From 5thto 10th November 2020 it was held in Shanghai the third edition of CIIE, The China International Import Export.

What is CIIE and why is it so important?

It is the first exhibition in China that is dedicated only to importations of products and services that boosts the presence of foreigner exhibitors.

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The initiative, promoted by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Municipality of Shanghai, aims to provide new business opportunities to countries and regions around the world, strengthen cooperation and promote the development of the global economy.

In this particular historical moment, it is also an important signal from the Chinese authorities as an attempt to exit the serious health emergency aimed at resuming activities and consumption in China. In spite of the global uncertainties with the COVID-19 crisis and increasing geopolitical tensions, having hold this exhibition is a very positive sign of China’s commitment to globalization

The CIIE of 2019 was attended by 181 countries. There were over 380,000 exhibitors, and more than 500,000 buyers on an exhibition area of ​​360,000 square meters.

Which products and services are involved in the exhibition?

The exhibition is organized in different sectorial stands, divided for products and services.

The involved sectors are the following.


  • Quality life (luxury products inclusi fashion arredo, gioielleria)
  • Sci-tech Life
  • Automobile
  • High End Intelligent Equipment
  • Food & agricultural products
  • Medical equipment, helthcare products


  • Tourism
  • Financial services
  • Culture & Education
  • Logistics

CIIE 2020

The third China International Import Expo ended with a total of US$72.62 billion intended deals signed, an increase of 2.1 percent compared with the second expo of 2019.

Over 400 new products, technologies or services made their debut at the expo. Nearly 80 percent of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises and leading companies had participated in previous expos.

Many foreign companies, including Hyundai Motor Group, Shiseido, Michelin, Dole, and Xylem Analytics, have already signed up to take part in the next three sessions of the expo.

International companies really appreciated the improvement of Chinese business environment; like that the national ‘negative list’ of access for foreign investment was reduced. The negative list is the list of sectors that weren’t allowed to invest in China. The number of pilot free trade zones increased from 18 to 21, high-standard free trade agreements were negotiated and signed, and intellectual property rights were protected.

The food and agricultural products exhibition area this year had the largest number of exhibitors, with 1,264 companies from 93 countries.

A big focus on public health

In the medical equipment and health-care zone, many new products and technologies were launched for the first time globally or nationally, and the top 10 pharmaceutical firms and top 14 medical equipment enterprises in the world were all represented.

There was also a special zone for pandemic prevention that displayed international products, technologies, and services such as negative pressure ambulances, nucleic acid testing kits, ECMO devices and CT scanners.

Join these exhibitions as a first step to enter the Chinese market

Participating in these kinds of exhibition is important for companies that want to enter in the Chinese market because it is a big window on the biggest market in the world. In this way your products or services obtain visibility and you may also be able to find distributors willing to cooperate with you.

In China visibility is the first step in the path of building a good reputation. Chinese consumers do not easily trust new brands, but in exhibition like this they can see your products and judge if you deserve their trust or not. You can have the occasion to speak with distributors and write letters of intent with them.

It is also a good occasion to increase the number of followers in your Chinese social media accounts. Putting a WeChat Qr code on your stand will allow you to get in touch with potential clients.

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