WeChat is THE platform used by Chinese customers to follow and interact with their favourite brands. In fact Wechat as its own independent websites which can be accessed only through an integrated Wechat browser.

Wechat stores are an option for all those brands that want to sell from outside Mainland China. Many European or US companies use Tmall because unlike Wechat, a chat app, it’s a real e-commerce platform. On Tmall, you can get traffic to your product listings on day one, while transactions on Wechat take place through third parties. But the point in favor of Wechat is its easier and less expensive procedure.

Wechat has essentially two platforms where sales take place.

Weidian is a third party CMS and is a way to create an e-commerce embedded within WeChat. It’s free which makes it close to the idea of Wechat. Within this platform, individuals traders or small companies sell everything. Weidian’s competitor is Youzan, another third party Wechat e-commerce platform. It’s very used among many big companies who want to relate with Chinese buyers. A substantial difference between these two platforms is that Youzan has an annual cost starting at  4800 RMB.

On both platforms, it is necessary for foreign companies to have a business license and a bank account from China in order to start selling across borders.

Another option comes from last Stripe decision that involves a third party online store. In fact, from 2017 it’s not necessary to settle a company in China because Alipay can be integrated with any Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce store. Soon it will also be possible to receive payments with Wechat pay which is in beta on Stripe but it already has many members for payments worldwide.

How to set up a Wechat store?

Simply setting up an online store on WeChat is far from enough. What you need is a marketing strategy to develop traffic. Our marketing agency, specialized in the digital field in China, can create a plan tailored to you and your brand. With our cooperation, you will have

We will take care of advertising your brand to the fullest by selecting the most suitable content. We will keep your online reputation high by answering consumers’ questions and comments.


We will make sure to find the most suitable influencers and the most important KOLs in China, in order to show your products to the millions of followers


 We specialize in online advertising, and through the promotion of your brand on Wechat you will be able to reach new and old customers


We will evaluate together the efficiency of your investments and decide which solutions work best for you and your brand.

Located in the heart of Shanghai, Gentleman Agency is made of experts that, through digital marketing, will help you to develop your business. For more information visit our site or contact us

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