China is one of the major economies that are known for high medicine resources with near around 6,500 Chinese herbs established. Besides, in this region, more than 600 herbs are situated to produce the raw materials for Chinese medicine.

Overview of the Chinese Medicinal Herbs market

Experts of China’s medical industry have noted that, over the past few years, there has been a rise in the demand for the more inexpensive traditional Chinese medicines, due to the increase in sales of the local drug manufacturing industry.

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The amount of ill effects caused by the consumption of allopathic medicines is increasing rapidly, which is a great concern among the general population, particularly for elderly people. As a direct consequence, the use of herbal medicinal preparations has increased (from several industries such as pharmaceuticals, supplements, and others). There is a new trend of widespread adoption of China herbal products in aquaculture.

Medicinal Herbs on the Chinese Internet – Website/ Forum/ Baidu search

As the use of chemical medicines in aquaculture has raised health concerns for human consumers, which are indirectly consuming those medicines through fishes (and other proteins), the industry is trying to turn to “greener” alternatives. This is where “herbal medicine” comes in. These Chinese herbal medicines are termed ‘green medicine’, and supposedly improves growth in aquaculture, improvement in disease resistance, and enhancement in quality of fish meat.

Also, an increase in terms of preference for naturally prepared medicines is likely to uplift the market of herbal medicinal products owing to non-toxic and fewer side effects. The global traditional Chinese medicine market is basically divided into :

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Tai Chi

The chinese medicine market uually prefers using herbal medicinal products through :

  • Healthcare
  • Treatment

Key players of China’s Herbal Medicine Segment 

Major players operating in the global herbal medicinal products market include :

COVID-19 acted as a major boost for the market

Even in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Traditional Chinese Medicine has played an integral part in China’s fight against the virus. However, the perception of its legitimacy is also being answered along the way, which will likely sustain its long-term growth.

For example, during the Covid-19 era, the numbers of Chinese using traditional medicine shot up by nearly 49%. Many individuals preferred to undertake Chinese medicine with institutions specializing in its services. The rising purchasing power of Chinese households remains a key driver in the growth of the market.

Promote & Sell your Herbal Medicine Products in China

E-reputation and online presence

Reputation and reviews are important in China, as a matter of fact, it’s actually the major criteria for Chinese customers when doing online shopping (especially when we are talking health!!).

  • Baidu SEO: Ensure visibility. 70% of researches in China is initiated on Baidu. Making sure your website ranks high is a good way to gain visibility and credibility.
  • Undercover SEO: Chinese consumers are sensitive to others consumers’ opinions. They search forums and q&a for genuine reviews of products and brands that caught their attention. Use this information to create content that will look like genuine reviews, rank on Baidu, and sparks discussion about your brand.
  • Press release: The best marketing is having already trusted 3rd party recommending your products.
  • Social Media & Kols: Great way to increase your brand awareness and engage more with your target audience.

The 4 points above are the basis for success in China. Once you’ll have grown your online presence using locals websites and apps, you’ll be able to start selling on Chinese eCommerce platforms and even seek out Chinese distributors.

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