The e-commerce in China, one of the most lucrative market. Chinese consumers love e-commerce because it’s a very convenient way to do your shopping. No longer need to go to crowded and noisy shopping malls. Lay back on your couch, the chinese e-commerce is here for you to made a wonderful shopping experience.

Best way to Develop your E-Commerce in China

Of course, the market is crowded of competitors, lot of companies failed because they don’t understand how the chinese market works. Let me give your some tips to help you created the best marketing strategy and to perform on this market.

Cross-border platforms

If you have not a company implanted in China, it can be difficault for you to do commerce in China. That’s why a lot of e-commerce platforms are here to help you.

If you deal with this cross-border e-commerce platforms you can be able to do business in China whithout having a physical presence in China. It’s really convenient for over-seas companies.

The most popular platforms are Tmall or JD. But this platforms are also very restrictives because they only accept brands who have already an awareness in China and do significant sales. Most of the abroad companies who try to sell on Tmall, JD are rejected. Because this platforms want to keep a quality level and a high reputation level.

But don’t be so sad, in China, you have a lot of other cross-border e-commerce platforms also effective and which are able to accept you.


In China, Taobao is one of the most important C2C e-commerce platform. Taobao allow most of the brands to sale on its platform. You can find all the products you want on Taobao, it’s really amazing and it explain why the e-commerce platform is so popular.

Taobao chosen to answer to the chinese consumers huge demand instead of impose hig qualified standards contrary to Tmall or JD.

The bad side of this choice is that you can find a lot a fake or counterfeits on Taobao.



In China, more than the other country in the world, information are crucials. You need to provide all the information you have about your product to convince your chinese consumers that they can trust you.

Chinese consumers are very loyalt to brands they like or brands which friends or KOL adviced. But before buying, whatever the amount of their purchases, they will search on internet all the informations they can have on your brand and your products.

Be transparent with your consumers and they will like your foreign brand. An other tool can be to provide to your consumers a shopping guide. It show that you take care about your chinese consumers demand and adapt your approach.


Aesthetic standards in China are really different than the others. If in Western countries, most of the consumers preferred a clean aesthetic, in China, they like website with a lot of pictures, contents, animations. You need to adapt your websites.

Lot of brands offer to their consumers the same shopping interface they are used to see on their domestic e-commerce sites in China.

You also need to adapt your content. Of course, it has to be in mandarin. You also have to adapt your information about your payment and logistic service providers to the Chinese model.

In addition, if you want to do SEO on Baidu, you need to have a mandarin page because when consumers did a reasearch, they use mandarin keywords.


In China, forums are really used by chinese consumers. They have a real power for 2 reasons : first, they are really good ranking on Baidu, second, consumers trust a lot the comments on the forums.

There is really a community spirit in China, consumers shared their purchases, their feedbacks.

Little Red Book is an e-commerce platform which succeed to mix e-commerce platform and community spirit. The platform allows consumers to share comments and give recommandations or not.


Like for forums, chinese consumers like social media apps. A chinese user spend an average of 3h surfing on his smartphone. They share a lot of content on their favorite social media apps and they also follow brands accounts.

You need to be present on the social media platforms your chinese target use. The most popular app in China is Wechat. Create your Wechat Official Account can allow you to gain in visibility. However, you can have your own online shop on Wechat becuase the app created 2 years ago an e-commerce part. It’s really convenient for users because they can stay on the social media app, see on their moments a brand post, clic on it and be forward to the brand page. In one click, the product is buy, because Wechat has also its own payment way.

An other tool for you, social media apps are useful for you because chinese consumers like shared their purchase on the social media platforms to show to their communities what they like and how so cool they are.

KOL(Key Opinion Leader)

KOLs in China are very powerfull. Because Chinese people no longer trust brands due to all the scandals, they are more confident when it’s an advice from a peer. KOLs in China have a lot of influence. They can improve the awareness of a brand but also destroy it.

You have to know that in China, the traditionnal advertising are less effective than KOLs to promote a brand or a product.

KOLs are also effective because they have an access to a massive audience. You need to find the KOL who match the best with the image you want to have and with your target. It will be very effective.



Reputation in China is one of the most important criteria. Because it’s one of the purchase criteria of chinese consumers. If you are unknown, people will never buy your product. They only buy when some of their peers have already buy.

You can easily build a strong brand reputation in China thanks to all the digital medias they used. Social media platforms, forums, KOLs, videos streaming platforms… all this medias are good for your brand reputation.

You need to build a strong and effective strategy to don’t waste your money and your time and especially to be effective.


The key to succeed in e-commerce in China is to understand this specific market and also to understand your target. Chinese consumers have not the same needs and desires than your local target, don’t forget that. Work with a marketing agency can help you to  build a strong digital marketing strategy and become improve quickly your business in China. Trust me, China is a country where everything go fast, you need to adapt you!


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