How to contact distributors in China, how to find China Distributors, negotiate with them and find a list of Chinese Distributors? Many Companies and export Manager are searching for this information every day but …

How to contact distributors in China

There are many ways to contact potential distribution companies in China.

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  1. The most common (and most beneficial) include fairs and exhibitions in China,
  2. recommendations from other foreign companies,
  3. Prospecting
  4.  and let them find you. They activly search For new products to import in China.

A solid marketing strategy and a good understanding of Chinese Business customs, regulations in terms of imported goods are essential to acquire before exporting your products/brands to China. Through research and interaction with other foreign companies in China, you can find a distributor well suited to your business and start growing in this international market.

China Distributors Guidelines for International Businesses

Finding the right Chinese distributor for your products is not that easy in China….

Every imported-based company, whether it is sold to consumers or companies, knows how difficult it is to find a reliable partner to distribute its products abroad. You may also be interested in Alternatives to compounds. The challenge is to find a distributor like this one in China.

As in other countries, your distributors can be trained to provide technical and customer support to your customers in China. The difference in China is that service levels are extremely low and the in-house expertise of a distributor is often insufficient. Therefore, in order to control your brand, you have to find the right partner. This is difficult.

So where do you find the Chinese distributors in the first place? There are several ways. In addition to referrals to contacts, there are a growing number of trade shows in China. Here is a list of fairs classified by sector to allow you to find something suitable.

What to ask to Chinese distributors

Whenever we are considering a distribution partner we start by asking a few basic questions to create a shortlist. It’s an easy way to eliminate the majority of distributors that are simply not a good fit for our clients or us. Here are 10 example questions to get you started:

  • What is their REAL  turnover?
  • How long have they been in YOUR industry ?
  • How many years’ experience do they have in this Distribution Business
  • What other products/ brands they distribute
  • Where Other brands are distributed ? (Can I see that)
  • What staff will work for my Brand ?
  • What is the Communication Process ?
  • What they need to succed usually ?
  • Who is the Real boss ?

3 steps to find a distributor in China:

China Distributors

China Distributors


  • Be careful: distributors will not sell your products if they think Chinese customers will not buy them.

So you need to spread your brand image on Chinese websites or social networks so that consumers can learn more about your products. Work on your digital strategy and prove to distributors that your products can attract many Chinese consumers.

2. Marketing to Chinese Distributors 

  • You can start selling your product to Chinese consumers before you even have a distributor.=> Think E-Commerce 

By integrating with e-commerce platforms, consumers can find your products … a good start when you always build your brand. That way, once you start meeting with distributors, they will see that Chinese consumers really want your products. Further reading Here and HEre


Once you have found distributors for your product, the corresponding marketing campaigns will always be your responsibility. And this is a crucial step: you need a solid strategy to support the launch of your product. And, as we have already seen, distributors are not specialists in this field. Take control of your marketing strategy if you want to get results from your distributor.


You come to China to sell your product, the process has been long … you have not done this for anything, and you are here to stay. Therefore, you need to keep your customers plugged into your products and loyal to your brand. The best way to do it? Build a relationship with them, communicate with them and listen to what they need. The digital channel is your best solution for this, especially in the Chinese market where applications and social networks allow for a strong commitment.


Since 2018, Tmall launch a platform to connect Brands and Distributors. With already 85 000 distributors, Tmall is a good match to be connected to Distributors. It is not free and needs to pay Monthly fees to Tmall. 

Contact us to have information about this platform. 


  • We can help you to identify and get the RIght distributor in China
  • Give us an estimate for what you need, Marketing to distributors
  • And after having reacted with Chinese distributors.
  • We have already helped more than 300 brands to enter the Chinese Market    

Contact us or let us a Comment to find a distributor in China

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