Distribution is the key to generating sales in China. We are a leading online distributor of imported food and beverage, healthcare, beauty, and fashion brands in China. E-commerce China Agency imports and distributes international products to the most reliable local distributors. The company was founded in 2012 and is based in Shanghai, China. We are a dedicated division to distribution in China, in the Gentlemen Marketing Agency (GMA).

What are the distributors we work with within China?

Need a cost effective TP (Tmall Partner) to sell in China?

We are an Official Tmall Partner e-commerce Agency. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

  • Online stores (Tmall, Taobao, Sunning, Yihaodian, JD.com)
  • Supermarket chains
  • Online resellers
  • Chinese distributors for hotels
  • Chinese distributors for restaurants
  • Chinese distributors for airlines and duty-free stores

We work for International Brands

 It makes particular sense for International companies to sell their product into China through distributors and resellers.

Meeting a distributor is easy, partnering with a reliable distributor is way more complex. There are more than 10K distributors in China. You need to understand this jungle before navigating through it.

Are Chinese Distributors your Friends?

Actually, not really as mentioned by Forbes. Why? Because distributors are only interested in their profits. They will not work on your branding, your marketing, or your potential opportunities. They will just sell your products and get the money. This is why you should never sign a contract of exclusivity with a distributor. The moment you sign, your brand is their property… for 5 years! Distributors will have no hard feelings doing exactly what they want with your brand to generate sales despite preserving your brand image or DNA.

With a mixed team, International & Chinese of dedicated professionals with more than 7 years of experience in China in the areas of marketing, branding e-Business, distribution, supply chain, and e-Commerce development E-Commerce China Agency has today a prominent position on the market for Western Brand

The Chinese market

The management team has practical experience in the marketing and distribution of F&BBeauty, and Apparel products and we have experience in developing brands in :

  • Food & Beverage: Imported water, Wine, beer, Snacks, ice cream, Seafood, teas, spirits and beverages.
  • Cosmetics: Skincare, Makeup, Fragrances, Beauty Products, Cosmeceuticals
  • Apparel: Fashion, Bags, Leather Goods, Watches, Jewelry, Shoes, Accessories
  • Health & Wellness: Supplement products, Pharmaceutical Products
  • Other household items, toys, electronics.

In addition to our online network and online distribution agents, E-commerce China Agency has its own marketing resource.

Website: Creation, Development, Design, Branding

Baidu: SEO Ranking, Effective Keywords

WeChat: Account Creation, Content, Community Management, Follower Engagement

Weibo: Account Creation, Massive Exposure, KOLs and Influencers Endorsement

PR: Media Publication Management, Word-of-Mouth, Advertising, Targeting

Tmall : Registration, Tmall Store Building, Tmall Management, Promotion Strategy, Customer Services

JD: Registration, JD Management, Store Design, Promotion Management, Customer Management

The Food & Beverage Chinese Market

Source Caixin

The Food & Beverage segment is full of opportunities in China. Local consumers are interested in international products for their exotism and health-conscious properties. For instance, after the milk scandal in China, the Chinese are very sensitive about purchasing Chinese dairy products. This is a key opportunity for international dairy brands.

The Cosmetics Chinese Market

China is the second biggest market for cosmetics. The average revenues of the beauty and cosmetics market are reaching 25 billion euros annually. Both Chinese women and men are adding more and more products to their skincare routine. The capacity to take off your skin and beauty is a sign of a successful professional career because you have enough money. Among them, post-95s are the major consumers of cosmetics and skin care products in China.

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The Apparel Chinese Market

The fashion industry is performing well in China. Chinese shoppers are very attached to international brands, as a symbol of uniqueness and heritage. Your branding is essential to seducing Chinese fashion lovers. According to a recent survey, the most important criteria for them is the Design at 59% and the Brand at 55%. Your e-reputation will be determinant to increase your brand awareness and find reliable distributors.

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Logistic in China

We collaborate with third-party logistic services with accurate and timely management information

Our Value

We are a combination of Western management and Chinese best practices. A deep understanding of Chinese culture is the key to your success in China. From diverse countries, our professional staff leads our customers to the most cost-effective development in China.

  • Honest
  • Flexible
  • Results-driven
  • Responsible

The Right Partner in China

With the economic development of China’s market, many small, medium, and large international companies want to develop the Chinese market and realize the potential of “China.

But many brands failed because they did not find the RIGHT partner!

What does the right partner mean then? A local agency that will take care of your branding and your e-reputation. You cannot only rely on a Chinese distributor that would only be interested in profits. The right balance between respecting your brand DNA and localizing campaigns in China is the key strategy to perform in China.

Share your brand history and products with us to find distributors

You can contact us and we will study if your brand can be distributed in China

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  1. Hi, I am a new distributor who will like to explore China market. Is Malaysian brand personal care products . Hope with your expertise, u wil share with me more..

    1. Hi,

      We are writing on behalf of DNS Global Foods, Manufacturer of freeze dried food products from India ( hot selling items are freeze dried camel milk, goat milk and A2 bovine milk and colostrum powder).Looking for resellers in china for online selling.

      Team DNS

  2. Hello from Dofreeze Dubai,

    Dofreeze is an industrial-scale manufacturer of packaged long shelf life bakery products. We have four brands, and its product range is sold in over 50 countries, and we are also producing some of the large multinational brands.

    We are looking for top distributors all over China to best represent our brands and products in the market.

    Thank you.

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