Today I will show you the most creative Lamps that I have found in the Chinese e-commerce plateforms.

found on Taobao

lampe CHine

Lampe chinoise

lampe ecommerce Chine

lampe ecommerce

lampe en Chine

Lampee Chine

lampes champignons

lampes Chine ecommerce

lampes chine

lampes chinois

lampes chinoises

lampes ecommerce Chine

lampes ecommerce

lampes en Chine

Sales of e-commerce in China reached 12.3 trillion yuan in 2014, up 21.3% from 2013, according to data compiled by iResearch.

Overall data show that online shopping has increased by 48.7% in 2014, and made up 10% of total sales of consumer goods retail in China, which showed that purchases Online has become the most powerful engine for the development of e-commerce in China.

Overview of Chinese e-commerce

China’s e-commerce sales channel should maintain stable growth in the coming years and reach 24.2 trillion yuan in 2018.

According to an ecommerce survey, b2b ecommerce SMEs represent 50% of e-commerce market and the broader e-commerce B2B occupied 70% in 2014, which meant that B2B e-commerce was still the main part of the e-commerce market China.

Mobile shopping will develop rapidly and maintain 48% of next compound growth rate over the years, and will be the key press for the rapid development of shopping online market.

Use the mobile Internet surge, PC passage to the mobile device of Internet users, enhancing the mobile business scenarios, increase the efforts of e-commerce operators on business and development platform mobile mobile shopping are all contributing to the surge in mobile shopping in China. Therefore, it is expected that the mobile shopping will maintain a rapid growth in the coming years.


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