The article reviews the successful completion of the 20+ day Douyin Mall Double 11 Festival.

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This event marked a breakthrough in sales for the mall, with brands achieving record-high performances.

Douyin E-commerce

Douyin E-commerce emphasized a “no bundling” strategy in discount plays, offering unbeatable prices through official discounts and mall gold cards.

Brands leveraged key products and carnival-style events to attract users, achieving high-frequency engagement and efficient conversions. Special promotions like Super Value Buy and Super Category Day further boosted diverse selling points.

16 industries, including apparel, shoes and bags, cosmetics, skincare, personal care, large appliances, small appliances, food and beverages, fresh produce, health supplements, maternity and baby products, pet food and supplies, sports and outdoor, digital products, jewelry, and home goods.

Key Insights:

  • Douyin Mall’s GMV grew by 119% year-on-year.
  • Total live streaming hours reached 58.27 million, and short videos with shopping carts were played 169.7 billion times.
  • The number of active merchants grew by 91%, and consumer numbers in the Douyin Mall scenario increased by 111%.
  • Multiple categories saw double growth, with significant leads in agricultural supplies, green plants, and digital home appliances.

Brand Concentration:

  • Top brands in large appliances and digital products dominated sales, while new brands struggled.
  • Apparel and food and beverage industries had the lowest brand concentration, with CR20 around 10%.
  • Pet food and supplies showed an upward trend for new brands, with a significant drop in CR10 and CR20 percentages.

Performance Highlights:

  • Top 50 head brands maintained strong growth, reaching sales in the billions.
  • New brands like ‘Ji Meng,’ ‘Xueersi,’ and ‘Lin’s Furniture’ saw high growth compared to last year.

Category-Specific Insights:

  • Apparel and Underwear: Brands like ‘Yaya,’ ‘Snow Flying,’ and ‘Bosideng’ topped the list. New brand ‘CO CO ZONE’ showed rapid growth.
  • Cosmetics: Domestic brands dominated, with ‘TIMAGE/Color Pond’ growing 196% from last year.
  • Skincare: ‘PROYA/Pechoin’ and ‘KANS’ saw significant growth with their big-ticket items.
  • Personal and Home Care: ‘Blue Moon,’ ‘Hearttex,’ and ‘Libai’ led, with ‘Blue Moon’s’ stain removal kit selling over 2.65 million units.
  • Large Appliances: ‘Haier,’ ‘Midea,’ and ‘Little Swan’ saw triple-digit growth, with Haier’s refrigerator topping sales.
  • Food and Beverages: Brands like ‘Bai Xiang,’ ‘Three Squirrels,’ and ‘Feng Wei Pai’ led, with ‘Li Mo Tea’ as a rising star.
  • Fresh Produce: ‘Dongfang Selection,’ ‘Tianhaizang,’ and ‘Tahiti’ dominated sales.
  • Maternity and Baby Products: ‘Disney,’ ‘Balabala,’ and ‘Chenchen Mom’ topped the list, with strong performance from domestic brands.
  • Pet Food and Supplies: ‘Maifudi’ led, followed by ‘Meowfansi’ and ‘NetEase Yanxuan.’
  • Sports and Outdoor: ‘Fila,’ ‘Adidas,’ and ‘Camel’ were top brands, with ‘Camel’ seeing a 359% growth in its ‘3-in-1 jacket.’

Overall, the Douyin Mall Double 11 festival highlighted the growing importance of e-commerce in various consumer sectors, showcasing the dynamism and potential of China’s digital marketplace.

Douyin Crossborder : how it works?

Douyin’s e-commerce platform for global brands, including the “Douyin Flagship” certification and “Global Shopping Selected” labels.

Douyin Flagship is a new initiative by Douyin e-commerce designed to promote major brands in the minds of consumers. Brands that meet the required standards are offered exclusive identity logos, increased traffic exposure opportunities, and the customization of various marketing activities and training courses. Flagship brand stores also benefit from a range of services and guarantees, such as 7-day no-reason refunds, guarantees of genuine products, customs warehouse traceability codes, and special logos to assure consumers that they are purchasing high-quality foreign products.

Global Shopping Selected is a label for flagship stores that provide premium, authentic imported products. This initiative aims to enhance customer trust and give global brands additional exposure for their products.

Growing Your Brand with the FACT+S Formula Traditionally, brand content and endorsements were separate from e-commerce. However, with Douyin e-commerce, brands can now build an efficient flywheel that alternates between content creation and product sales, all within the same application.

This starts with content to gather and drive interest, designed around the FACT formula, which consists of “Field” specialization, “Alliance” with content creators, thematic “Campaigns,” and “Top KOLs”. The other section of the flywheel includes “Search,” “Shopping Center,” and “Shop,” adding e-commerce touchpoints.

In summary, these new features and strategies by Douyin e-commerce represent a significant step in integrating e-commerce and digital content, offering global brands a more cohesive and effective platform for promotion and sales.

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