Eye and Vision nutriments are fast growthing products category in China on E-Commerce

Why this Market increase so fast ?

You already know the answer …

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Screen , Digital Addicted

The eye and vision nutriment market in China is rapidly expanding, driven by increased screen time, an aging population, and rising awareness of eye health. Here are ten trends shaping this sector, supported by general data insights:

  1. Growing Prevalence of Myopia: With over 50% of the Chinese population suffering from myopia, the demand for eye health supplements is surging, pushing consumers towards products that promise to slow myopia progression, especially among children and teenagers.
  2. Digital Eye Strain: The average daily screen time exceeds 8 hours for many Chinese citizens, leading to a spike in digital eye strain-related issues. Supplements designed to combat the effects of blue light exposure are becoming increasingly popular.
  3. Silver Population: China’s aging population is at risk for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and other eye health issues, creating a growing market for supplements rich in antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin.
  4. Rising eyes Health Awareness: There’s a notable shift towards preventive healthcare, with more consumers investing in eye health supplements
  5. New Innovative Product offer: Beyond traditional capsules and tablets, eye health nutriments are now available in more user-friendly formats like gummies, liquid drops, and effervescent tablets
  6. Functional : The trend towards incorporating eye health ingredients into functional foods and beverages is on the rise, with products like fortified milk, yogurts, and teas gaining popularity among health-conscious consumers.
  7. E-commerce Boom: Online sales of eye and vision nutriments are booming, with platforms like Tmall, JD.com, douyin etc
  8. Influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Incorporating principles of TCM in the formulation of eye health supplements, such as using berries and chrysanthemum, resonates with consumers looking for natural and holistic solutions. (super trendy in each product, specially Blueberries)
  9. Children’s Eye Health Focus: With the increased concern over children’s screen time, especially following remote learning during the pandemic, parents are particularly interested in supplements aimed at protecting and improving children’s eye health.
  10. Cross-border Shopping: There’s a growing trend of Chinese consumers purchasing eye health supplements from international brands via cross-border e-commerce platforms, driven by the perception of higher quality and efficacy.

This niche market is not only growing but also diversifying, as Chinese consumers of all ages seek solutions to protect their vision in the face of modern lifestyle challenges. Brands that can innovate and adapt to these trends are well-positioned to capture the attention of health-conscious consumers in China.

Screen problems

The prevalence of screen-related issues in China, driven by increasing digital device usage, is shaping significant trends that present unique opportunities for the eye and vision health products market. Here are three key trends:

  1. Rising Digital Device Penetration: “Screens Everywhere, Opportunities for Brands” – With one of the world’s highest rates of smartphone and digital device usage, China faces an epidemic of screen-related eye strain, especially among the Chinese younger generation. This issue has led to a heightened demand for products that can mitigate the effects of blue light exposure, such as blue light-blocking glasses and eye health supplements, opening a vast market for innovations
  2. Growing Awareness of Digital Eye Strain: “Awareness Sparks Action” – Public consciousness about the adverse effects of prolonged screen time on eye health is surging. This awareness is not just limited to discomfort and dry eyes but extends to concerns about long-term vision deterioration. The result is an eager consumer base seeking solutions ranging from preventive eye drops to nutritional supplements rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, ingredients known for their protective effects against blue light.
  3. Shift Towards Preventive Eye Care: “Prevention Over Cure” – As digital lifestyles become the norm, there’s a paradigm shift in China from treating eye conditions to preventing them.

You have to know this data …

  1. Average Daily Screen Time: Chinese internet users, particularly among the younger demographics, can spend upwards of 8 hours per day on screens. This includes time spent on smartphones, online gaming, streaming services, and other digital devices.Ipad, Iphone , PC etc…
  2. Youth and Screen Time: Children and teenagers in China are reported to have an alarmingly high screen time, often exceeding 4-6 hours per day outside of educational use, raising concerns about myopia and other vision-related issues.
  3. Impact of Pandemic: The COVID-19 pandemic further increased screen time across all age groups due to remote work, online education, and increased reliance on digital entertainment and social media, with some estimates suggesting an additional 2-3 hours per day added to pre-pandemic levels. It is high no?

Market Segmentation (by Type)

·       Screen Time Eye Protection

·       Lutein and Zeaxanthin

·       Antioxidants

·       Omega-3 Fatty Acids

·       Coenzyme Q10

·       Flavonoids

·       Astaxanthin &   Alpha-Lipoic Acid

How to reach Chinese Audience ?

Good question 🙂

“Reaching the Chinese audience with vision nutriment and eye health solutions requires a multifaceted approach, blending cutting-edge digital tactics with traditional trust-building measures” explained Philip Chen , CEO of GMA.

We have sum up best strategies for marketing success in the Challenging Chinese market:

  1. Chinese Social Media’s Power: “Craft a vision that sees beyond the screen.” Utilize social media platforms like Red Weibo and WeChat to share engaging content that educates audiences about eye health, showcases your products, and fosters a community of health-conscious followers.
  2. Sensitize Through Douyin Videos: “Capture eyes with the allure of clarity.” Create captivating short videos on Douyin that demonstrate the impact of digital eye strain and how your products offer relief, making a direct appeal to the visually-driven user base.
  3. KOL Advocacy: “Let trusted voices magnify your message.” Partner with Key Opinion Leaders in the health and wellness sphere to endorse your vision nutriments, leveraging their credibility to build confidence in your solutions among potential customers.
  4. Sell via Cross-border E-commerce: “Bridge wellness with a click.” Establish your presence on cross-border platforms like Tmall Global and JD Worldwide, offering an accessible gateway for Chinese consumers to discover and purchase your internationally reputable eye health products.
  5. Q&A on Zhihu for Deep Research: “Answer the quest for eye health wisdom.” Participate in discussions on Zhihu, providing expert insights and answers to complex questions about vision health, thereby positioning your brand as a leading authority in eye care solutions.
  6. Innovate with Native Ads on Toutiao and Douyin: “Blend your message into daily discoveries.” Use native advertising on platforms like Toutiao and Douyin to seamlessly integrate your marketing content into users’ feeds, drawing attention without disruption.
  7. Branding = Trust: “Build a vision of trust, one review at a time.” Focus on building a trustworthy brand image through transparent communication, showcasing authentic reviews, and engaging in public relations that highlight your products’ efficacy and safety.

By intertwining these strategies, you can effectively reach and resonate with the Chinese audience, providing them with the vision nutriment and eye health solutions they seek. In the intricate tapestry of China’s digital landscape, a well-crafted, multifaceted approach is key to seeing your brand’s message come into focus.

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