WeChat Channels has emerged as a dynamic platform for ecommerce and marketing, leveraging its vast user base and integrated services to offer unique opportunities for brands and businesses. Here are ten reasons, each with a playful and original title, highlighting why WeChat Channels is an excellent choice for ecommerce and marketing endeavors.

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1. WeChat The Great Wall of Engagement

  • Why It Rocks: WeChat Channels offers unparalleled engagement rates, thanks to its seamless integration within the WeChat ecosystem. Users can discover, interact with, and purchase from brands without ever leaving the app.

2. WeChat & The Social Butterfly Effect

  • Why It Rocks: With the ability to share Channels content directly to WeChat Moments or in conversations, your marketing efforts can virally spread through social networks, amplifying your reach and impact.

3. The Digital Silk Road of WeChatPay

  • Why It Rocks: It opens up the vast Chinese market to international brands, acting as a digital bridge that connects you with millions of potential customers eager for quality products and engaging content.

4. The Alchemist’s Lab, Videos

  • Why It Rocks: WeChat Channels allows for creative and interactive content formats, transforming your marketing strategies into gold by engaging users in unique and memorable ways.

5. The Matchmaker Clients VS brands

  • Why It Rocks: Advanced targeting and personalization features ensure that your content and products find their way to the users most likely to fall in love with them, thanks to WeChat’s rich data on user behavior and preferences.

6. The Treasure Trove

  • Why It Rocks: WeChat’s integrated payment system, WeChat Pay, makes it incredibly easy for users to make purchases directly within the app, reducing friction and converting interest into sales at astonishing rates.

7. The Time Traveler

  • Why It Rocks: Real-time analytics and feedback allow you to understand the performance of your campaigns and adjust your strategies on the fly, ensuring that your marketing efforts are always ahead of the curve.

8. The Magic Mirror

  • Why It Rocks: WeChat Channels offers detailed insights into user engagement and behavior, reflecting what your audience truly desires and enabling you to tailor your content and offerings to meet their needs perfectly.

9. The Infinite Library

  • Why It Rocks: With the ability to post a wide range of content types—from videos and articles to live streams—WeChat Channels is like an infinite library, where there’s always something new and exciting to discover and engage with.

10. The Community Garden

  • Why It Rocks: It fosters a sense of community and loyalty between brands and users, with features that encourage interaction, feedback, and long-term engagement, turning casual browsers into devoted fans.

WeChat Channels combines the power of social media, ecommerce, and personalized marketing into one potent platform, making it an invaluable tool for brands looking to expand their reach and deepen their connection with consumers.

WeChat the everything in one APP

China : a different business environement 

Check this video and you will understand !

Cultural, organisational and strategic differencies, China has developped its own manners, far from occidental standards. In the mean time, communication channels, new technologies and social networks have changed the way of selling and buying.

Since three years, this revolution comes from WeChat, a social network which doesn’t stop booming. WeChat appears to be the most famous Chinese social network, even more famous than Weibo.

Lessons to learn, good habits to dominate and clichés to ignore, .. you are about to discover this amazing multi-task tool.

WeChat : a payment method

One of WeChat’s strengths is its multi-task hability. This allows the app to be very attractive towards various profiles of users.

WeChat is much more than a simple social network. One of its singularity and key point is being a payment method. You only need to connect your bank account to WeChat to be able to pay your electricity bills, your shopping or even your online purchases by scanning a simple QR code. It is even possible to transfer, very easily, money between users.

Nowadays, this payment method is spreading abroad. Japan has been introducing it lately, such as South Africa has. A revolution is on the move and its knocking of western coutries’ door ! Therefor, you must be ready to offer this payment method to chinese people in Europe.

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WeChat : an e-commerce platform

WeChat provides an integrated e-commerce platform since 2014 and Chinese users didn’t take long to adopt it. As usual in China, when something is adopted, it is adopted in a huge way. Just on Weidian, the biggest WeChat e-commerce platform, the amount of WeChat e-commerce has reached 29 millions within the first quarter.

Regarding WeChat’s way of doing e-commerce, it is not really oldschool or direct. Indeed, taking in consideration that Tencent has a partnership with JD.com to counter Tmall (every single link to Tmall is blocked by WeChat!), the strategy can be to redirect WeChat’s trafic to JD.com in order to realize the sale, or even on your own e-commerce website if it’s WeChat and mobile optimized.

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WeChat aka birth of social CRM

In China, email is not the standard.

Chat (and now WeChat) is more frequent when it comes to customer relationship. Adapting the message to a specific scale of users is very important and WeChat has understood it pretty well. For instance, many expats are not able to read Chinese even if they may understand it. Therefor, international brands can approach them through WeChat to increase their reading and commitment rates.

Many customers segmentations are available : gender, age, location (especially with strategies aiming at travelers), active/unactive people, new followers, KOL (key opinion leaders), clients – or not.

In order to remain attractive and give a real competitive benefit, social CRM is something to start from the beginning, especially knowing that WeChat is also used as a customer service (pre-sale or after-sale). It is also a way which will allow to improve relationship towards clients, from buying concept to commitment concept.

Brand ambassadors are then recognized and rewarded.

WeChat : the link between mainland chinese and abroad chinese

WeChat strategies are not only good for mainland China. It is also a privileged link between mainland chinese and chinese people who are travelling. In Paris, it is always surprising to see brands hiring chinese salesmen but using western social networks.

Adapting to WeChat is an insurance to keep in touch with your abroad customers, and benefit from a chinese touch, but also to have your first ambassadors.

If you are not yet settled in China, entertaining this base and keeping in touch will allow you to enable cross-border strategies and increase your installation when you will decide to get on the market.

We are a Wechat Agency 

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When it comes to navigating the bustling digital streets of WeChat, having an expert agency by your side can turn the complex into the captivating. Here are ten punchy lines that illuminate the dynamic roles a WeChat agency can play for brands aiming to dazzle and thrive within China’s giant social ecosystem.

1. “Unlocking the Forbidden City”

  • What We Do: Open the gates to an Official WeChat Store, making your brand a coveted destination for millions of eager shoppers.

2. “Casting the Net in the Dragon’s Den”

  • What we Do: Craft a bespoke WeChat Store that catches the eyes of consumers with the precision of a dragonfly, netting sales with ease.

3. “Summoning the Magic Genie”

  • What we Do: Develop WeChat Mini Apps that grant every user’s wish for a seamless and integrated shopping experience, all with a single rub of their smartphone screen.

4. “Painting the Town Red… and Green and Gold”

  • What we Do: Design WeChat Ads that color users’ feeds with the vibrant hues of your brand, drawing their attention and their wallets. 🙂

5. “Conducting the Social Symphony”

  • Orchestrate collaborations with WeChat KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) who can play your brand’s tune to an audience of millions, in perfect harmony.

6. “Rolling Out the Red Carpet”

  • What we Do: Produce WeChat Videos that spotlight your brand, giving it the A-list treatment and captivating viewers as if they were at a premiere.

7. “Scribing the Scrolls of Engagement”

  • What we can Do: Craft WeChat Posts that are not just read but felt, turning every word into a bridge between your brand and your audience’s hearts.

8. “Gathering the Tribe”

  •  Manage and nurture your online Chinese community, transforming casual followers into a loyal tribe that champions your brand.

9. “Weaving the Silk Road of Content”

  • What They Do: Create a tapestry of engaging content that leads consumers on a journey to your brand, weaving through every corner of WeChat.

10. “The Alchemists of Analytics”

  • What They Do: Transform data into gold, using insights to refine strategies and ensure your brand’s presence on WeChat is not just seen but celebrated.

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