This article analyzes the performance of during the first phase of China’s “Double 11” (Singles’ Day) sales event in 2023. The analysis covers various product categories, brand performances, and consumer trends.

Prices… prices… and Prices adopted a strategy of immediate sales plus pre-sales for the Double 11 promotion, which began on the evening of October 23. Notably, simplified its promotional rules this year, moving away from complex pre-sale deposit and final payment discounts to straightforward price reductions.

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The digital products and large home appliances categories were particularly strong on, with brands like iPhone, Xiaomi, and Huawei seeing their sales exceed 100 million yuan within seconds. Over 100 home appliance and furnishing brands saw a tenfold increase in sales within 10 minutes compared to the previous year.

International brands also saw significant growth on For instance, Aptamil led the baby milk powder category with an 18-fold year-over-year increase, while beauty products, led by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, grew elevenfold. Other notable brands like SK-II, Olay, Cetaphil, and La Roche-Posay also experienced substantial growth.

Data analysis by Likin United and Jiuchan Central Platform highlighted 13 growing sub-categories on up to November 4

The analysis includes top brands and products in these categories.

In the 13 key categories on, international brands dominated sales, with only a few Chinese brands like Haier, Midea, Wuliangye, and Three Squirrels making the list.

In digital products, Apple had the highest market share and topped the sales list. Apple’s success on was partly due to discounts at its official store, especially for the iPhone 15 series.

Categories like grain and oil, fast food, and household cleaning also saw significant growth. For example, Jinlongyu led the edible oil category with a 46-fold increase in sales, and Vinda led the paper towel category with sales growing more than 20 times.

In the home appliance category, Chinese brands like Haier and Midea dominated, with Gree’s air conditioners leading in sales.

In the small home appliance category, Midea topped the brand list, while Dyson vacuum cleaners were the top-selling products. Water purifiers and air purifiers were also popular, indicating a growing market for these products amid increasing environmental concerns.

Overall, the analysis shows a dynamic and competitive market landscape during the Double 11 sales event on, with both international and domestic brands vying for consumer attention in various categories.

Double 11 sale in 2023, with a focus on infant and toddler products, skincare, personal care devices, personal care cleaning, and makeup and perfume. The analysis also touches upon household cleaning brands and products.

In the infant and toddler category, Aptamil leads with an 8.37% market share. In the top 10 pre-sale products for this category, Aptamil holds two spots, including the top-selling single product. Friso follows with a 5.62% market share, and Feihe, a domestic brand, also holds a 5.62% market share, indicating the need for domestic brands to increase their efforts in this market. Most top-selling products in this category are baby formula, contributing significantly to sales due to high demand and price.

JD skincare

In skincare, there’s no dominant brand, with Lancôme, Pechoin, and Estée Lauder leading, each holding a market share of 3-7%. The presence of only two domestic brands, Pechoin and Winona, suggests growing consumer trust in domestic skincare brands. Brands not in the top 10 list but with top-selling products include The History of Whoo and Cetaphil, indicating the potential for brands with strong individual products to succeed.

For personal care devices, Philips leads with a 14.56% market share, followed by Dyson. Four domestic brands also appear in the top 10, showing potential for growth in this category. Half of the top 10 products are daily personal care devices like hairdryers and shavers, while the other half are beauty devices.

In personal care cleaning, top brands like Schwarzkopf, Head & Shoulders, and Kérastase have similar market shares of around 4%, with no dominant brand. The top three products are hair care products, suggesting a high market demand for these items.

For makeup and perfume, Yves Saint Laurent tops the list, followed closely by Dior and SK-II. Only one domestic brand, Carslan, appears in the top 10, indicating room for growth for domestic makeup brands on The top 10 products are mostly face makeup, with Givenchy’s Four-Grid Loose Powder being the best-selling product.

In household cleaning, Vinda leads with a 12.52% market share, followed by C&S and Hearttex, all domestic brands. The top products are mostly economical bulk items, with the top three being paper towels.

The analysis, focusing on 13 representative secondary categories on, provides insights into brand performance and consumer trends during the sale, but it also notes that these findings are partly influenced by brand strategies during the promotion and offer only a partial view of the overall success of’s Double 11 event.

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