The multivitamins and minerals market in China is undergoing a rapid transformation, driven by a confluence of socio-economic and health-related factors. As consumers become increasingly proactive about their health and well-being, this market segment is poised for substantial growth.

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Key trends shaping the multivitamins and minerals market in China:

  1. Increased Health Awareness and Preventive Approach: The ongoing global health discourse, amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, has heightened health consciousness among Chinese consumers.
  2. E-Commerce and Digital Engagement Surge: The digital revolution in China has transformed the landscape of the multivitamins and minerals market. E-commerce platforms like Tmall,, and health-specific platforms are becoming primary channels for purchasing health supplements. Furthermore, digital engagement through social media platforms and health-focused apps is influencing consumer choices. Brands are leveraging these platforms for targeted ads, consumer education, and building community around wellness lifestyles.
  3. Personalization and Customization: Chinese consumers are increasingly seeking personalized health solutions tailored to their specific needs, lifestyle, and health goals. This demand for customization is driving innovation in the multivitamins and minerals market, with brands offering personalized supplement packs, subscription services, and even AI-driven recommendations. This trend towards personalization is changing how brands approach product development and customer engagement.
  4. Clean Label and Transparency: Transparency and authenticity are becoming key purchase drivers in the multivitamins and minerals market. Consumers are more knowledgeable and cautious about what they consume, leading to a preference for clean label products that are free from artificial additives, allergens, and are non-GMO. Brands that prioritize transparent labeling, showcasing the origin and quality of ingredients, and clear communication of health benefits are gaining consumer trust and preference.
  5. Your Reputation in China is everything…


There’s a significant shift towards a preventive health approach, with multivitamins and minerals being perceived as essential tools for immunity boosting, disease prevention, and overall wellness.

This trend is fueling demand for comprehensive multivitamin formulas that promise a broad spectrum of health benefits.

As the multivitamins and minerals market in China continues to evolve, these trends highlight the importance of innovation, digital engagement, personalization, and transparency for brands looking to capture and sustain consumer interest. The market’s dynamic nature promises ample opportunities for brands that can effectively align their offerings and marketing strategies with these emerging consumer preferences.

Olivier, I have a health Supplement Brand and I want to sell in China?
Where should I start

Here we go 😉 : launching your health supplement brand in the bustling and competitive Chinese market is a strategic endeavor that demands a nuanced approach. Here’s how I would advise you to navigate this landscape, focusing on seven pivotal areas to maximize your brand’s potential:


I will advise starting with a deep dive into branding that resonates with the Chinese audience. Understand the cultural nuances and consumer behaviors that define the health supplement market in China. Tailor your brand’s messaging to emphasize quality, safety, and the unique benefits of your supplements. Highlighting your brand’s heritage and story can also create an emotional connection with potential customers.

branding in china
  1. Leverage Testimonials for Credibility: Implementing a robust testimonial strategy is crucial. Chinese consumers highly value real-life success stories and peer recommendations. Collect and showcase testimonials from satisfied customers, especially those within China, to build credibility and trust in your product’s effectiveness. These testimonials (again we insist) can be featured on your tmall page, social media, and douyin commerce product pages or on Zhihu, forums etc.
  2. Collaborate with KOLs: Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) can significantly amplify your brand’s visibility and acceptance. I will advise partnering with health-focused KOLs who resonate with your target demographic. Their endorsement can lend your brand authenticity and drive sales, especially if they share personal experiences and detailed reviews of your products.
  3. Implement a Strategic PR Campaign for Trust: Building trust is paramount in the Chinese market. Launch a public relations campaign that positions your brand as a leader in health and wellness. Focus on getting featured in reputable health magazines, online platforms, and wellness blogs. PR efforts that highlight your product’s research, quality certifications, and health benefits can enhance your brand’s reputation.
  4. Showcase on RED: Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) is a powerful platform for visual storytelling. I recommend creating high-quality, attractive images of your products in lifestyle settings. Share content that educates consumers on the health benefits, usage, and unique selling points of your supplements. Engaging with the community through comments and likes can further increase your brand’s presence.**

E-Commerce Crossborder : your only gate to China 🙂

By strategically addressing these seven areas, you can create a strong foundation for your health supplement brand in China, effectively connecting with consumers and navigating the complexities of the market. Guys, remember, success in China’s market requires patience ;-), flexibility, and a willingness to adapt your strategies based on consumer feedback and market trends.

  • Engage with Douyin for Viral Content: Douyin offers a dynamic environment for creative and engaging video content. Develop short, compelling videos that highlight the unique aspects of your supplements, how-to-use guides, and transformative health journeys. Viral challenges or collaborations with influencers can significantly boost brand awareness.
  • Embrace Cross-border E-commerce: Lastly, to enter the Chinese market, consider leveraging cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Tmall Global or JD Worldwide. These platforms can offer a streamlined path to reach Chinese consumers without the need for a local business entity. Ensure that your logistics, payment methods, and customer service are tailored to meet the expectations of Chinese consumers.

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