Baidu is the search engine that rages in China representing a little over 80% of market share, it could be the star of the Chinese Web for 2 years, thus invading the majority of the Chinese population. The Chinese are hyper connected people, besides where you wander in China, you will see that all categories of age combined have the eyes transferred to their phone, whether to do research (Baidu), talk with friends and relatives, or pay bills (WeChat), in short the Chinese are more connected than ever.

China Toy Market
Chinese prefer buying toys on E-commerce platforms

Thus, the digital is growing strongly in this region, and the local or foreign brands understand it well, everyone goes digital to capture the attention of users, and the big trend is mobile marketing, since it is the tool most used by the Chinese.

Figures and facts: The digital ad market

The digital advertising market will realize more than 100 billion US dollars this year, hmm … one wonders who will be the biggest beneficiary, Baidu you tell me well it’s missed, since Toutia Jinry who is also a search engine with weight on the Chinese population with a little nearly 120 million active users, it breaks a little too much market share of the giant Baidu who achieved last year, a gain of 64.5 billion yuan of advertising, namely 0.8% more than last year. Realizing a drop in advertising activity of 6.7%

Releasing the place to Toutiao which yielded 6 billion RMB in terms of revenue from streaming commercials. In 2018 the founder and CEO of the company, Zhang Yiming, set the target of 20 billion RMB.

We can explain the fall of the Chinese giant not by the form of advertising it presents but by the advertisers themselves. They have converted to digital advertising but do not have enough notoriety on the market, so it is small and medium businesses that want to be known and have obviously opted for the giant! But this does not work in favor of Baidu, since the big companies even more known go directly to the competitor who naturally achieves larger market shares.

These brands no longer target the users in the same way, they do not stop with the intention to purchase but seeks to attract attention and especially their interests, they do so through social platforms or even news feeds such as WeChat by reflecting on global digital marketing trends.

The scandal!

Also the anecdote of the death of the cancerous who sought medical treatment in an existing medical institution on the search engine Baidu, all are elements that have favored the fall of the profit of the giant to 34.1% compared to the last year.

So, that pushed the Chinese government to introduce restrictions on medical and health product advertising. Baidu does not abandon the game by creating its own feed ads and is developing custom news services

Toutiao’s model is all the rage for WeChat, which in turn is inspired by “Take a look, Take a look”. Take a look is also a popular search engine.

Wechat is the ideal partner of any business man, it has so many features to make known the company but still to generate leads, the example of “Wechat wallet” is the most relevant to understand the mechanism of this source of Gold ! Yes … I’ll call it that way!

Through Wechat wallet, people can share coupons, just by scanning the QR code, so all the friends of the person who shared the voucher, can see that, without having targeted them before, which will generate you more money. audience for free, and why not lead by the way!

“Take a search, take a look”

WeChat takes advantage of the search engine model “Take a search”, and that of “Take a look” which is a feature on Toutiao, so this is what make the two models Toutiaocloser to Wechat and achieves more revenue compared to Baidu.

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