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The process of attracting and capturing Chinese internet users and converting them into customers is different in the unique Chinese internet landscape. The Chinese want to know the authenticity of whatever they are marketed before giving their consent or interest. Brands in China willing to convert Chinese online shoppers should, first of all, understand the culture of the Chinese. They love the quality, authentic goods in a market flooded with fakes, they want to have good user experiences from websites, they are in love with quality pictures, and they cherish websites with great and inspiring content.

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The internet is full of many stories and news that affects brands in one way or the other. The Chinese are looking for brands that have a good image and visibility, they often turn to social media and forums to gauge the reputation of brands. A brand that wants to keep the Chinese as active consumers has to promote its image on the right online portals to engage Chinese interest. Social media platforms like Weibo can be used by press campaign marketers to utilize Chinese bloggers, key opinion leaders, banner displays and influencers. It is vital to use internet word-of-mouth to reach online consumers.


The most interactive social network the Chinese online community frequently use is WeChat. Brands can engage with Chinese consumers quicker through this social media platform than on any other. They can be connected for as long as any promotion can last on this network. With WeChat accounts to promote brands, services and products it is easier to convert consumers and retain them.


The Chinese are in love with adventure and will pay attention to interesting pictures that are enticing. Brands looking for Chinese leads should add quality pictures and fast loading, interesting videos to landing pages. Brands can use quality videos to convert leads. There is a certain aesthetic that is popular with the Chinese, they like inspirational images and cartoon styled graphics always remain popular.


The Chinese online community value search engines especially Baidu which presides over 70% of the market. The quickest way to attract Chinese internet consumers is to be available and highly visible on these search engines. Once a brand makes an appearance on Baidu in particular, interest will be peaked leading to product enquiries and conversion opportunities. Apart from appearing on search engines, the ranking should be high for paid advertisements so that products can be seen as the consumers scroll down the page. The Chinese pay more attention to products that have high ranking on the search engines because that is where genuine quality and popularity is reflected.


Chinese online browsers are meticulous about what they read and want to have the best content when searching the internet. Brands with professionally written, good content will easily convert the Chinese. Every page visited should be carefully written and arranged to engage your Chinese audience and provide them with a good user experience. Skillful bloggers, content writers and qualify language translators can be hired to present content that will satisfy the reading needs of your audience. Care should be carefully taken to avoid unnecessary errors in content, this increases the reading and visiting frequency of your Chinese audience, thus increasing your number of leads.


Our service can provide brands with:

  • Quality content that can attract Chinese leads.
  • Quality video products that can generate leads in China.
  • Place advertisements on Baidu pages to attract Chinese visitors to brand’s websites.
  • Improve image and visibility for websites in China.
  • Promote e-reputation to improve brand image.
  • Advertising brands on Chinese social media for consumer awareness and engagement.



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