As China celebrates the Year of the Wood Dragon, brands are creating vibrant campaigns to stimulate emotional connections and boost seasonal sales. Diverging from traditional themes, Canadian sportswear company Lululemon introduces its Year of the Dragon inspired short film, “Be Spring.” This film explores the concept of wellness and “eternal spring” from an Eastern cultural and spiritual viewpoint, featuring artistic collaborations and renowned talent.

“Be Spring” marks a departure from typical festive narratives, focusing on the harmony of mind and body to achieve a perpetual state of renewal and wellbeing. Lynn Cheah, Lululemon China’s Vice President of Brand Marketing & Community, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to promoting wellness for everyone.

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In this cinematic journey, Lululemon collaborates with celebrated artists from the Shenzhen dance drama “Wing Chun,” including Academy Award-winning actress Michelle Yeoh. The film beautifully blends martial arts and dance to illustrate the theme of eternal spring.

Since 2021, Lululemon has been a proponent of wellbeing, introducing various themes each year. The 2024 campaign delves into wellbeing from an Eastern cultural perspective, featuring young director Fan Qing and choreographer Lv Chengliang. Set in picturesque Chinese villages, the film contrasts Yeoh’s narration with the dancers’ elegant movements, dressed in Lululemon’s red-toned Year of the Dragon Capsule Collection.

Beyond its visual appeal, the campaign resonates with Chinese audiences and global viewers by intertwining traditional culture, arts, and spirituality with a message of personal wellness.

Wellness industry in China

The Global Wellness industry is a best market.

The growing emphasis on physical, mental, and social wellness worldwide. Lululemon’s annual Global Wellbeing Report reveals a gap between the importance placed on wellbeing and its actual attainment. In response, Lululemon’s “Wellbeing for All” campaign aims to elevate wellness in all its dimensions, particularly in China, its second-largest market.

Lululemon’s initiatives in China, including the Wellbeing Roll-out Gallery in Shanghai and the Summer Sweat Games, engage communities through experiential events and celebrate cultural occasions. These efforts reinforce the brand’s commitment to enhancing wellbeing and solidify its presence in the competitive activewear market. Lululemon’s strategy of creative connection and community building not only differentiates it in the industry but also resonates deeply with consumers seeking inner harmony and outer vitality.

Lululemon in China

  1. Brand Awarness: Lululemon is super famous in China, the Canadian athletic apparel company, has established a significant presence in China, tapping into the growing market for sportswear and wellness.
  2. China total Integration: Embracing Chinese culture, Lululemon often tailors its products and marketing campaigns to resonate with local traditions and festivals, such as the Chinese New Year.
  3. Massive Expansion: The brand has been expanding its retail footprint across China, opening stores in major cities and leveraging online platforms to reach a wider audience.
  4. Local Collab: Lululemon collaborates with Ftness center, local artists, athletes, and cultural figures to enhance its brand appeal and authenticity within the Chinese market.
  5. Focus on Wellbeing: Consistent with its global ethos, Lululemon in China emphasizes the importance of physical, mental, and social wellbeing, aligning its products and campaigns with these themes.
  6. Innovative Social Media: The brand launches innovative social media marketing campaigns, such as the “Be Spring” film for the Year of the Wood Dragon, blending Eastern cultural elements with its brand message.
  7. Community Engagement: Lululemon organizes community events, such as the Summer Sweat Games and wellbeing-focused initiatives, to engage and build a loyal customer base.
  8. Product Localization: The company offers products that cater to local tastes and preferences, including special collections and designs inspired by Chinese aesthetics and cultural symbols.
  9. Digital Domination: Strengthening its online presence, Lululemon utilizes Chinese social media and e-commerce platforms to connect with consumers and enhance its digital sales and dominate in China all competition
  10. Sustainability & Quality : Aligning with global trends, Lululemon in China emphasizes sustainability and high-quality products, appealing to environmentally conscious and health-focused consumers.

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