, the search ads, and the display ads.

The advertising budget to be used for both Baidu advertising methods is unique and can be split between the two. Therefore it will be necessary first to understand which type of method is more fruitful for your business and then decide the proportions in which to invest the company’s budget.

Baidu PPC: Baidu Tuigang (百度推广)

Similar to Google Adwords and Adsense, Baidu Tuiguang allows you to display ads on its search engine and related website. Similar to Google AdWords, different formats are available to marketers.

  • 2 Lines of Ad Copywriting
  • Appear on Top 5 search results on Baidu
  • Paid ads / natural search results harder to distinguish than on google although ads resultat have a “ad” tag
  • Ad keyword bidding prices can fluctuate so the campaign needs to be closely monitored

Baidu Tuiguang Ads Formats:

  • Pay for Placement: keyword based ads displayed in Baidu’s SERP.
    • Baidu display ads: we can talk about re-marketing or re-targeting, ie the ads are displayed as banners on the various sites that are part of the Baidu network, and appear on the user’s page based on their latest searches or the most searched sites.
    • Search Ads: This type of advertising, which includes images and various links, is also the best way to increase the CTR(Click-through rate)  due to the fact that Baidu allows you to test various keywords to find the most suitable to the text of advertising Baidu PPC advertising has also optimized its own page for mobile devices, as it is where, through it and its own app, Baidu receives more feedback and has more influx from users. The advertising that is found in mobile devices and in its own app contains more images and shorter text, moreover the potential customer, through a simple click on the URL, can directly call the advertised company.
  • Baidu TV: Ads displayed in Videos on Baidu Union members’ websites.
  • Information Feed: Ads that are mixed with organic content on baidu content side-site such as Zhidao.

Baidu Brand Zone Ads

Baidu Brand Zone is a space where you can find everything related to one specific brand. This includes links, news, and information about the company or brands including promotional offers!

Brand Zones are displayed when users are typing in branded keywords.

Chanel – Baidu Brand Zone

This type of ad normally ranks to the top position on SERP and pushes down all competing ads and organic results. It is especially visible on Baidu’s mobile version where the brand ad takes the whole screen.

These types of ads are particularly efficient to drive traffic to one or several landing pages of your choice. A brand can customize its Brand Zone ad in terms of design but also link they want to highlight: Tmall store, Baike page, social media, website, contact form, and so on.

Although this type of Baidu ad is on the priciest side (Min $1500/Month), we recommend it to brands that have the resources and do business in a competitive industry.

Main Difference between Google Ads & Baidu Ads

  1. Difference between Ads and organic result is not as clear on Baidu
  2. You can use more caractere in your ad copywritting on Baidu
  3. Special Offers work very well with Baidu Ads
  4. Ads typically appears above organic results on Baidu
  5. Baidu has “visit card” ads for branded campaigns
  6. You’ll have to use Chinese – Baidu is not good with english and the CTR will be low with english
  7. Negative word list on Baidu allows 100 words.

Is Baidu Paid Advertising right for your company?

Baidu paid to advertise is a great way to get your company’s name in front of Chinese consumers, but it’s important to make sure you target your ads correctly so you reach the right audience. Baidu has a different search engine algorithm than Google, so make sure you research how best to use Baidu paid advertising for your specific company and products.

Moreover, Baidu PPC, tho a great tool for initial traffic is not cost-efficient and won’t last in time. Couple that with the fact that if Baidu Paid advertising is your only source of traffic and online presence, consumers won’t trust you, and you quickly start to understand that it’s not enough.

Do we encourage you to use Baidu paid ads to boost get initial traffic and boost your organic traffic? Surely.

Do we encourage you to have Baidu PPC branded campaign, certainly

However, what we do not recommend is to focus your whole marketing budget on it. Not only, without a proper presence on the Chinese internet, you won’t be taken seriously but also you’ll be bled dry by Baidu.

As to answer the question is Baidu PPC good for you, well there is no simple answer as it depends. On your industry, goals, and budget. Clearly, if you have a limited budget focus on Baidu SEO and PR instead. The results are long-lasting and will have a positive impact on your online reputation.

Getting ready to start with Baidu PPC, but you are lost?

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Baidu paid to advertise is a great way to get your company’s name in front of Chinese consumers, but it’s important to make sure you target your ads correctly so you reach the right audience. Baidu has a different search engine algorithm than Google, so make sure you research how best to use Baidu paid advertising for your specific company and products.

We are a Baidu Agency. Do you want to be ranking in the top Baidu position? You Do not know how to advertise and attract Chinese customers? contact us.

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