Baidu now puts User Experience above earnings growth. Seriously ?! ????

Baidu’s CEO, the famous Robin Li, has told all his employees to put values before profit after the scandal concerning the tragic death of a young student who tried an experimental cancer treatment he found on Baidu, the number one search engine in China.

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Not long before he died, Wei Zexi had strong words about the military-run hospital that gave him the inefficient treatment for misleading claims concerning its real effectiveness. He accused Baidu, which holds around 80 % of the Chinese search market, of advertising false medical information.

Baidu might go Bankrupt in 30 days

In his letter to employees, Robin Li stated: “If we lose the support of users, we lose hold of our values, and Baidu will truly go bankrupt in just 30 days!” Therefore, Mr Li had to react, with the pressure of the government coming up too.

The letter stated employees were making compromises for the sake of business interests. They were placing earnings growth above user experience.

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Therefore, regulators had to impose curbs on the Pay Per Click business Baidu relies on for most of its income.

Baidu recently said it would get things sorted with the regulators’ decision. It followed a probe launch.

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Baidu has changed its PPC strategy

The company will evaluate again each one of its products’ business models, even if it may have a bad impact on Baidu’s income.

The Chinese internet leader has been fiercely criticized both online and by state media for the way it handles PPC within its search results, especially in the very sensitive healthcare sector. Robin Li asked out “Why do the people who use Baidu’s products no longer love us? The outrage is greater than in any crisis we have experienced before.”

It has been several times Baidu has fallen foul of regulators and public opinion for its handling of healthcare PPC and blogs, and has previously changed elements of its business model in response. “I believe this is the right way!” said C. E. O. Li in his letter. “It’s the long-term way!”

We are still doubtful about the fact that Baidu wants to put User Experience before the money.. aren’t you too ??

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