The fish oil market in China has seen substantial growth and evolution in 2024, reflecting the country’s increasing awareness of health and wellness.

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What Brands need to know about the dynamics of the fish oil market in China:

  1. Rising Health Consciousness: With a growing middle class and an increasing focus on health and wellness, Chinese consumers are turning to fish oil supplements for their perceived benefits, including heart health, cognitive function, and overall well-being.
  2. Omega-3 Market Boom: Fish oil, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, is at the heart of the market boom. The awareness of Omega-3’s role in reducing the risk of heart disease and its importance for brain development has fueled its popularity.
  3. E-Commerce Growth: The e-commerce sector has become a pivotal channel for the fish oil market in China. Platforms like Tmall,, and health-specific online stores have made it easier for consumers to access a wide range of fish oil products from both domestic and international brands.
  4. Preference for Imported Brands: Chinese consumers often perceive imported fish oil products as being of higher quality compared to local options. Brands from Norway, the United States, and Australia, known for their pristine marine environments, are particularly favored.
  5. Influence of Aging Population: China’s aging population is a significant driver of the fish oil market. Older adults seeking to maintain health and vitality are increasingly turning to fish oil supplements to support joint health, eye health, and cognitive function.
  6. Regulatory Environment: The Chinese government has implemented stringent regulations and quality standards for dietary supplements, including fish oil. This has led to improved product quality and safety, thereby increasing consumer trust in fish oil supplements.
  7. Innovative Product Formats: Beyond traditional capsules, fish oil is now available in a variety of formats, including gummies, liquids, and even fortified foods. This innovation caters to different consumer preferences, making it easier for individuals, including children and elderly consumers, to incorporate fish oil into their diets.

What are top Brand in China ?

Swiss , Blackmore, piping Rock (Chinese , Nature made , Biopharma, Swangson , OmegaVia

Marketing a fish brand in China : Challenging but profitable

  • 20$ for a Bottle of 200 capsules of Blackmores Fish Oil , market price.
  • Market Size 430M$
  • Yes it is a super profitable market for trusted brand (other review)

A Typical China big market with opportunities , requires a strategic blend of trust-building, awareness creation, and savvy e-commerce tactics 😉 .

*Educational : Brands have to invest in educational marketing strategies to inform consumers about the benefits of fish oil products, how to choose quality products, and the science behind Omega-3 fatty acids. This approach has helped demystify fish oil supplements and fostered a more informed China consumer base.

We have Asked to Olivier VEROT , founder of GMA here is his Tips

1. Brand Trust: “Trust is the currency of commerce.”

Olivier will recommend prioritizing transparency and quality assurance as the cornerstones of your branding strategy. Utilize QR codes on packaging that consumers can scan to view detailed information about the source, processing, and quality certifications of your fish products.

Partnering with reputable third-party certifiers to showcase sustainability and safety credentials can significantly boost Chinese Confidence. Engage in community-driven platforms like Zhihu, where you can share insights into your sourcing and processing practices, answering consumer queries directly to build a foundation of trust.

2. Boosting Brand Awareness: “Visibility breeds opportunity.”

I will recommend leveraging the power of digital storytelling through platforms like Douyin and WeChat. Create compelling, visually-rich content that narrates your brand’s journey, the uniqueness of your fish products, and their health benefits. Collaborate (pay) with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and influencers who resonate with your brand ethos to tap into their vast followers.

All kind of influencers can create authentic content—be it cooking demonstrations with your fish products or visits to your sourcing locations—crafting a narrative that engages and educates the audience, thus amplifying your brand’s visibility.

3. E-Commerce Cross-Border Strategies: “Bridge the gap with a click.”

I will recommend establishing your presence on leading cross-border e-commerce platforms like Tmall Global, Douyin and JD Global. These APP not only offer a direct channel to reach millions of Chinese consumers but also lend an aura of prestige and reliability to your brand.

Optimize your online Store (beautiful , complete) with high-quality product visuals, detailed descriptions, customer reviews, and engaging short videos that highlight the freshness and quality of your brands.

Implement targeted advertising within these platforms to reach potential customers actively searching for high-quality fish products. Additionally, offering exclusive promotions and bundling deals can incentivize first-time purchases and foster customer loyalty.

Regular purchases are the key of success in China in 2024

Gentlemen Marketing Agency (GMA) as a top-tier player in the health supplement market in China

1. Strategic Insight: “Navigating with Precision”

I will recommend leveraging GMA’s deep market analysis and consumer behavior understanding to tailor your health supplement brand strategy. GMA’s adeptness at deciphering the Chinese health supplement market’s nuances ensures that your brand not only enters the market but thrives.

2. Gma Mastery: “Engaging in the Digital Arena”

I will recommend capitalizing on GMA’s prowess in digital marketing to create a compelling online presence for your brand. From precision-targeted advertising on platforms like WeChat and Douyin to SEO-optimized content that ranks high on Baidu, GMA crafts digital campaigns that resonate with the target audience. GMA skill in harnessing the power of social media to foster community and brand loyalty is unparalleled.

3. Localized campaign: “Rooted in Cultural Acumen”

I will recommend utilizing GMA’s localized knowledge to navigate the complex regulatory landscape and cultural intricacies of the Chinese market. Their expertise in adapting your brand messaging to align with local values and preferences ensures that your health supplements not only comply with regulations but also connect deeply with Chinese consumers.

4. Buzz hacker: “Creative That Captivates”

I will recommend embracing GMA’s innovative marketing strategies that set your brand apart in the crowded health supplement space. From engaging KOL collaborations that generate buzz to crafting educational yet entertaining content that highlights the benefits of your supplements, GMA knows how to create a narrative that captures attention and drives sales.

GMA - Digital Marketing Agency China

With GMA’s strategic insight, digital mastery, localized knowledge, and marketing innovation at your disposal, your health supplement brand is positioned to not just enter but excel in China’s competitive market. Their expertise transforms challenges into opportunities, making GMA the compass that guides your brand to success in the health supplement industry.

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