What kind of products Chinese people purchase online?

Here we will list the TOP 15 of products Chinese most purchased online. You will see that most of these products are really representative to the new way of Chinese consumption. The booming of this middle class is also one of the reasons why some products are really successful among Chinese people.

Top purchased online products

Source: KPMG


Online cosmetic commerce is booming and above all among women Chinese consumers. First, there is a trend explaining this growth, Chinese women care a lot about their skin, face and makeup. It is beauty symbol in China: the face.

Second, the success of cross-border e-commerce for cosmetics. Chinese people are a huge fan of South Korean brands such as Etude House, Olay, and Missha…etc.

Clarins, for example, has focused its strategy mainly on a service and convenient e-commerce platform inviting Chinese consumers to enter in a real consumer experience.



40% of Chinese consumer expenditure is dedicated to the bags.  The bag is becoming a luxury accessory and above all among women Chinese consumer.

Apparel Women

Clothes are representing a big place on the e-commerce market. The main reason which is explaining this boom is mainly due to price. Taobao is one of the referent website for clothes, most of the Chinese people are using Taobao. Most of the time the main target is young people who are looking for cheap prices with a wide range of choice.


Shoes Women

Same as for apparel women, shoes women is a giant market and most of the young Chinese women purchased items on Taobao or even JingDong if they are looking more for brands shoes.


As for accessories, there is usually a big demand for this sector and especially concerning the mobile and electronics accessories market which is booming. Cheaper price and larger choice, Chinese consumers find all they need on an e-commerce platform.

Home Deco

Years ago, Chinese people don’t really care about home decoration and furniture but this trend is turning to change, they are looking for trendy, comfy and modern furniture. Thanks to o2o, people can actually see and select the product online and after that go directly to the showroom to see the products in real and experience it in real.

Take the example of Ethnicraft, which has opened its showroom in shanghai to let the customers enjoying the experience in real.



Chinese people usually don’t purchase perfume but they are more opened to western culture than before. The main target is usually women aged over 35 years and even men are more influenced to buy more fragrances than before. Here an interesting article about the market perfumes booming in china.


Lingerie is not any more seen as the necessity but it is becoming a real fashion accessory to express the sexy and glamorous aspect of a woman. Luxury fashion brands are interesting to this new sector and using the image of glamorous to be linked to the image of luxury.

Another trend is also concerning sports underwear becoming a trend, you don’t wear it just to go to a gym but also to be fashionable.

Apparel Men  

Online reputation

Fashion is not only concerning women anymore but also men. Chinese men are paying more attention to their style, this is explained by the rising of income and middle class in China and opening the mind to western culture. Most of the men are purchasing also on Taobao e-commerce website and on other websites…

Shoes Men  

As the same for apparel men, Chinese men are purchasing more footwear online. Sneakers trend is really in vogue above all among young Chinese people.


Chinese are huge consumers of luggage, this can be explained by the new booming trend of tourism in China these years and especially outbound tourism. Chinese people are looking for practical luggage and in a trendy style.


After the success of the show, “Dad where are you going?”, “The Voice of China kids”, we can say that kids apparel become a real trend in China. Parents pay more and more attention to what their children are wearing and how they are actually dressed up. Luxury brands are interesting to this kind of new burgeoning market: Fendi, Burberry, Christian Dior.

where are we going dad

Have you ever heard about Cool Kids Fashion Shanghai show at New Shanghai expo Centre in China? This event is clearly painting the new trend of fashion kids nowadays.


Besides India and Us, China is one of the largest consumers of gold and jewelry. May you all have seen a bunch of jewelry stores in China? And especially perceived this sudden rush demand for gold jewelry. For Chinese, wearing jewelry and gold is related to festivals and weddings and it is a way to showing Chinese’s wealth.

Take the example of Chow Tai Fook, a famous Jewelry group in Hong Kong and China. The group decided to launch its activity on the e-commerce platform as a way to prepare the new future way of consumption. However, the jewelry sector has to get the support of physical stores. Here an interesting article about jewelry demand for gold in China: Trends in jewelry demand for gold.

chow tai fok


We will finish our top 15 with 2 main products that are mainly luxury products: eye wear and watches.

Here there is an interesting article about Chinese review sites in luxury sectors.

Both are two top luxury products. One is perceived differently from the other because one is more targeting men who usually like wearing big watch, as a way to show off their career success. Eyewear is concerning more women as a way to show their social status too.

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