With more than 170 million users Bilibili is at the moment the nearest app China has to Youtube. Nowadays, Bilibili has been steadily making its way into the mainstream as users age up and content diversifies. It is said that every day Chinese people spend at least 87 minutes on Bilibili, which is likely linked to the extended stay-at-home order imposed on students during the pandemic. Bilibili relies on a wide array of user-generated content in the same style as Youtube. The number of monthly creators is growing more and more.

The categories of videos on Bilibili range from animation, comics, and games to music, science, movie, daily life, and even advertisement films. Furthermore, it also creates original documentaries and anime shows and provides live-streaming services.

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What’s special about Bilibili?

As well all know, Youtube is the world’s largest video website in the world and it is considered a platform that encourages the making of original content. Bilibili is very similar to Youtube and it also allows users to upload videos on the platform.

This app has more to offer. First of all, it has a subcultural focus and young users group. Secondly, it is considered to be a combination of Youtube and Netflix. Data shows that 82% of Bilibili’s users are born between 1995-2009. Reminding of another platform called Red Book which is also known for its young user group.

Bilibili as a marketing channel

You may be wondering how Bilibili could be useful for your business. Here you can find three ways for marketing your brand on Bilibili:


Many brands create their on account on Youtube. Many of those brands can create an account on Bilibili too to enter in the Chinese market. However, a study on users preference is certainly required before taking an action.


KOL has always been a hot topic regarding marketing in China. As marketing in China is getting more and more attention, cooperation with KOL in this sector would be a great choice for brands.


Only a real time interaction through videos and real comment would help to capture customer insights.

E-COMMERCE on Bilibili

In April 2019, Bilibili’s new e-commerce mini-programs appeared on the platform. One of the reasons that Bilibili has lagged behind its competitors in e-commerce its unique user groups.

The Chinese video platform has retained many loyal users and Chinese KOLs attached to its platform through its own influence.

The Chinese video platform has been collaborating with other important e-commerce players. For instance, Bilibili cooperated with Taobao to explore the approach “content + e-commerce”.

Alibaba allows video content creators to register KOC accounts on Taobao. The main focus is on products and services related to lifestyle, fashion.

Furthermore, Taobao provides Bilibili with e-commerce technical support to ensure a more efficient user experience, as well as users’ analyzing tools.

How can brands trust Bilibili ?

Nowadays, Bilibili has a “matchmaking” service for content creators and advertisers, to help them reach their target audience.

This platform is called “Sparkle” which was initially considered an internal tool of Bilibili. Now it is open to content creators, advertisers, and especially brands.

According to the Chinese video platform, Sparkle can provide services that can give smart pricing recommendations, a showcase sample work.

Regarding the advertisers, Sparkle offers influencer recommendations, data analytics, and project management tools to smoothen collaborations.

What is the future for Bilibili ?

The future of this app is bright!! Bilibili remains a promising platform for the future, especially regarding brands that desire notoriety.

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