The Chinese New Year is a sacred festival on an Asian scale and even more so for Chinese people who do not work for a week. It is an opportunity for them to chase away the evil spirits of the past year and to find the family around tasty dishes and also to create a warm atmosphere away from the stress of daily work.

But during the Chinese New Year … logistics are not that good…

The Chinese New Year also called Lunar New Year, begins from February 15 to 18 of the same month,
Most people travel from one city to another to find their parents because it is a holiday that takes place at the home of the elders of the family, it even happens that people fly from one continent to another to not miss this historic moment where the whole family is reunited.

It is a period of festivities  but a period that remains hollow for the activity of the countries concerned and more particularly China, with a hyper-developed logistics network; the slightest change of activity has an effect on business, I mean when Chinese go out on vacation everything is idling, and being an owner of e-commerce site you will feel that by making the calculations towards the end of the month …

Dropshipping is the most affected activity

Dropshipping is an activity that is precise to support the delivery, so these are intermediary people between a site-e-Commerce and the customer. So to do the drop shipping must necessarily have an e-commerce site to present the products purchased in advance from a Chinese supplier such as Alibaba or Aliexpress.

It is important to know that during this time of year order processing may be slowing down. You must plan this period so you do not end up with too long delivery times. Indeed, if your products are ordered directly in China, there will be few people active during this period. This will affect delivery times because order processing will take longer.

What strategy to adopt during the Chinese New Year?

You need to be opportunistic and take advantage of this period to push your business forward and ensure you timely delivery.

Actually, there are different possibilities: You can grant holidays during this period and delegate the work to a third person. But, I know you’re hard at work and want to succeed! Here are a smart tips that will grow your business during this Chinese New Year.

Work on your SEO and a site improvement

During this period, work on storytelling, writing your emails improving the website but especially focus on SEO. Imagine other strategies by looking for new suppliers or new products. Do not concentrate just on advertising and turnover, yes it is important, but by working on your SEO and on the site you will overtake competitors and thus grow your business and maybe even find the key that will allow you to live easily from your dropshipping business. Know that by giving you a moment of rest you are more creative and have other niche ideas.

Attack the competition and make stocks

During this time, you can afford to cut ads to stop selling. If you have a good SEO, it’s a safe bet that you still have some orders. Thus, you can build stocks before the start of this Chinese New Year. All you have to do is analyze your sales and make good forecasts to find out which products you sell the most and how many units you need.

Benchmark your company!

Another interesting strategy to investigate the sites of your competitors, look for the products they sell the most on their platform. And so target their customers while promising fast delivery since you have stocks of products that interest them.
As you can see, the Chinese New Year is an opportunity to focus in more detail on improving your website and sales channels or to achieve more sales by building stocks and still meeting demand.


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