China’s mother and baby care industry is entering in a transformative phase, characterized by evolving consumer preferences and intensified market competition, instead of Tmall Global

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​China is dynamic , changing ecommerce landscape, Douyin(Tiktok) emerges as the Ecommerce platform for brands looking to communicate AND sell directly to right audience.

Douyin, known internationally as TikTok, is a leading short video platform in China, renowned for its influential role in digital culture and marketing.

Douyin Key Trends:

  • Dominant short video platform in China.
  • Features a diverse range of content categories.
  • Utilizes advanced AI for personalized content delivery.
  • Boasts a vast and active user base.
  • Integral platform for digital marketing and e-commerce.
  • Hosts a significant community of content creators.
  • Known for its viral trends and engaging content.

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Douyin’s Mother & Baby Industry Trends:

Douyin’s mother & baby content is evolving, with trends highlighting exquisite parenting, global brand appeal, and safety consciousness. There’s a crazy shift towards sophisticated parenting, with a +61.6% increase in views for mid-to-high-end brand videos.

This trend mirrors the growing preference for quality and exclusivity in parenting products. The platform also sees rising popularity in international brands, with an 83.5% increase in video views, showing a broader acceptance and interest in diverse global products.

Key topics like baby development, pregnancy, and health have become increasingly prevalent. Particularly, there’s a 50% surge in health and safety content, underscoring the focus on family well-being and the relevance of Covid-19 safety measures. This trend reflects the evolving priorities of modern parents who seek comprehensive, high-quality, and safe parenting solutions on Douyin.

Douyin’s Reach:

Douyin’s creator community, specializing in mother and baby care, has seen exponential growth, surpassing 90,000 creators by December 2022​​. This burgeoning community has led to a surge in short video consumption and live streams, making Douyin an essential platform for engaging with a wide and diverse audience.

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Short Videos and Live Streams: The Heart of Engagement:

Short videos on Douyin experienced a 26% increase in views, indicating their effectiveness in capturing the attention of modern-day parents​​. Moreover, live streams related to the mother & baby industry saw a 36.6% increase in viewership, emphasizing the platform’s role in interactive and dynamic engagement​​.

Emerging Consumer Trends on Douyin:

Douyin is at the forefront of reflecting and shaping consumer behavior. The platform has seen a significant rise in views for videos related to mid-to-high-end brands (61.6% increase), indicating a trend towards exquisite parenting and a preference for premium offerings​​.

  1. Baby Development and Safety: Douyin saw a 50% increase in health and safety-related content, underlining the importance of these aspects in content creation​​.
  2. Seasonal Trends: During specific seasons, certain products like spring outing gear and sun protection become more popular​​. Additionally, content related to diapers and wet wipes spikes during shopping festivals​​.
  3. Target Demographics: Female consumers, especially those aged 31-40, form a significant part of the audience, interested in products ranging from baby foods to diapers​​.
  4. Interests and Preferences: Understanding the preferences of key interest groups, such as medical beauty enthusiasts and music lovers, can enhance advertising strategies​​.

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Baby Product Categories for Growth:

  1. Baby Foods: With an increasing focus on precision and quality feeding, this segment offers substantial growth opportunities​​.
  2. Children’s Toys and Apparel: These segments have seen considerable growth, with an emphasis on educational value and aesthetic quality​​.
  3. Baby Products: This category continues to grow, with parents seeking products that offer comfort and pleasure​​.
  4. Mother Products: Maternity products show stable performance throughout the year, with heightened engagement in the second half​​.


In conclusion, Douyin’s unique blend of content creation and audience engagement makes it an unparalleled platform for brands in the mother and baby care industry. By tapping into Douyin’s expansive reach to mother & baby audience, and aligning with the latest consumer trends, brands can effectively navigate and thrive in China’s dynamic market.

GMA: Top Douyin Partner Agency

GMA is a leading marketing agency specializing in leveraging Douyin for business growth in China. They excel in implementing strategies tailored to this popular platform.

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Five Ways to Sell on Douyin with GMA’s Expertise:

  1. Store Setup: GMA assists in establishing and optimizing Douyin stores for maximized visibility and customer engagement.
  2. Video Ads Creation: They specialize in crafting compelling video ads tailored for the Douyin audience, ensuring high impact and brand recall.
  3. Advertising Campaigns: GMA designs and executes targeted advertising campaigns on Douyin to reach the desired demographic effectively.
  4. Douyin KOL Collaborations: Leveraging Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) on Douyin, GMA helps brands gain credibility and wider reach through influencer marketing.
  5. Live Streaming and Deals: They utilize Douyin’s live streaming feature to engage audiences in real-time, promoting products through interactive sessions and exclusive deals.
  6. Creating Viral Videos: GMA’s expertise also includes crafting videos with viral potential, capitalizing on trends and user engagement to boost brand visibility on Douyin.

GMA’s comprehensive approach to the Chinese Market combines these strategies to help brands establish a strong presence on Douyin, driving sales and building a loyal customer base in partnership with Douyin ECommerce team

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