The Chinese market is highly attractive for global brands due to its immense potential and passion for beauty. It is an ever-evolving landscape that’s developing at a rapid pace and bringing massive opportunities along.

Recently, the beauty supplements market in China is under the spotlight. It has become the buzzword in the industry, as they offer a natural, safe alternative to more aggressive beauty treatments.

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Beauty supplements market insights

The beauty industry is soaring in the health and wellness world, making it one of the fastest-growing sectors in China. With a commanding 28% market share, beauty and nutrition supplements have certainly solidified their place in the subcategory.

Beauty supplements are rapidly becoming more popular than other beauty-related categories. Such as tools & devices, cosmetics, and even skincare. It is a massive industry within the healthcare market – surpassing immunity enhancement products, treatments for bone health, as well as products for heart health in terms of its size.

Beauty Supplements Market in China
Beauty Supplements on Tmall

Over the last 618 shopping festivals in China’s e-commerce platforms, there has been a significant 500% increase in searches for anti-aging products across all demographics. Those under 35 accounted for one-third of health and wellness shopping in 2021. And in 2022, Chinese Gen Z consumers surpassed those between the 30s to 40s when it comes to searching for and buying anti-wrinkle items on Tmall.

Tmall has also reported that beauty is now the most expanding segment in its health and wellness portfolio. T-mall’s recent statistics have revealed a spectacular surge in the consumption of beauty supplements. They are doubling from before. Moreover, buyers are even ready to pay higher prices for these products.

Beauty Supplements on Xiaohongshu

What are the latest trends in the beauty supplements market?

The rise of nutricosmetics

Nutricosmetics is the newest development in skincare technology. It concentrates on nourishing and revitalizing hair, skin, as well as nails from within rather than through topical application. Data shows that two-thirds of Chinese customers agree with this concept of consuming beauty supplements to improve their skin health. An even higher figure can be seen among Millennials aged 18-35. Four out of ten have already used such nutritional aids for their appearance at some point.

Beauty Supplements on Xiaohongshu

Products backed by scientific research and proven efficiency are on the go

As consumers, especially Millennials and Gen-Z become more aware and knowledgeable of what they put in or on their bodies, there is an increasing demand for products with evidence-based ingredients – those which have research and science to back up their efficacy. Beauty supplement manufacturers are also offering these products with naturally-derived ingredients. They are free from artificial additives to meet the demands of this growing consumer base.

Edible beauty supplements so-called “Beauty snacks” are gaining popularity

Chinese consumers are very open to innovative products. Beauty supplements have grown to desire something more than simply supplement capsules. They’re looking for something different that’s both enjoyable to eat and effective. Just like vanilla collagen coffee, aloe vera hyaluronic acid jelly, and protein bars with zinc.

This industry is already becoming a favorite among beauty lovers. It is indeed projected to grow exponentially in the upcoming year with an estimated value of $3.9 billion.

Hair loss is the top concern among the Chinese consumers

According to a recent study conducted by GenBridge Capital, 55% of young consumers cite hair loss and graying as their main health concerns. As the keyword “hair care” continues to rise in popularity, it is no surprise that more individuals are turning towards supplements for the prevention or reduction of hair loss, or even products designed to promote healthy growth.

Skincare is not just about wrinkles anymore

The beauty supplement market is quickly rising due to the expanded focus on skin health. Not only does it protect against aging, but also addresses a range of issues. Such as hyperpigmentation, blemishes, skin allergies, and much more. Moreover, people are now conscious about guarding their skin against pollutants found in everyday life. This has become an important foundation within this industry that makes sure users can enjoy healthy and luminous skin with ease.

Beauty supplements are not just reserved for women

Traditionally, women have been the primary customers of beauty supplements. However, a shift is taking place as men are now becoming more interested in preventive aging supplements rather than solely relying on topical creams and serums. As this trend continues to expand, it marks an exciting opportunity for companies to engage with male consumers in ways that they never have before.

Brand case study: Buffx

There are many new disruptors in the health space in China though Buffx stands out among these companies. It is a beauty food specialist founded in 2020. Not only are they renowned for their supplements but have recently expanded into traditional Chinese medicine-concept breakfasts that target consumers living in smaller cities around China.

Buffx has leveraged its expertise to develop innovative Beauty Supplements that are tailor-made for Chinese consumers. Their Beauty Supplements contain natural ingredients. Such as Ginseng, Goji berries, and Pearl powder which have traditional medicinal properties.

Buffx has thus tapped into the beauty supplements opportunity and is now one of the leading players in the Beauty Supplement market in China.

Beauty Supplements Market in China

Do you want to sell your beauty supplements in China?

Health supplements and beauty supplements are becoming one of the most profitable markets in China, as Chinese people want to improve their lives and looks. They are also more health-conscious than ever before, which is also fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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